How to Buy Silver with Bitcoin Bullion Exchanges

"Buying silver jewelry with bitcoin is not quite as robust of a market as buying silver bullion with Bitcoin. High mark-ups have likely made Bitcoin-holders, who often have a good understanding of basic economics, wary of using bitcoin to buy silver jewelry."

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You can now buy Gold & Silver bullion in Albuquerque, NM with Bitcoin!

So I helped my friend, David, set up his Gold & Silver Exchange to accept Bitcoin for bullion and he's excited to be a part of the bitcoin community. He'll ship anywhere in the USA. You can call him at 505-884-9230 or you can visit his website for address information.
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[WTT] / [WTS] Looking for carded gold bars, selling/trading gold coins, platinum bar

Prices are firm. My goal is to limit the amount of time I spend on each deal. I am trying to price the items attractively and don't want to negotiate. However, I am willing to combine or eliminate shipping costs if you are buying more than one lot. FOR BITCOIN SALES I WILL KNOCK 1% OFF PRICE

- Looking to trade 1 oz Krugerrands/Philharmonics (2)/1988 Panda (1) straight up for 1 oz gold bars in assay cards. Also willing to trade Buffaloes for 1 oz gold bars (carded) + $30 (or 1 oz silver)
I would consider uncarded bars but would value them at $20 less.
SOLD SOLD SOLD I've had some questions about the 1988 Panda. Strictly speaking, I would not call it BU. I'm just looking to trade it for a gold bar. It's bullion. Here are pics with the top of the capsule removed:
Also getting a lot of questions about years available for Krugs and Bufs, so here you go:
Krug: 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1983, 1984
Buf: 2006, 2008, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016

For Sale/Trade
SOLD SOLD SOLD - Johnson Matthey 1 oz Platinum Bar. Price is SPOT (Kitco bid) + $65
- US Mint $10 Presidential Spouse 1/2 oz Gold Coins (5). Price is SPOT +$10 each. Would also trade 2 of these for 1 carded gold bar. These coins are a full 0.5 oz and are pure 24K.
SOLD SOLD SOLD - 1947 Mexico 50 Peso Gold (1.2057 AGW, restrike). The coin is AU. Price is SPOT + $20
- $10 US Mint Gold Commems (0.4838 AGW). Price is SPOT + $10
- $5 US Mint Gold Commems (0.2419 AGW). Price is SPOT + $5

Shipping: USPS First Class $4, Priority $10. I'll try to combine / eat shipping as much as I can for multiple lot orders. Shipping to USA only. If it gets lost in the mail, that's on me and you will get a full refund or the same product resent. If tracking says it was "delivered" or "out for delivery" (sometimes they miss that final scan), that's on you.
Payment options in order of preference: BTC (-1%), Zelle, Venmo, PPGS+3% (requires solid feedback history).
Preference will be given to larger orders. I'll probably be asleep soon so it's possible you won't hear back from me until tomorrow. Thanks for looking and please let me know if I am doing anything wrong or inadvisable.
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You. Are. Fucked. (and here is why)

Alright boys and girls. You are ALL fucked. You may not realize it yet, but you are guaranteed FUCKED.
So, the reason that you are fucked is that you are subsisting either on a wage, or you are subsisting on a fixed income. Both of these are not dynamic in relation to the number of dollars in existence or even GDP. If you want to read more on THAT particular issue, here is an excellent link:
Anyways, the fed is buying out the junk bond market. That probably sounds like arcane gibberish, and many of you probably don't even know what a bond is. A bond is like a loan, except you agree to repay the full value of the bond (the principal) plus a fixed amount (the interest) at some later date. For example, you borrow $100, but you agree to repay me $110 in one year. So, what makes a bond a junk bond? Well, companies that might default that issue bonds are considered to be issuing junk bonds. For example Hertz defaulted on its bonds. It went into bankruptcy. The US government gave money away to hertz bond holders to buy their bonds to prop up the company value to try to not let it default... and it defaulted anyway.
But this isn't just about a stupid car rental company. This is happening across the entire market. Notice the stock market going up? All that nice slushy corporate money is being used to buy back stocks. Why? Well, when a company goes bankrupt, they have all kinds of legal moves that they can do, including defaulting on bonds. It is free money. Now, it might not make an impact on your life when the stock market rallies by 10% in 3 months... But it will make an impact when the price of food goes up 10% in 3 months. That is 40% inflation.
But wait it get's worse. The stock markets valuation is grossly overinflated, even going into the pandemic. They had absolutely horrendous p/e ratios and if it had a fair valuation, the prices of stocks would be 1000x lower. What happens when all that nice green cash gets dumped on main street? You. Are. Fucked.
You really only have 1 option. You need to buy stuff, or acquire stuff that is inflation resistant. That means whatever you put your value in needs to be scarce. It should not be something that can have its supply manipulated.
Now certain people here are very much against cryptocurrency. That's fine. Year on year it's gone up and it's gone down, but for the most part since inception it has trended up. However, you need to ask yourself if you trust your dollar. Do you trust it to hold its value? Even when you know the fed has injected literally trillions of dollars into the economy, and that they owe their creditors even more trillions? When you see the police acting like the police of a third world country? When canada declares the US as unsafe for asylum seekers? When the people who make our country competitive (young prodigies looking to go to college) are being turned away at the door? When every single nation is tarrifing us, and is also pointing at us out for having a less skilled response to covid than third world countries like cuba? No.
The US dollar is NOT a safe store of value, and neither is real estate in the US. You need to get your hands on the following items:Gold. Silver. Cryptocurrency. Foreign currency that won't collapse with the dollar. Foreign Real estate. Foreign stocks of companies that do not service us customers.
If you can't buy these items right now because you don't have money, think about low interest loans like mortgages. If you can service the interest cost of a loan, the depreciation of the dollar value is going to cause your goods to appreciate in value. You could buy enough gold today to afford a car with. However, in 3-4 years, that gold will be worth 10x the cost that you paid for it... and you will still be only able to buy a car with it. (ok the car market might crash, but you get the idea)
Basically, if you take out loans now, and put the money from those loans into a diversified portfolio of goods and commodities that will not lose value when the US dollar loses value, you will do very well.
On the topic of cryptos. Bitcoin, ethereum, ampleforth, knc are all good choices. Do your own research though. Stay safe, there are many scammers, and there are many pump and dump groups. Cryptos are legit, but they are the wild west.
On the topic of precious metals. Buy gold and silver coins, not bullion. It is illegal to adulterate coins, or to clip them. This way, you know what you are getting. 1 silver dollar is always 1 silver dollar. The silver is what matters.
Right now, it is better to buy silver than gold, mostly cause silver is so low in price. It will pick up though.
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The White Dragon : A Canadian Dragon Portfolio

