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Just how many titles are available on VidAngel?

I became flustered recently when I realized I couldn't trust the categories on VidAngel to reveal all movies to me to reveal which is the most popular right now.

I suppose I first realized it when I noticed that the category "Most Popular TV and Movies" suddenly didn't have Dry Bar Comedy episodes showing. I was always impressed with the fact that the DBC episodes were in the upper levels of popularity on the site but the removal makes sense not only because they are episodes of a show and not movies like they were appearing, but also because I believe you can watch these episodes for $1 or something.

Next because the category "New On VidAngel" used to have the complete list of movies and now it only has a subsection of occasionally recently released movies on the service. Further the "Recent" filter seems to be a little bit buggy to me.

If we take the number of "All Movies" and add "All TV Shows" I would think it would equal the number of entries in "Most Popular TV and Movies".

Except we need to minus the list of entries in "Dry Bar Comedy".

I have found what all the exceptions to this expectation are:

All the below needs to be added to the most-popular-tv-and-movies category.

Dr. Dobson: Building a Family Legacy

This title is under the documentary category only and should be added to tv shows and most-popular-tv-and-movies.

Rachel & the TreeSchoolers

This title is under the family-friendly category only and should be added to tv shows and most-popular-tv-and-movies.

Life on Bitcoin
My Brother the Time Traveler
The Ride
Tim Timmerman

These four titles are in all-movies but need to be added to most-popular-tv-and-movies. These four are all VidAngel-Studios titles.

Clint Pulver: Get on Path and On Purpose
Dan Clark: Family Values - Timeless Truths
Hank Smith: Home with Hank
Tiffany Peterson: Success is an Inside Job
Ty Bennett - The Power of Influence: How to Win in the People Business

These five titles are in a number of places but are all related to family-night-out. As such they are similar to the dry bar comedy videos. Also the actual family-night-out category only has two of these listed all of FNO should be there. In my opinion since these are so related to DBC I would recommend they be treated the same - don't include them in any of the three big categories. Get FNO out of Most Popular, All Movies, and All TV Shows. Actually some DBC episodes are in All Movies... perhaps a TV show Icon could be made for them

This is not the first time the line between TV Show episodes and Movies have been blurred

"Sherlock" The Abominable Bride

is in this state. Also the serial "Pride and Prejudice" is supposed to be 4 episodes but is instead one long movie. Last time I checked anyway.

So anyway that's what needs to change in the VidAngel category system in order for these numbers to add up...

The Numbers:

most-popular-tv-and-movies count: 3246
all-movies count: 3142
recently-added count: 2224
drama count: 1153
comedy-movies count: 754
action count: 532
thriller count: 446
adventure count: 401
romance count: 366
crime count: 333
mystery count: 230
sci-fi count: 213
family-friendly count: 210
horror count: 200
fantasy count: 183
shows count: 179
tv-shows count: 176
netflix count: 136
romantic-comedy count: 129
animation count: 129
history count: 108
dry-bar-comedy count: 107
amazon count: 104
war count: 85
inspiring count: 73
sport count: 64
vidangel-employee-picks count: 61
documentary count: 51
musicals count: 46
HBO count: 43
top-movies-of-2016 count: 43
cult-classic count: 40
top-movies-of-2015 count: 34
academy-award-winners count: 33
Sundance count: 32
female-leads count: 28
top-movies-of-2017 count: 25
faith count: 25
teen-movies count: 23
dramedy count: 22
oscars_nominees_2018 count: 15
2018-Golden-Globe-Nominees count: 15
super-heroes count: 14
VidAngel-Studios count: 13
family-night-out count: 2

How many offerings total?
3364 with DBC and FNO episodes included
3254 if you count them as TV shows
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