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Help with the authenticity of a website that trades bitcoin.

Hi, I'm new to bitcoin, so please bare with me. A while back, I was invited to join a website called , where bitcoin is traded. However, I cannot declare the authenticity of the website, nor can I find much about it, as it shares a similar name with coinbox.
It seems to have everything in order, such as a user agreement, disclaimer, privacy agreement and legal statement. It also contains an email for contact as well.
My question is, will it be safe to trade bitcoin over this website? Or is this a website set up to take bitcoin from people? I would like someone's opinion before I move my bitcoin. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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Ultimate Incremental Game List

Greetings fellow Redditors! I have decided to compile these games in a list for convenience purposes. I add new games to the bottom of the lists. Please note that this will be in constant "editmode" and it is subject to change.

* = Newly Added to the List. Updated every few days. New Games are added to the bottom of the lists.

11/30/13 Edit: Changed Coming Soon to Coming Soon/Alpha Stage and moved the appropriate games to the area. 1/28/14: I have made the decision to NOT include "idlegamemaker" games in this list. If you really are desperate for more games, you can click of the purple "Game" tag over on the right side of the screen. 5/1/14: Overhauling.
Phone/Table List of games here. Please see continued post below for more games. 10k Character limit reached on this one.-->>>
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Some sites where you can earn from free bitcoins. [No mining involved]

If you don't have bitcoin wallet yet this site can give you one.
With the recent explosion of interest in Bitcoins it seems like a good time to post some sites where you can earn free bitcoins.
Every hour the amount of bitcoins given out changes. You check until you are satisfied with the amount given out that hour and pick it. You can only take 1 every 24 hours so you can either take whatever is up or wait for a higher amount. It will take a while to cash out and stats showing how many coins they have, given out, and you have waiting is listed at bottom.
Link is nearly identical so putting here too.
This site allows you to earn a tiny bit of free bitcoins every hour by just putting in the captcha.
If you are in the gambling mood there is a High/Low game you can play.
Referral link
This is your typical get paid for clicks, views, watching videos, offers, ect. This site pays in USD or bitcoins but is newer which could be good or bad. It is either new and you can make tons with referrals or won't actually pay at all.
Referral Link Non-referral
Got to all the sites at the bottom, but in your wallet address, and this will add small amounts to coinbox which will pay you once you reach the threshold. These sites vary in how long you must wait before using them again for free bitcoins.
Link to site
This is a PTC site so not sure how many people on here would be interested in it but worth mentioning.
Referral Link
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Unfortunate me or just another scam website

Need to check on is legit or just another scammer among the scammer in bitcoin world.
Here are my experience with them. I've registered to a few month ago and validate my account without any problem. With intention to trade my bitcoin to MYR. On my account dashboard there are few noticed from management, claiming that 2 of their banking account have been shut down without any further notice and cause temporary shut down to their exchange service. So i contact via chat just to check out on current status of their service. They replied stating that the service is temporarily down and not yet confirm when its up again. So i leave the website alone until..
Yesterday. 13.3.2017 I login to my account once again. It redirected me to the dashboard as usual. But this time with different announcement which stated:
We have applied and got new banks, coinbox expected to back and resume operational in full scale within 4-6 weeks from now
Reload your mobile phone through Phone Top Up menu, instant and automatic 24/7 from your coinbox wallet
Always enable your 2fa from profile->security and never give your PIN to anyone ! Coinbox Staffs will never ask for your password / PIN
Figure out myself that they making a comeback. I transfer some bitcoin to my coinbox account to buy some mobile phone top up. After waited about 40 minutes, my bitcoin successfully funded my coinbox account. Without further delay i selected mobile top up, key in my mobile number, choose method of payment (which is bitcoin) and hit continue but it end up with error. So i contacted them thru live chat again, assuming they were online like last time. Unfortunately the chat personnel was offline. I leave some quick message to them addressing the issue of mobile top up error. No reply till now. I go to their Facebook and leave a comment on one of their post, they fucking block me. I go to messenger and leave a message, got replied after 6 hours of waiting. They replied me 'Open a Ticket'. Which i already did 6 hours ago. Leaving me with no more choice. So i go to their website again, exchange my bitcoin to MYR currency hoping to purchase mobile top up by using fiat currency as payment method. Sadly, it end up with 'Failed' status. My MYR disappear, leaving useless balance from unsuccessful purchase of mobile top up. Without any way to recover back my account funds and without any mobile top up.
So..that's my first and the last experience with them. Still waiting for a reply from them via email and not yet receive any support. The website itself looks legit, however the system is not working and they don't even bother to announce users about mobile top up issue. Hoping to see this website goes down and burn in hell for giving such a terrible experience using their service.
I have some screenshot and proof. Planning to make police report if no action taken from their side.'re sucks big time :/
Edit: They reply via whatsapp saying that they dont responsible for any failed transaction even their system are suck at it. The good news is, i dont have to use their scam website ever again. Try far better. Coinbox just another bitcoin scammer with shitty service.
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05-13 22:03 - 'Crypto portfolio App reviews.Agreed or disagreed?' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/feifeifeig removed from /r/Bitcoin within 283-293min