Alright guys, Ive been working on this for a while and a post on here by a guy describing his portfolio here was the final kick in the ass for me to put this together. I started writing this to summarize what Im doing for my friends who are beginners, and also for me to make some sense of it for myself
Hopefully parts of it are useful to you, and also ideally you guys can point out errors or have a suggestion or two. I'm posting this here as opposed to investing or canadianinvestor (blech) because they're just gonna tell me to buy an index fund.
This first section is a preamble describing the Canadian tax situation and why Im doing things the way that I am. Feel free to skip it if you dont care about that. Also, there might be mistake regarding what the laws are here so dont take my word for it and verify it for yourself please.
So here in Canada we have two types of registered accounts (theres actually more but whatver). There is the TFSA "Tax Free Savings Account", and RRSP "Registered Retirement Savings Account"
For the sake of simplicity, from the time you turn 18 you are allowed to deposit 5k (it changes year to year based on inflation etc)in each of them. That "room" accumulates retroactively, so if you haventdone anything and are starting today and you are 30 you have around 60k you can put in each of them. The prevailing wisdom is that you should max out the TFSA first and you'll see why in a minute.

TFSA is post tax deposits, with no capital gains or other taxes applied to selling your securities, dividends or anything else. You can withdraw your gains at any time, and the amount that you withdraw is added to the "room" you have for the next year. So lets say I maxed out my TFSA contributions and I take out 20k today, on January of next year I can put back in 20k plus the 5 or whatever they allow for that year. You can see how powerful this is. Theres a few limitations on what is eligable to be held in the TFSA such as bitcoin/bitcoin ETFs, overseas stocks that arent listed on NYSE, TSX, london and a few others. You can Buy to Open and Sell to Close call and put options as well as write Covered Calls.

The RRSP is pre-tax deposits and is a tax deferred scheme. You deposit to lower your income tax burden (and hopefully drop below a bracket) but once you retire you will be taxed on anything you pull out. Withdrawing early has huge penalties and isnt recommended. You are however allowed to borrow against it for a down payment as a first time home buyer. The strategy with these is that a youngperson entering the workforce is likely to be in a fairly low tax bracket and (hopefully) earns more money as they get older and more skilled so the RRSP has more value the greater your pre-taxincome is. You can also do this Self Directed. Its not relevant to this strategy but I included it for the sake of context.
Non registered accounts ( or any other situation, such as selling commercial real estate etc) is subject to a capital gains tax. In so far as I understand it, you add all your gains and losses up at the end of the year. If its a positive number, you cut that number IN HALF and add it to your regular pre-tax income. So if I made 60k from the dayjob and 20k on my margin account that adds up to 70k that I get taxed on. if its a loss, you carry that forward into the next year. Theres no distinction between long term and short term. Also physical PMs are treated differently and I'll fill that part in later once I have the details down.
The reason why all that babble is important is that my broker Questrade, which isnt as good as IB (the only real other option up here as far as Im aware) has one amazing feature that no other broker has: "Margin Power"
If you have a TFSA and a Margin account with them, you can link them together and have your securities in the TFSA collateralise your Margin account. Essentially, when it comes to the Maintenance Excess of the Margin Account QT doesnt care if its in the TFSA *or* the Margin!
You can see how powerful this is.
So as you can tell by the title, a lot of this is heavily inspired by Chris Cole's paper "The Allegory of the Hawk and the Serpent". You can read it here:
Between it, his interviews and my mediocre options skills at the time my mind was blown. Unfortunately I didnt know how to do the Long Volatility part until after the crash in March but I've since then had nothing but time to scour the internet and learn as much as I could.
The way I interpret this isnt necessarily "what you should have right now", but what abstracted model they were able to backtest that gave them the best performance over the 90 years. Also, a lot of my portfolio I already had before I started trying to build this.
As such my allocations dont match the proportions he gave. Not saying my allocations are better, just showing where they are at this time.
I'm going to describe how I do Long Volatility at the end rather than the beginning since the way *I* do it wont make sense until you see the rest of the portflio.

