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Im Matej Michalko, Founder of DECENT: A Blockchain Based Decentralised Digital Content Distribution Platform. AMA!(

Im Matej Michalko, Founder of DECENT: A Blockchain Based Decentralised Digital Content Distribution Platform. AMA!( submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

I’m Matej Michalko, Founder of DECENT: A Blockchain Based Decentralised Digital Content Distribution Platform. AMA!(

I’m Matej Michalko, Founder of DECENT: A Blockchain Based Decentralised Digital Content Distribution Platform. AMA!( submitted by MemoryDealers to btc [link] [comments]

Decent - DCT

Decent / Decent Foundation
Value Proposition
DECENT is a decentralized content distribution platform that utilizes blockchain technology to ensure trust and security. The platform will be open source. Freedom from censorship, fair rewards for publishers and anonymity (if so desired) are mentioned as key advantages.
Customer Segment
Content producers, content consumers, miners (called "Publishers" by Decent).
The whitepaper is not yet entirely clear on the tech stack that will be used. Blockchain technologies are mentioned, Kademlia DHT and Bittorrent for content distribution. Apparently, parts of the software are already in development.
The company mentions a Swiss and a Slovak office. There are three Founders: Matej Boda, Matej Michalko and Wayman Kwan. The core team consists of 13 persons total, plus four ambassadors and four advisors.
CV Matej B (from their website): Matej was always interested in new technologies and future progress. During his studies at the Technical University in Bratislava he took an internship in BMW Munich as a technical concept creator. Although his background is in applied mechanics, he became involved in blockchain based technologies in 2013. Fascinated by the decentralized protocols, he was interested in the cryptocurrency mining at first. Since then he has supported the community by helping to organize events such as Central European Bitcoin Expo Vienna and Bitcoin 2 Business Congress Brussels, advising on mining technologies and discussing future possibilities for blockchain. Currently he is focusing on the main project – DECENT platform – he co-founded.
CV Matej M (from their website): Matej’s interest in online privacy was fueled first while studying Computer Science at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne where he completed a project concerning the privacy protection of mobile phone users for Nokia Research Center. Since then he became more and more involved with Bitcoin. Mining at his own laptop in the beginning, then organizing cryptocurrency conferences around the world (Austria, China, Belgium, UK, …). He also founded the first Bitcoin Marketing agency in the world. Matej has operated from multiple countries, including the UK, Isle of Man, Switzerland, Slovakia or China. Since the beginning he is passionate about the immense potential of blockchain technologies. Thereby, he founded DECENT last year.
CV Wayman Kwan (from their website): Wayman Kwan is a venture capital investor partner of Elements Capital LLC, USA. He was responsible for the business development, financing and promotional activities in several international companies. He founded a private information services team providing finance and investment advice to the companies around Asia and became a partner in Malaysian and Chinese Joint Venture. He is a well-recognized investment advisor and also participates in many other non-profit and charitable organizations such as Rotary International, Negeri Sembilan Royal Anti-drug Association and Malacca Shooting Association.
Team Page
ICO offering details
ICO starts at 1:00pm GMT Sunday, 11th of September. Duration: 8 weeks.
70% of the total available DCT ("fuel of the network") will be distributed initially, 30% will be made available to miners later on. Of the initial distribution, 10% of the tokens go to the Decent Foundation, 2% go into an "Investment Fund", 1'000'000 go to the bounty program, 3'000'000 go to the marketing program. The rest is sold in the ICO. I did not find the total number of tokens to be created, only percentage numbers. Sale starts at 5000DCT/BTC (+50% bonus on the first day, up to 10M DCT), going down to 3000DCT/BTC over time.
Update: Decent just reiterated that "The final amount of DCT will be determined by ICO results. DCT distributed during ICO will represent 70% of the total DCT ever issued." on Bitcointalk. I find the combination of relative and absolute numbers a bit confusing, but in the end, 70% seems to go out to ICO participants (plus the devs), 30% to miners.
Update 2: Decent made the 50% bonus "dependable" by removing the 10M cap and prolonging it until today (September 11th), 11PM GMT. Good reaction.
ICO page - Homepage
Since we are talking about paid content: in case you'd like to make a small donation to the writer of this post, please send your Satoshis to: 1JsiFGmKZvr3iR4KejpMswmapCoB2oWsog
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Bitkan Private Party in Shanghai