Well, a few friends of mine had a conversation about current crypto portfolio apps in the market, it got me thinking about how there are plenty of alternatives and it can be a little bit confusing to those new participants.Besides, it seems there are a few main portfolio trackers and it also hard to pick a nice one to cryptocurrency enthusiasts. So I've asked some people about what app do they currently use for crypto portfolio management on reddit (thanks guys) and here's what I found.

PS: I found a new app just came out last month, it's not bad actually ,and I really really liked the allocation feature! I wanted to share it with with you guy as well: ) Blockfolio Pros:
  1. Blockfolio was the first crypto app I downloaded, unlike the most of free apps in market, the interface of Blockfolio is not congested with aggressive advertisements at all, and it has no ads, very clean interface.
  2. I'm not a day trader, but still I liked the price notification a lot.I would know what is happening to my portfolios at all times by setting alerts at certain dollar amount.
  3. The charts are really insightful on Blockfolio, and it also very easy to understand, totally better than Delta at this point.
  1. I was having some server issues with Blockfolio is that COSS exchange not working on its app, and I couldn't see my overall profits...they might have improved it, I am not sure.
  2. Another issue is that it didn't alert me a couple of times, which made me lose out on some important events.Obviously, this feature is not very optimal.
  3. All portfolio information on Blockfolio must be inputed manually, it is very annoying to those people who have a number of holdings which include me.
  4. Trading pairs can be limited sometimes, I saw people complained about this before,and it occurred to me as well.for example, some coins only show BTC & fiat pairs.
no need to add a link, I'm pretty sure you can find it easilyCoinbox It is a new crypto portfolio app I found on YouTube([[link]2 ), obviously it's still on its early stage/version, but I liked it coz it is doing great as a new app. Pros:
  1. Just like I mentioned above, Coinbox got a pie area that shows you allocations of your portfolios which is pretty cool. It tells you the percentage of each investment on different coins.
  2. It also got a location pie chart which present you percentage of you portfolios on each exchange, once you put everything together, it will up to date.
  3. Just like what's Delta doing, with Coinbox you could actually import the APIs of the exchanges that you trade with, and this app is supposed to actually to automatically keep track of the coins that you are trading.
  4. Coinbox supports multiple coins at no cost, yes, it is completely free! as a new app so far so good.
  5. You can see what happened to your portfolio in the last 24 hours, it is nice to see how much you lost/gained in one day.
  6. It has a very simple design and easy navigation with one click to different tools and areas(3 tabs only)
  7. Nice and clean interface, I think it is available on both Google play and Apple store.
  1. Only two Language options: English and Chinese, it might be enough, but it is no harm to add a couple of more.
  2. It definitely needs to add more exchanges, I think the team has been working on it according to the coinbox introduction video I watched.
  3. Some details need to be improved, but overall it is pretty cool, I sent an email to Coinbox team to give them my reviews, I would appreciate their openness.
Delta Pros
  1. Delta is amazing I gotta say, I switched over from Blockfolio to Delta a couple months ago, and I know a lot of people do that too!Firstly, Delta got nice-designed and friendly interface, better than any of the apps for me.
  2. Delta also offers importing transactions automatically from exchanges which is great for any traders. It also has a watchlist which means you can add more portfolios and have a separated list.
  3. Delta has supported a large range of coins(With2000+), I believe that not everyone sticks to top 50 coins(my friends are not), so Delta might help more investor to be adventurous.
  4. It is not only available on Google play and Apple store, but also available on desktop!
  1. Delta is really good app in the market, but it is not completely free though.
  2. Again, the features on free version are limited, I have to pay it a monthly fee for more.
  3. The interface style is might not for anyone, a friend of mine like Blockfolio&BitUniverse more.
There are plenty of crypto app options out there, it totally depends on your needs. These reviews is just a starting point to help you on your way to finding the right one for you. For me, I would have Delta and Coinbox on my phone, Delta is good enough obviously, but I would also like to see a new app grow. These opinions are my own and I'd like to hear if you agree/disagree. Or your views on other apps.
Crypto portfolio App reviews.Agreed or disagreed?
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New Ultimate Gaming List