Physical PMs 22%
I'm not sure wether he intended this to be straight up physical gold or include miners and royalty streaming companies so I will just keep this as physical.
I consider Silver to be a non-expiring call option on gold, so that can live here too. I am actually *very* overweight silver and my strategy is to convert a large portion of it to gold (mostly my bars) to gold as the ratio tightens up.
If youre into crypto, you can arguably say that has a place in this section.
If an ETF makes sense for part of your portfolio, I suggest the Sprott ones such as PHYS. Sprott is an honest business and they actually have the metal they say they have. If you have enough, you can redeem your shares from the Royal Canadian Mint. The only downside is that they dont have an options chain, so you cant sell covered calls etc. Simple enough I suppose.
One thing to bear in mind, there is a double edged sword with this class of assets. They're out of the system, theyre nobody's business but your own and theres no counter party. That unfortunately means that you cant lever against it for margin or sell covered calls etc. You can still buy puts though (more on that later)

Commodity Trend (CTA) 10%
Patrick Ceresna gave a good presentation on what this strategy is. Until I watched this video I just thought it meant "buy commodities". A real CTA does this with futures also so aside from the way he showed, there are two other ETFs that are worth looking at.
COM - This is an explicit trend following ETF that follows a LONG/FLAT strategy instead of LONG/SHORT on a pile of commodity futures. So if they get a "sell" signal for oil or soybeans they sell what they have and go to cash.
COMT- Holds an assortment of different month futures in different commodities, as well as a *lot* of various related shares in producers. Its almost a one stop shop commodities portfolio. Pays a respectable dividend in December
If you want to break the "rules" of CTA, and include equities theres a few others that are also worth looking at
KOL- This is a coal ETF. The problems with it are that a lot of the holdings dont have much to do with coal. One of them is a tractor company. A lot of the companies are Chinese so theres a bit of a red flag.
Obviously Thermal Coal, the kind used for heating and powerplants isnt in vogue and wont be moving forward...but coking coal is used for steel manufacturing and that ain't going anywhere. The dividend is huge, pays out in December. A very very small position might be worth the risk.
Uranium- I'm in URA because thats the only way for me to get exposure to Kazatoprom (#1 producer), which is 20% of the holdings. The other 20% is Cameco (#2 producer)and then its random stuff.
Other than that I have shares in Denison which seems like its a good business with some interesting projects underway. I'm still studying the uranium space so I dont really have much to say about it of any value.
RSX- Russia large caps. If you dont want to pick between the myriad of undervalued, high dividend paying commodity companies that Russia has then just grab this. It only pays in December but it has a liquid options chain so you can do Covered Calls in the meantime if you want.
NTR- Nutrien, canadian company that was formed when two others merged. They are now the worlds largest potash producer. Pretty good dividend. They have some financial difficulties and the stocks been in a downtrend forever. I feel its a good candidate to watch or sell some puts on.
I'm trying to come up with a way to play agriculture since this new phase we're going to be entering is likely to cause huge food shortages.

EURN and NAT- I got in fairly early on the Tanker hype before it was even hype as a way to short oil but I got greedy and lost a lot of my gains. I pared down my position and I'm staying for the dividend.
If you get an oil sell signal, this might be a way to play that still.

Fixed Income/Bonds 10%

Now, I am not a bond expert but unless youre doing some wacky spreads with futures or whatever... I dont see much reason to buy government debt any more. If you are, youre basically betting that they take rates negative. Raoul Pal of Real Vision is pretty firm in his conviction that this will happen. I know better than to argue with him but I dont see risk/reward as being of much value.
HOWEVER, I found two interesting ETFs that seem to bring something to this portfolio
IVOL- This is run by Nancy Davis, and is comprised of TIPS bonds which are nominally inflation protected (doubt its real inflation but whatever) overlayed with some OTC options that are designed to pay off big if the Fed loses control of the long end of the yield curve, which is what might happen during a real inflation situation. Pays out a decent yield monthly
TAIL- This is a simpler portfolio of 10yr treasuries with ladder of puts on the SPX. Pays quarterly.

Equities 58% (shared with options/volatility below)
This is where it gets interesting, obviously most of this is in mining shares but before I get to those I found some interesting stuff that I'm intending to build up as I pare down my miners when the time comes to start doing that.
VIRT- I cant remember where I saw this, but people were talking about this as a volatility play. Its not perfect, but look at the chart compared to SPY. Its a HFT/market making operation, the wackier things get the more pennies they can scalp. A 4% dividend isnt shabby either.
FUND- This is an interesting closed end fund run by Whitney George, one of the principals at Sprott. He took it with him when he joined the company. Ive read his reports and interviews and I really like his approach to value and investing. He's kind of like if Warren Buffett was a gold bug. Theres 120 holdings in there, mostly small caps and very diverse...chicken factories, ball bearings all kinds of boring ass shit that nobody knows exists. Whats crucial is that most of it "needs to exist". Between him, his family and other people at Sprott they control 40% or so of the shares, so they definitely have skin in the game. Generous dividend.
ZIG- This is a "deep value" strategy fund, run by Tobias Carlisle. He has a fairly simple valuation formula called the Acquirer's Multiple that when he backtested it, is supposed to perform very well. He did an interview with Chris Cole on real Vision where he discusses how Value and Deep Value havent done well recently, but over the last 100 years have proven to be very viable strategies. If we feel that theres a new cycle brewing, then this strategy may work again moving forward.

I want to pause and point out something here, Chris Cole, Nassim Taleb and the guys at Mutiny Fund spend a lot of effort explaining that building a portfolio is a lot like putting together a good basketall team. They need to work together, and pick up each others slack
A lot of the ETFs I'm listing here are in many ways portfolios in and of themselves and are *actively managed*. I specifically chose them because they follow a methodology that I respect but I can't do myself because I dont have the skill, temperament or access to.
The next one is a hidden gem and ties into this. I'm not sure how much more upside there is in this one but man was I surprised.
SII- Sprott Inc. I *never* see people listing this stock in their PMs portfolios. A newsletter I'm subscribed to described this stock as the safest way to play junior miners. Their industry presence, intellectual capital and connections means that they get *the best* private placement deals in the best opportunities. I cant compete with a staff like theirs and I'm not going to try. I bought this at 2.50, and I liked the dividend. Since then they did a reverse split to get on the NYSE and like the day after the stock soared.
When it comes to mining ETFS I like GOAU and SILJ the best. None of their major holdings are dead weight companies that are only there because of market cap. I dont want Barrick in my portfolio etc.
SGDJ is a neat version of GDXJ.
Aside from that my individual miners/royalty companies are (no particular order)
RIO- Rio2 on the tsx, not rio tinto
Options/Volatility: varies
So this is where we get to the part about options, Volatility and how I do it. I started out in the options space with The Wheel strategy and the Tastytrade approach of selling premium. The spreads and puts I sell, are on shares listed above, in fact some of those I dont hold anymore.
Theres tons of stuff on this in thetagang and options so I wont go into a whole bunch (and you shouldnt be learning the mechanics from me anyway) but theres one thing I want to go over before it gets wild.
If I sell a Cash Secured Put, from a risk management perspective its identical to just buying 100 shares of the underlying security. You are equally "Short Vol" as well, it just that with options
its a little more explicit with the Greeks and everything. But if I use my margin that I was talking about earlier, then I can still collect the premium and the interest doesnt kick in unless Im actually assigned the shares.
But if I sell too many puts on KL or AG, and something happens where the miners get cut down (and lets be real, they all move together) my margin goes down and then I get assigned and account gets blown up
So what I need to do, is balance out the huge Short Vol situation in my portfolio, be net Long Vol and directly hedge my positions. Since the overwhelming majority of my equities are all tied to bullion this is actually a very easy thing to do.