The Shenzhen based Bitkan further cemented their role within the growing Bitcoin community in China by organising a private event in Shanghai. They have become more and more prevalent within the community after Bitcoin mining giant Bitmain invested $1.6 million dollars into Bitkan to develop an OTC trading platform and making an appearance at the recent International Blockchain Summit in Beijing.
The jam packed event organised in the heart of Pudong at IC café aimed to inform attendees about Bitcoin, Blockchain and overall trends. High profile speakers included Bitkan Founder Edward Liu, BTCC CEO Bobby Lee, Head of Operations at BTC Media John Riggins, Onchain CEO Da Hongfei and Decent Foundation CEO Matej Michalko.
Before the event started, a violinist played a few songs giving an overall sense of a warm welcome that really fitted well with the style of the young trendy cafe. Bitkan Founder Edward Liu started off proceedings introducing Bitkan by explaining the value proposition behind Bitkan and the simple process of buying Bitcoins on their platform. Whilst mentioning the easiness of buying Bitcoin, he delved into the security functions behind the platform. He touched on how the fact that their platform is intended for the OTC market and are targeting a niche group of customers. He emphasized that although they are not competing with the popular exchanges, they are providing a service to those who are reluctant to go through the verification process of a Bitcoin exchange. With Bitkan all you’ll need to provide is a few details and you’re good to go. As two types of users exist on BitKan - one is the ‘trader’, the other ‘general’, the latter as a target audience is far and wide hoping to attract those who have been traditionally excluded by the banking sector and who may find it easier to buy Bitcoins on the Bitkan platform. Before finishing up, he talked about the increasing popularity of the Bitcoin OTC market, stating that the USD OTC market for Bitcoins was by far the largest compared to its peers.
Bobby Lee discussed how Bitcoin is well and truly a digital asset and not so much a currency. Although Bitcoin is often misunderstood by the masses and complicated for many, Bobby explained that the real value that is allowed to be transacted through Bitcoin is what gives it the digital asset stamp. As he puts it, the global nature, the fixed supply, the very low fees and its decentralized characteristics are what make Bitcoin valuable. Touching on Bitcoin vs. Blockchain and which is more important, Bobby argues that Bitcoin is more important than Blockchain and without Bitcoin, there would be no Blockchain. With the more blockchains people are creating, in particular the private ones, Bobby believes that these are not positive and these ventures have a big chance of failing.
John Riggins of BTC Media, the venture that owns the well-established Bitcoin Magazine, shared the U.S. perspective on the Bitcoin and Blockchain ecosystem in China. In his presentation, he highlighted the fact that 70% of the Bitcoin mining operations happen in China and the implications this may possibly have. These implications, from the U.S. perspective, are that although the world needs China to drive growth, this creates a fear of too much reliance on the Chinese market. In addition, he states, that because the Chinese miners have the largest collective power over software changes, there is a fear that the government could exert control over mining companies. In regards to the Blockchain view of China, the U.S. perspective is that China has a chance to be the leader because of increased investments made by corporates and venture capitalists in the Chinese ecosystem. In fact, John argues, the largest Blockchain only VC’s is in China and they are making investments all over the world. These bullish sentiments are further supported by the fact that there are increasing investments from large Chinese companies. John also announced that BTC Media will be opening an office in Shanghai very soon, which is an indication of the increasing dedication there is to cover the growing Chinese market.
The last two speakers provided an overview of their ventures. Da Hongfei of Onchain, explained the open source Antshares Blockchain they have built. Digital asset solutions is at the core of what they do and their mission is to help everyone trade digital assets and to be able to store them on a Blockchain and not just be limited to only doing so with Bitcoins. These digital assets comprise of the following three: system assets (their platform’s Antshares and ant coins), legal assets and trust assets. Da Hongfei went into more technical detail explaining how smart contracts and proof of stake will work on their system. A totally different application of what the Blockchain could do was provided by Decent Foundation. Their Blockchain content distribution platform aims to create a system of digital content distribution in which the communication flow is secured by the Blockchain. By citing the problems of centralized digital content distribution, they aim to build a system that ensures publishers, creators and the like can build a lifetime reputation on the Blockchain. This will be a very interesting technology to watch out for as they could compete with Amazon and Netflix. It was a very interesting event, one of first of many in my opinion for Bitkan. The balance between English and Chinese was appropriate and the prize draw was a nice touch as prizes consisted of Blcokchain reading material. I felt that event was both professional in dealings and vibrant in action. As Bitkan is still quite a young company, run by young people, I felt the entrepreneurial drive and attitude from the hosts. This also reflected in the seemingly young attendees who did not hesitate questioning the panelists and thus the environment was great for networking. Among the vibrant audience there were key members of the [Suspicious link removed]munity such as Shanghai based Viewfin Blockchain and Hong Kong based Bitcoin security trading platform BitMex. More events like this will keep happening in Shanghai I believe, as the community keeps getting bigger.
Link below are photos of the event!
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Matej Michalko from Decent - CoinCongress 2015 People of Crypto World - Matej Michalko Q&A with Matej Michalko - DECENT Future Plans (eng subs) {social} Matej Michalko - DECENT BTC2B - Bitcoin mining workshop