Hello there,
as I am a huge fan of incementals and idles myself and I am sad that the original List is dead and not updated anymore, I thought I might open up a new list myself. If you are a developer and want to see your game on here, just drop me a private message with a link and a small description :)
Thread Started: 03.03.2015
Latest Edit: 03.03.2015
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What's happened to all the microfaucets?

Back when I first got into Bitcoin, I started hitting faucets as everyone does, but that game got stale pretty quickly, and it became something I'd do from time to time in moments of boredom. And out of sight, out of mind, as they say.
Fast forward, and now I find I have funds locked up in BitChest, CoinBox and until they finally paid out the other day, Microwallet.
I also hear there's a new one, that's also struggling.
What's the deal with these things? I get the need to consolidate payments, given the high cost of BTC transactions, but there's no point wasting time solving captchas if you're never going to see your money, is there? It may not be a lot, but that's not the point, is it?
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BlockChain Wallet missing BitCoins?

I am very new to the whole getting bitcoins and other crypto currencies.
I recently signed up to blockchain for a online wallet to receive bitcoins at. I have been looking around for faucets and getting sent a few here and there.
However when I check my wallet on blockchain it says I have zero transactions to be processed.
After doing a few more faucets I found out they were being sent to, and Both of which have a withdraw minimum.
My question is do both these sites (microwallet,coinbox) add my totals together and then once I reach my minimum withdraw, it sends that to my blockchain wallet?
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An overview of in-person POS and payment gateway solutions for small businesses (in the US)

Bitcoin acceptance solutions for online merchants are fairly numerous, but the options for in-person transaction solutions by physical merchants are rather limited and underdeveloped. As I've been working with a small business right now to integrate Bitcoin payments, I thought I'd share my own experiences and opinions on our present choices. Here are the various ways I can think of to accept bitcoin payments for in-person transactions, with comments:
Pros: Simplest to setup with high versatility for managing payments and choosing services on the backend. No merchant account required.
Cons: Static addresses are terrible for personal and network privacy. Hard to verify payments depending on the backend solution and availability to the cashier at the time of the transaction. Requires the use of some other currency exchange conversion tool to generate BTC amount. Burdensome on the customer to manually type in transaction total and requires trust or verification that they do so accurately. Limited-to-no bookkeeping export.
Pros: Use of proven software and existing knowledge making business setup easy. Potential, though limited, for dynamic address generation per transaction. Potential use of existing hardware (computer or staff's phones). Widespread availability of built-in currency conversion and encoding into an address+amount QR codes. Widest selection of software.
Cons: For dedicated devices, unlimited access by staff to wallet balance and send functions (unless secured by passcode requiring authorized user presence and effective procedures for use) -or- use of staff's personal devices (unless dedicated phones carried by authorized users). Likely use of static addresses with negative privacy implications. Typically slow and error-prone to convert currency totals and present to customer (e.g., must select correct currency denomination, bring up mobile keyboard, be sure to type a decimal point in the right position). Potential for showing wallet balance to the customer. Limited to no bookkeeping export.
Pros: Faster, less error-prone total entry and checkout processing with address+amount QR display. Potential for an all-in-one solution to Bitcoin acceptance with customer support and minimal or no handling or understanding of Bitcoin wallets, addresses, ect., by merchant staff. Potential for automatic bitcoin conversion to local currency with deposit to a business bank account. Potential for sales item setup and easy tap-to-add ordecart generation with sales tax addition. Potential for Payment Protocol (BIP 70-73) support. Likely use of dynamic address generation per transaction. Some bookkeeping export. Potential to avoid bookkeeping complexity with capital gains and separate currency tracking via daily currency conversion.
Cons: More complicated setup and testing. Dedicated hardware recommended. Very limited app and processor selection at this time. Less tested and more experimental. Merchant signup and approval likely needed. Recurring or per-payment costs for backend services. Likely limited backend technical support.
Pros: Most elegant solution for bitcoin payments. Bitcoin included as an option along with other payment methods without switching programs. Easiest to use and train staff to use. Possibility to include Bitcoin as one of multiple split payments in a single transaction. Inclusion in standard receipt generation. Tracking in POS suite along with other payment methods. Best bookkeeping support. Best technical support. Potential to support Bitcoin debit cards.
Cons: Most expensive (by far), unless writing your own API-based custom software. Custom software requiring the most testing. Better for medium-to-large size businesses. Dependent on POS solutions provider for continued Bitcoin support.
My recommendation: The best compromise between privacy, convenience, speed, reliability, setup time, cost, and complexity right now seems to be BitPay with their device-independent hosted checkout (recently updated to work much better) that you can keep open or bookmarked in a browser on a computer, phone, or tablet. Coinbase with the Coinbase Merchant app I can't recommend right now due to significant delays in my tests before the app would recognize payment. The Coinbox app linked to Coinbase solves this problem and functions beautifully, but right now it is not generating dynamic addresses (a bug I've reported). Coinbox linked to BitPay has a more serious bug (also reported): Rounding mismatches upon currency conversion.
If you don't care about address reuse or the merchant is willing to periodically generate new addresses, then any of the regular wallets could work including CoinBox + Coinbase (you can periodically reset and relink CoinBox to generate a new address). A business-dedicated tablet is what we use at Boss Stage Arcade.
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Welcome to /_____, everyone. Whether you are new to Bitcoins or are currently mining Bitcoins, I am sure you would like some more Bitcoins to play with.


Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet: a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Unlike traditional currencies such as dollars, Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. As such, it is more resistant to wild inflation and corrupt banks. With Bitcoin, you can be your own bank.
Source: /Bitcoin Sidebar


Bitcoin faucets are websites where you can claim small amounts of Bitcoin for free, many of which have CAPTCHAs and timers to prevent automated abuses. However, because the awarded Bitcoin amounts are so minuscule, the transaction fee associated with transferring the Bitcoins is often greater than the value of the Bitcoin itself. Therefore, there are many online Bitcoin wallets that store your micro-transactions until they have reached a fund of significant magnitude for them to be transferred with a low cost. Examples include BitChest, CoinBox, and Microwallet.

Bitcoin Denominations

Bitcoin Amount Name Abbreviation
0.00000001 Satoshi N/A
0.000001 Microbitcoin μBTC
0.001 Millibitcoin mBTC
0.01 Bitcent cBTC
1 Bitcoin BTC

Getting Started

Create a online Bitcoin wallet. I would suggest using CoinBase (limited offer: free $5 upon sign-up and verification) or Xapo (free 50 Microbits).


The following websites have been sorted by the Bitcoin microwallet that the free Bitcoins are sent to. You do not have to sign up for an account on any of the Bitcoin microwallet websites before you redeem your first free share of Satoshis; rather, accounts will be created for you, with your main Bitcoin wallet serving as the account identifier. Refer to the Getting Started section if you do not have an online Bitcoin wallet yet.
Website Payout Timer
Bitcoin Zebra 100, 200, 300, 400, or 1,000 Satoshis 1 hour
Land of Bitcoins variable variable
Moon Bitcoin more with time any time
Website Payout Timer
8coin 69 Satoshis 2 hours
BBitcoin 34 Satoshis 30 minutes
BitcoinFaucet 120 Satoshis 1 hour
BITcurl 150 Satoshis 4 hours
BTCaLot 34 Satoshis 30 minutes
BTCrew 35 Satoshis 30 minutes
CoinPearl 33 Satoshis 30 minutes
EarnBTC 35 Satoshis 30 minutes
Earn-Free-Bitcoins 32 Satoshis 30 minutes
Free Bitcoins Fast 32 Satoshis 30 minutes 32 Satoshis 30 minutes 32 Satoshis 30 minutes
FreeCoinBit 109 Satoshis 1 hour
FreeFaucet 180 Satoshis 30 minutes
Get Bitcoins Quick 100 Satoshis 30 minutes
Rain Coins 52 Satoshis 30 minutes
Smurf Coin 52 Satoshis 30 minutes
Website Payout Timer
BitCats 50 Satoshis 30 minutes
Bitcoin4Free 20 Satoshis 30 minutes
BitcoinSpain 20 Satoshis 30 minutes
BTC 4 You 20 Satoshis 30 minutes
BTC Mine 20 Satoshis 30 minutes
Can Has Bitcoin 60 Satoshis 30 minutes
El Bitcoin Gratis 60 Satoshis 30 minutes
Fr33 Bitcoins 20 Satoshis 30 minutes
FreeBitcoins 60 Satoshis 1 day
FreeBitcoins4U 20 Satoshis 30 minutes
FreeBTC4all 20 Satoshis 30 minutes
FaucetBTC 20 Satoshis 30 minutes
GreenCoins 20 Satoshis 30 minutes
NIOCTIB 20 Satoshis 30 minutes
SRBitcoin 20 Satoshis 30 minutes
TheBitCoin 20 Satoshis 30 minutes
TheFreeBitcoins 20 Satoshis 30 minutes
VirtualFaucet 40 Satoshis 30 minutes
Coming soon!