So I set this up so the vast majority of my margin is tied up in these 1-2 or even 1-3 ratio put spreads that *I actually put on for a small credit*, and roll them every once in a while. I run them on SLV, and GDX.
I keep enough room on my margin so I can withstand a 10% drawdown before it sets off the long end of the spreads and then I can ride it out until it turns around and we keep the PM bull market going.
Theres another cool spread I've been using, which is a modified Jade Lizard; if already hold shares, I'll sell a put, sell a covered call, and use some of the premium to buy a longer dated call. Ive been running this on AG mostly.
I have a few more spreads I can show you but Im tired now so it'll have to wait for later.
As I said multiple times, I do intend to trim these miners later but now isnt the time for that IMO. I'm also monitoring this almost full time since I have an injury and have nothing better to do until I heal :p
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Gold and Silver: Where Do They Go From Here?

Investors know by now that one of the leading indicators of an unstable and unpredictable stock market is a surge in the price of precious metals like gold and silver. In February, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the markets officially entered a recession, even though just months later several of the major indices have reached all-time highs. It was a brief dip into recessionary territory, but this sort of volatility is what gives investors hesitation in putting their money into the stock market, rather than something that is perceived to be more stable. Gold future contracts are selling well above $2000 per ounce for the rest of 2020 and well into 2021 as well showing that investors are confident that gold will continue to rise in price. Silver is also surging reaching new all-time highs on a daily basis. So investors may be curious as to how to get into this red-hot market, especially as the markets continue to fluctuate.
For centuries now gold has been literally the ‘gold-standard’ of currency and wealth. Dating back all the way to around 40,000 B.C. in Spanish caves, gold is a naturally occurring element that has both fascinated and lured people for as long as barter systems and wealth has been recorded. Currently, gold is enjoying its highest valuations in history as investors flock to the stability of the precious metal through various streams. So what is the allure of gold and why is it so stable?
Warren Buffett once said, “Gold is a way of going long on fear.” That is quite a statement from perhaps the greatest investment mind of our generation. But what does this mean for the novice investor? Even the most successful blue-chip stocks can crash. Obviously the more prominent and profitable companies with mega market caps will not crash as easily as smaller companies, but given the volatility of the pandemic, we can see anything happen. But as stock markets fluctuate on a daily basis, the price of gold remains mostly stoic. Not as manipulatable as stock prices, gold is as steady as it gets for investors.
What makes gold so stable? It is a combination of factors, first and foremost, it is a physical and tangible element which makes it possible for people to store and stockpile. It does not corrode or wear down over time, making it durable and ensuring that the value remains. There is also a finite supply of it in the world. This reinforces that it will always keep a certain level of valuation as the supply is kept in check.
Today, as the Federal Reserve tries desperately to pump money into the American economy to stave off a global recession and keep companies afloat. Printing more American dollars helps in the interim, but it is a temporary band-aid for the bigger problem. As more of the dollar gets created the more it gets devalued as a form of currency. This is another reason why gold is skyrocketing. The two valuations always work inversely to each other, so as the greenback continues to plummet, the price of gold will continue to surge which makes perfect sense if one thinks about it. The value of gold is priced in American dollars per ounce, so if the value of an American dollar retreats, the cost of gold will rise in response.
So how can investors take advantage of the current state of gold? In the age of internet investing, there are plenty of ways to invest in gold or anything in that matter. Most American platforms give inventors the ability to buy fractional shares of companies. While this comes in handy for expensive stocks like Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL), or Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA), it also allows investors to diversify their funds across multiple companies to form a basket approach to an industry. There are also plenty of ETFs or Exchange Traded Funds, available for investors to consider. These funds have the diversification of a mutual fund or index fund, but trade like individual stocks. Here’s a few of the better gold ETFs to consider if you are looking to get into the industry:
  1. IAU – iShares Gold Trust: One of the better known gold ETFs out there, iSHARES is a reputable brand with great overall market performance. The fund has returned over 17% to inventors already this year, and with the price of gold projected to continue to rise, this fund should keep delivering for investors into next year.
  2. DGL – Invesco DB Gold Fund: Another well known and reputable ETF, the Invesco Gold Fund has slightly higher fees than iSHARES but has also had a slightly better return so far this year.
  3. IAUF – iShares Gold Strategy ETF: Another iSHARES ETF, this one has parts of IAU, as well as gold futures contracts, to get a long term forecast of the price of gold so the investor gets exposure to a wider range of gold options.
There are dozens of other ETFs available for investors that cover everything from miners to the finished products. Mining company stocks are another great way to get exposure. As the demand for gold increases, these mining companies should see a rise in their revenues and eventually, their profits as well. These changes will be reflected in their stock prices and we have already seen some of this already this year.
  1. ABX – Barrick Gold: One of the largest gold mining companies in the world, this Canadian company has seen healthy gains in their stock price so far in 2020. Over the last 52 weeks, Barrick investors have enjoyed a 131% increase in stock price. With mining projects ongoing in Canada, America, Australia, South America, and Africa, Barrick has already announced that it is on track to achieve guidance this year despite closures from COVID-19.
  2. FNV – Franco-Nevada Gold: This stock price rose almost 15% in July alone. Franco-Nevada operates as a funding company to gold mining companies, rather than actually doing the mining themselves. Sustainalytics, a guidance and analysis company, rated Franco-Nevada number one amongst 104 precious metal companies.
  3. NEM – Newmont Goldcorp: The largest gold stock by market-cap and the only stock to trade on the S&P 500, Newmont is probably the safest company for gold investors to invest in. On top of steady returns and low volatility in the stock price, the company pays a fairly healthy dividend as well.
With gold at all-time highs, we can begin to question how high the precious metal may go. With a second wave of the coronavirus making its way around some parts of the world, and America, still making its way through their initial wave, the uncertainty that exists in today’s markets may continue into 2021. Some Wall Street analysts have forecast gold to rise as high as $10,000 per ounce, but that seems like a little ambitious. Gold has just recently hit all-time highs at $2000 per ounce and to imagine that it can run up another 500% in the next few years seems far-fetched at this point in time. That would require the markets to enter an extended bear-market, which of course is possible after a decade of a bullish run, but it would also require the American dollar to continue to be further devalued.
Gold is pegged to continue to rise for the rest of this year though and well into 2021. That means investors and analysts are foreseeing a further devaluation of the American greenback as well as continued volatility in the markets and economy. Is gold a safe haven? Some people believe it is, but if you are an investor that enjoys high returns over long periods of time, investing in precious metals may not be for you. Investors love the stability of gold but the returns are never astronomical, with the last few months being an exception. It helps to have a portion of your portfolio dedicated to precious metals to diversify and protect you from any sudden market corrections, but investors should not be looking at gold as a short-term way to get wealthy.