Matej Michalko. Read news and updates about Matej Michalko and all related bitcoin & cryptocurrency news. Displaying items 1 - 2 of 2 . Breaking the Chains of Corruption. 08/08/2018 - 11:11. Op Ed: How Blockchain Technology Will Disrupt Digital Content Distribution. 09/18/2017 - 21:40. Submit a guest post . Today's popular content. What are the best cryptocurrencies to buy in October? How To ... Matej Michalko is CEO of the Blockchain-based content distribution platform known as Decent which raised more than $4.2 million during its crowd sale at the end of 2016. He is a blockchain pioneer who founded one of the sector’s first Bitcoin marketing agencies as well as one of its earliest cryptocurrency e-gaming consultancies. Matej Michalko is the founder and CEO of DECENT, a decentralized blockchain content distribution platform. A Blockchain pioneer, Matej has been extensively involved with Bitcoin for several years and has served as the CEO of many Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency conferences around the world. Matej Michalko 马杰 Founder, CEO at #DECENT: Decentralizing Content Distribution. Blockchain. Bitcoin. Startups. 上海 长宁区 500+ 位好友 Matej Michalko is a blockchain pioneer with 8+ years of Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency experience. Matej is the founder and CEO of DECENT. He co-founded ALAX, and organized China’s first international Bitcoin Conference. As a blockchain advocate, he hosted, spoke and led many conferences, such as BitcoinExpo 2013, BTC2B, BitcoinExpo 2014, BitcoinExpo 2015 and more. Matej founded the ...

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Matej Michalko from Decent - CoinCongress 2015 is a registered charity in Slovakia run by Matej Michalko [email protected] The blogging site and blogging app for the tablets is designed by Alex Howard Breadman at ... Coinscrum {social} : w/ DECENT founder Matej Michalko Recorded by Proof of Work Media London 2016 Follow Coinscrum: https://twitter... DECENT is a Blockchain Content Distribution Platform that is Open-Source and utilizes Blockchain to ensure trust and security. Our intention is to revolutionize data distribution on the internet ... Workshop about Bitcoin mining from BTC2B 2014 expo in Brussels. Speakers are: Matej Michalko / BitcoinMarketing Matej Bado / DexQ. Fintech O2O Global Summit - Matej Michalko, DECENT - Duration: 17:29. ... Bitcoin Scaling debate w/ Peter Rizun of Bitcoin Unlimited & Taylor Rhodes - Duration: 1:59:47. #Blocktalk 677 views. 1:59 ...