Last Update: December 5, 2014


Bitcoin Wallet Address: 17owNiEV1rwqzuRDVAYmnL1W5EQXKxopJ9 ChangeTip
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First video arcade to accept Bitcoin? Boss Stage Arcade in Northglenn, Colorado.

Hey all, I've searched reddit and google and what directories I can, but I haven't found any other physical gaming arcade that accepts Bitcoin: Boss Stage Arcade near 104th & Huron in Northglenn, CO is the first business I've setup with Bitcoin thanks to the support of owners Trevor and Kyle. It's a full-fledged stand-up machine and console gaming arcade with anime movie room that is NOT coin operated. Rather, they give you unlimited play on all systems for a $10 admission fee (also weekly subscription options and special tournament prices). See these links for more about the business:
---How was it done?---
Technically, the best solution ended up being a single Galaxy Tab 3 capable of working with the Square Merchant app+Square Reader for credit cards and cash (plus item management and transaction reporting) and then the very cool CoinBox POS app for Bitcoin integration with either BitPay or Coinbase on the backend. Procedurally, we create the transaction as normal in Square, then switch over to CoinBox to enter the final total manually (but quickly). A new address with converted BTC amount is generated for every transaction this way, and we manually confirm payment in Square to finish it up. Using CoinBox is not only easiefaster than Coinbase Merchant for total entry but acknowledges payment as soon as it is broadcast. The Coinbase Merchant app, on the other hand, was taking minutes to acknowledge receipt in my tests (note: I'm not talking about confirmations).
If Square ends up bringing their Bitcoin adoption test to their POS apps then small, real-world businesses like this one will have an incredibly easy, inexpensive option!
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NEW FREE BITCOIN MINING SITE  COINBOX  GMINING SCAMMED ... Morris Coin  LR Trading  CEO Speaking  The Next Bitcoin??? CoinBox - YouTube Bitcoin Documentary  Crypto Currencies  Bitcoins ... Bitcoin Will Kill Silicon Valley (Bitcoin News)

How to Trade Bitcoin with by News BTC. 2 weeks ago. in. Reading Time: 3min read Choose your wallet wisely. The problem with crypto trading is not with the currency. If you want to start in the mining world – pick BTC. The altcoins are for true professionals while the bitcoin is common, has a lot of guides. So, you need a place where to save your actives. The crypto wallets today ... Die News um die PayPal-Adaption von Bitcoin schickt die Kryptowährung Richtung Mond. Die Community freut sich zwar über bullishe Nachrichten – warnt aber vor zu viel Enthusiasmus. Das Meinungs-ECHO. Krypto. 26. Oktober 2020. Alle News. Sponsored Post Submit Sponsored Post. Sponsored ArbiSmart: Erziele passives Einkommen mit Bitcoin und Co. Tatsache ist, dass die wenigsten Menschen einen ... Coinbox: How to Invest in Bitcoin Using a Mobile App. October 12, 2020 Coin News Asia Altcoins, Editor's Picks, News, Press Releases, World. Why do you need a cellphone for trading Historically, the trader belongs to the office. It was a routine for clerks. But the blockchain technology changed everything about trading. Of course, there were various types of broker’s work but the maintenance ... Coinbox is a Malaysian cryptocurrency exchange. It offers trading in the most popular cryptocurrency – the bitcoin – for Malaysian ringgits. The transfers are instant, with real-time escrow. It also has an additional feature for socializing among the users of the platform. It does not offer leveraged trading. What’s news! Follow our updates here in the news section. We want to share our growth and success with all our members. Make sure to come back here regularly! By ADMIN Aug-25-2020 03:51:59 AM. Coinbox Is Opening Up the Next Frontier for HFT. It has been a few years now since the topic of high-frequency trading (HFT) has garnered mainstream attention, or even much coverage in the financial ...

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