Silver: The other precious metal that has been flying sky-high of recent months is silver, the eternal younger brother to gold. Mined from silver-ore, it is a highly malleable metal that was once valued higher than gold by the Ancient Egyptians. Today, it is relatively low in price per ounce compared to gold, reaching all-time highs recently of just under $30 per ounce. Silver is another stable alternative to gold, and at lower prices, it may be a little more affordable for the novice investor to jump into.
Like with gold, silver has an inverse relationship to the American dollar, and to all currencies in general. Again, this is another reason why silver is hitting all-time highs right now, with silver future contracts predicting a steady rise to mirror gold, well into 2021. There is also something that Wall Street calls the gold silver ratio, which is exactly what it sounds like: the ratio of the price of gold per ounce to the price of silver per ounce. This ratio has historically moved together, which makes logical sense if both precious metals are independently moving inverse to paper currencies. Historically, the gold and silver prices do move together though as the general ratio has been in the range of 17:1 to 20:1.
Silver also has numerous ways for investors to get involved in, including silver mining and production companies, as well as the ever popular silver ETFs. These Exchange Traded Funds have gained popularity amongst retail investors in recent years as a way of purchasing a diversified product as a single equity with low costs, and no trading fees if your platform allows it. Here are a few of the better performing silver ETFs that investors can look into adding to their portfolios if they are interested in the precious metal:
  1. SLV – iShares Silver Trust: Probably one of the better known silver ETFs, this is fully backed by silver bullion and coins held in a vault. While usually fairly steady, this ETF has enjoyed a 52-week increase of 152% with much of that coming in the last few months.
  2. SIVR – Aberdeen Standard Physical Silver Shares ETF: Very similar to SLV but with lower fees, this is an ideal fund for novice and experienced investors to get into as they start to diversify their portfolios.
  3. DBS – Invesco DB Silver Fund: Again another stable ETF for investors to get into, and another good performing one as well. Just as with their gold ETF, Invsco focuses on silver futures contracts for this fund, so it is a nice long-term play if investors are bullish on silver.
Just as with gold, investors can get a slice of the silver pie by buying shares of silver mining companies as well. Here are a few of the top silver mining company stocks that investors can look into adding to their portfolios.
  1. PAAS – Pan American Silver Corp.: This Canada based miner is focussed on the exploration, development, extraction, refining, processing, and reclamation of silver. They operate mines in Peru, Mexico, Bolivia, and are developing more as well for the future.
  2. WPM – Wheaton Precious Metals: Another Canadian based company that deals with miners of gold, silver, palladium, and cobalt. Wheaton is not a direct miner, rather they purchase these precious metals from other mining companies.
  3. AG – First Majestic Silver Corp.: Canadian companies seem to be dominating the silver industry, and First Majestic is another of those. This company focuses mainly in Mexico for gold and silver.
Silver may never be as popular as gold for investors to keep track of but the two precious metals move in a synchronized fashion, and both are looked upon by investors as safe havens for their money when the market is in flux.
The rest of 2020 seems like a wildcard right now, with many analysts expecting a further correction to the markets at any point. There seems to be an inevitability to a market crash of some sort, whether it is as big as the one that happened back in February and March, remains to be seen. Investors are looking at the precious metal industry to hold their funds to wait out any sort of correction or crash. If this does happen, we may expect a pullback in precious metals too as investors selloff to get back into some stocks at their low levels. Such is the ebb and flow of the economy during turbulent times like the current one we are in.
At the same time, what if a market correction does not happen? Will the uncertainty continue or will investors feel relatively secure in the way the markets are progressing? This could cause a reduction in the demand for silver and gold, culminating in lower prices in the future. Of course this also depends on the Federal Reserve diminishing their rate of printing paper currency to bailout the economy, which does not seem like a reality in the short-term at least.
Another point of contention for investors is the ongoing economical and political tensions between China and America. The two world powers have been feuding for the past couple of months over various things, but it escalated as China social media app Tik Tok gained popularity in North America. It was alleged that TikTok was sending data and information from mobile phones back to China, though nobody is sure of their intended use of this data. Regardless, the markets have stumbled several times lately because of this. Both sides have threatened economic sanctions and the banning of certain product use in each country. The prices of silver and gold have shot up as the tensions have escalated between the two governments, as investors flock to the precious metals. Many of the biggest companies on the major stock indices rely on China for materials or production, so any sort of breakdown in supply chains could cause an enormous change to their stock prices. An example of this is a sudden 5% correction in the price of Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), as it was thought that iPhone sales would decline if China’s chat platform WeChat was banned in America.
There are other factors that may have an effect on gold and silver prices as well. In this modern economy, many of the retail investors have trended towards younger adults with a sudden influx of income. Popular platforms such as Robinhood combined with increased time at home during the quarantine, have caused retail investor usage to skyrocket during the pandemic. Many of these investors are more lured in by the shiny new objects of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Perhaps we will start thinking of these cryptocurrencies as a modern day version of precious metals one day, as many investors and some analysts, believe that Bitcoin may be a safe haven in the future. Already, the price of Bitcoin has risen above $12,000 in August, mirroring the highs of gold and silver. If the demand for Bitcoin rises higher than the demand for precious metals, we may see an investor migration to cryptocurrencies rather than tangible metals.
Conclusion: Gold and silver are staples of our global economy, and will continue to be so as long as the demand for precious metals exists. In times of uncertainty, gold and silver are viewed as safe relative to the volatility of the stock market. Sure, their prices can vary as well, but because they are tied to a less dynamic valuation that is based on an inverse relation to paper currency, their prices will not and can not fluctuate as much as the liquidity of individual stocks.
As long as the world remains in flux, there will be a general feeling of instability, especially for global markets. A second wave of COVID-19 in the third or fourth quarter of 2020 could prove to be enough to push the markets over the edge and into another recession. The bull market has been rallying for over a decade now, with astronomical gains over the last few years, especially for sectors like the big tech FAANG stocks. Another factor to consider is what a Biden government could bring to the world if he is elected over President Donald Trump in October. A new government could ease some of the tensions with China, as well as within America itself. These are all big what ifs, and could all have potential impacts on the economy and the world. As long as all of these factors are up in the air, investors will be looking to gold and silver as ways of stabilizing their portfolios and protecting their finances from a potential market crash in the future.
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Unexpected Ways To Spend Crypto

Unexpected Ways To Spend Crypto
Cryptocurrencies are confusing for the average and many of those who might have thought about having a cryptocurrency faced a question – “What am I to do with it?”. In fact, the answer is easy enough to come up with, as the cryptocurrencies are gradually being implemented into many areas of our life – you can buy goods with it, pay for your college, support charities, send to friends and family or even travel into space!
by StealthEX
Yes, most of the places where you can trade crypto coins are online but anyway it’s good to know that your cryptocurrency is not just an investment with the potential increase in value, it is an actual currency you can spend. Today let’s map out a bunch of peculiar use cases:

Get a new passport.

Venezuela recently introduced the option of getting your passport purchased in Bitcoin. The decision was made in order to mitigate the effects of the sanctions that the US government has imposed against Venezuela. The option is temporarily available for the citizens who reside outside the country. The government of Venezuela hasn’t yet passed the law on making it official, but the opportunity of getting your documents paid in decentralized currency sounds like a good scenario for the future.

Invest in startups

Innovative startups always crave for seed-capital, and good news is that with the formation and growth of digital fundraising the opportunity of becoming a startup investor has grown much for those who simply have an internet connection.
Initial coin offerings (ICOs) are a new form of fundraising that provides startups with the opportunity to raise capital by selling hot and fresh digital tokens to early project sponsors in exchange for “old school” cryptocurrencies. In some cases, new tokens could increase in price by several thousand percent!
In the past, such transactions were made only by experienced venture capitalists, but the advent of cryptocurrency has opened up these opportunities to a much broader array of investors.

Get paid for posting content

The social platform Steemit gives bloggers financial rewards (in cryptocurrency STEEM) for them posting and upvoting quality content. Developers assure that Steemit doesn’t collect and sell data of its users as Facebook does, that is why Steemit has become highly popular in emerging markets. Today there are more than 1 million registered users.


Travel giants such as CheapAir and Destinia travel accept bitcoin (BTC) as a means of payment to book flights, hotels and car rents. If you like to book an accommodation on your trip, then you better do it on CryptoCribs, they accept BTC and ETH. Moreover, the number of crypto ATMs is growing – for the time being, there are more than 8700 ATMs around the world.
As for the transport, bitcoin-friendly cabs are available in Argentina and Hungary, in 2014 the first airline accepting cryptocurrency payments became airBaltic with its flights to Europe and the Middle East. Since then, the Lithuanian airline Air Lituanica, the Polish LOT, the organizer of business flights Star Jets International and many other European, American, Canadian and Mexican companies have begun to offer such services. Aggregators of hotels, tours and tickets, such as Travelforcoins and Cheapair, also accept cryptocurrencies for payment.

Buy a Lambo

If you have enough coins in your crypto wallet and you love sports cars, luxury marketplace De Louvois is the place where you can buy status symbols, for example, buy a Lamborghini (in Bitcoin of course). Other upper-class items such as art pieces, wines, and real estate are also available.

Buy ​gold

In case a crypto-owner wants to dip their toes into less volatile assets, they would probably choose gold or silver. At different metal dealers and advisors like GoldSilver, BitPanda Metals, Vaultoro, JM Bullion, etc. you can use cryptocurrency to buy gold coins and other precious metals. In fact, you can use crypto to buy currency.
Sadly, such platforms and marketplaces are available far not everywhere in the world, but as the adoption of crypto goes fast, there is a reason to hope that things will change soon.
And remember if you need to exchange your coins StealthEX is here for you. We provide a selection of more than 250 coins and constantly updating the list so that our customers will find a suitable option. Our service does not require registration and allows you to remain anonymous. Why don’t you check it out? Just go to StealthEX and follow these easy steps:
✔ Choose the pair and the amount for your exchange. For example BTC to ETH.
✔ Press the “Start exchange” button.
✔ Provide the recipient address to which the coins will be transferred.
✔ Move your cryptocurrency for the exchange.
✔ Receive your coins.
Follow us on Medium, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit to get updates and the latest news about the crypto world. For all requests message us via [email protected].
The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author. Every investment and trading move involves risk. You should conduct your own research when making a decision.
Original article was posted on
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How To Buy Gold With Bitcoin

If you have extra bitcoins, you should know that you have a ton of options if you wanted to spend it on gold and silver bullion (and jewelry).
Both precious metals and crypto currencies are fungible, limited and don’t depend on credit. Both can be used as money during period of inflation.
Some of the best bullion dealers that accept bitcoin as payment include GoldSilver, SB Bullion, Money Metals Exchange and BitGild.
Vaultoro is an excellent exchange for real-time bitcoin to gold trades.
I put together a complete guide that teaches you how you can purchase gold and other precious metals with bitcoin if you wanted. Many of the companies are highlighted as well.
Have a look at my guide if you want to learn more:
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[META] PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING!!!! Rules v3.0 & the Introduction of Your New Overlord!

Hey, /pmsforsale! It's time to update the rules again. The entire point is to make this community better and safer for everyone involved.
NEW RULES v3.0!!!
With the addition of a new shiny bot (SuperShinyBot), we figured it was time for some new rules.
First, "Trade completed!" is the new call to get points. Your flair will now look something like: "S: 129 | B: 0". Where "S" stands for trades as a seller, and "B" stands for sales as a buyer. There are three different colors (if you're on old reddit). Red, silver, and gold. These colors only apply to your seller points. If you have <10, you're labeled red, even if you've done hundreds of transactions as a buyer. This means to proceed with caution. 10-99 is silver, which means you're a regular, and gold is for 100+. Really, red is the important one.
Please note that it is "Trade completed!" We are changing that, because we only want you to initiate the bot after the buyer has received their goods, and is happy. If you’re caught abusing this, we will hand out a ban.
Here's an example of how it would work:
  1. Buyer comments in WTS post
  2. BuyeSeller reach agreement
  3. Buyer Pays
  4. Seller ships
  5. Buyer messages Seller when package arrives/is happy
  6. Seller comments on Buyer's comment with "Trade completed!"
  7. Buyer and Seller leave Feedback
The most common question that will more than likely be asked: But what about the last two years? Do I get points for that??? No. Why? Let's pretend like those two years never happened and that this is a new sub, okay? Thank you! Realistically, I'm paying out of my pocket for this bot, and on top of that, it could easily be manipulated anyway. Yes, it sucks. You, like me, would have many more points if he was working for the last two years.
Older user's points were automatically converted to seller points. I am aware that this is a flawed system, but if you've been here for the last two years and you haven't scammed someone yet, then chances are you aren't going to. But as always, proceed with caution.
Secondly, in three to six months (this hasn't been decided yet), there are going to be major rule changes. I'm not going to go into detail, but the changes are to prevent scammers. But one thing I can assure you? You're all going to hate them. Start forging your sharpest pitchforks.
Third, posts have to start with [WTS], [WTT], or [WTB]. All others will be automatically removed by your new overlord. This is because he is setup to award buyer and seller points based on this tag. Cancer-Cheater, what about [META] posts? Well, they'll be removed. Send a PM to the mod team, and we will respond and if we feel it is appropriate, we will approve it.
Why all these rule changes?? Because I'm fucking lazy, and want SuperShinyBot to do the heavy lifting.
Fourth. No more cross posts! At all! The reason being is that we have different rules and a different system from /coins4sale.
Additionally, once a year, Cancer-Cheater will be creating a post asking for donations to keep this bot running. I would appreciate if you could all support it. I would do PayPal, or silver donations and I'll pay it myself. It looks like it’ll be between $7 and $14 a month.
My sincerest apologies for this taking so long; I'm aware this is long overdue.
With all that said, SuperShinyBot should now be live.
Rules v2.0: (just copy and pasted from the old META post)
Unless it is posted here, any other rule of this sub remain the same.
Rule Changes and Adjustments
New Rules: We’ve decided to allow the selling of bullion related items! A lot of you have asked about it, and we’ve decided it is a good idea. I’m sure this will need some fine tuning, but for now, we are keeping it as bullion related. For instance, capsules, books, albums, or storage. Bullion related items have to be sold along with bullion. We are making this a requirement so /pmsforsale doesn’t become swamped with WTS threads for bullion related items.
Want to Buy [WTB] posts: You can now only post one WTB post every 48 hours.
Want to Sell [WTS] posts: WTS posts are to be made ONCE every 48 hours. For clarification, when your last WTS post reads “submitted 2 days ago by XXXX”, that means it has been 48 hours. If you have more items for sale, please update your flair if it hasn’t been 48 hours. Since this has been an issue as of late, if you post another WTS/WTT thread within 48 hours of your previous one we will remove the new one, and you won’t be able to post another for 48 hours from the time that your new thread was posted. Repeat offenders will be handled on a case by case basis.
Proof Pictures: For every WTS thread, you are required to provide at least one proof picture. This proof picture has to have a handwritten note with today’s date AND your username. We know it can be a hassle, but even if you posted two days ago, you have to post an updated photo.
RULE CHANGE: For now on, unless the item is sealed, for example, a tube of coins, we are asking that you remove them from the tube for the proof picture, and for sealed tubes, we ask that you place it on its side when taking a picture, so we know there are coins in it. Same goes for bullion that comes in government packaging (proof eagles, for example).
Want to Trade [WTT] posts: Just like a WTS post, you have to provide a proof picture of all the items you’re wanting to trade, and you can only make one post every 48 hours. The same proof pictures apply to a WTT thread. We do not allow WTT posts of people trading non bullion items for bullion.
Copper Bullion: Because of the interest shown in this lately, we've decided to allow copper bullion.
Rule Change: Copper bullion is now permitted - this includes things like SBSS/Zombucks rounds, copper bars, etc. As before, copper pennies sold in bulk and as bullion will still be allowed. Numismatic base metal coins (cents, nickels, etc.) are still NOT acceptable.
As a clarification, since there's been some confusion all around about this - packaged sets of coins that contain base metal coins alongside silvegold coins ARE allowed. (e.g., proof sets with silver coins, Coin and Chronicles sets, etc.)
Payments: If someone posts a WTS or WTT thread, and they want to accept gift cards, we will allow that. But you cannot post that you have gift cards or other items for trade for bullion. Typical payments are PayPal, Google Wallet, cryptocurrencies, check, cashier’s check, and money order.
Recommended Practices:
Let me start off by saying that these are simply recommended practices, and not rules of this subreddit.
For any transaction, a level of trust is required. Check /pmsfeedback to see feedback for any user you're considering a transaction with. You may also use the flair next to their name in this subreddit - however, understand that this is only an indication of volume of transactions, and does not take into account how the transaction went, only that it was initiated.
Be sure you're satisfied with the security of the deal before sending funds or metals to another user. If you're not entirely satisfied, do not hesitate to ask to use a secure payment method, such as Paypal Goods & Services, or to ask a trusted member to serve as an escrow - or whatever else you deem necessary. If you can't come to terms that make both parties feel comfortable, just wait for another opportunity.
Just as a reminder, the mods of /pmsforsale do not vouch for any particular user or guarantee any transaction. That's entirely between the parties of any particular deal, so be sure you do your own due diligence and make sure YOU are comfortable with any risk you choose to take. While the overwhelming majority of transactions that have taken place here have gone off without a hitch, remember that all transactions here are done at your own risk.
Suggested layout for creating a WTS or WTT listing:
This is a general guideline and not a necessity.
Proof Picture:
Provide a clear proof picture with your username, today’s date, and all the items you are selling or trading. Also include plenty of close up shots if you feel it is necessary. Precious metal buyers like to know exactly what they’re getting, and clear pictures will help in preventing any issues. [Imgur]( is the most popular image hosting site on /pmsforsale, and simple to use.
Payment Options: List your payment options – PayPal Goods & Services, PayPal Friends & Family, Google Wallet, Bitcoin, other cryptos, or what you’re looking for to trade.
Items For Sale or Trade:
List each item you have for sale or trade, along with the price after it, unless you’re looking for offers. If there is anything worth nothing about the item (condition, rarity, etc), put it here.
Make sure you state if your prices include shipping, or if it is separate. If separate, state how much shipping will be, and where you’ll ship to. Also mention who covers the insurance cost if you offer it.
Helpful Hint:
Printing a shipping label is easy, and cheaper through PayPal. This link to PayPal takes you directly to set up a shipping label. Anything under 13 ounces can be shipped via USPS First Class Mail with free tracking.
Thanks to spockdad, here is a wonderful video on how to securely package your items to ensure it arrives safely to the buyer!
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[WTS] $100FV of 90% Junk / Constitutional Silver

Howdy! Selling $100FV 90% junk / constitutional silver at $16x
I've organized lots by dates and made it easy to pick dates you might need.
"Junk" silver is increasingly difficult to find due to the huge demand from preppers & silver fans alike!
Selling for way cheaper than Apmex ($19.8x - $21.3x!!!) or SD Bullion ($17.6x), & without the wait or taxes.
Shipping USPS Priority I'll split it with you. If you buy more than 1 lot, it ships free.
Payment: bitcoin, monero, Cash App, Venmo, Paypal FF (or +3%), Zelle. NO COMMENTS on any of the 3rd party services please.
COVID-19 Free home, we've been indoors for 2 weeks & feeling healthy.
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[WTS] GOLD AND SILVER UNDER SPOT. 100 oz bars to tiny fractionals, Generics to Premium. L-O-O-K!!!

Check out my current offerings. Feel free to negotiate, but I'm not going under spot unless already marked under spot.Proof Pic(s). PM me to make a purchase, not to chat for hours. I do get busy, so please be considerate of the time of others.
100 oz Engelhard in mint plastic $1825
Hand Poured Kilo #2 in Series $585
Aztec CalendaCuauhtemoc 1 oz rounds $20 (6 Available)
100 oz JM Bullion Poured Bar $1825
100 oz SilverTowne Poured Bar $1830
100 oz Sunshing Mining Vintage in Plastic $1845
OPM 10 oz Bar (no longer being made) $192 (2 available)
Gold Sovereigns 2015, '16, & '17 and many others $354 (UNDER SPOT) (multiple available) <-------

10 oz Britannia Bar in Plastic $191 (3 available)
2016 1 ¼ oz Canada Buffalo $29 (6 available)
SilverBackStacker Channel Bar (BU) $23 (3 available)
SilverBackStacker Channel Bar (toned) $25 (2 available)
2018 End of World War I 2 oz $42 (11 available)
2013 Perth Koala in mint roll $22.50 (10 available)
2016 Britannia $19.50 (14 available)
2015 Pegasus Round $18.50 (5 available)
Peace Dollars Random $17 (20+ available)
Silver Trade Units (High Relief Eagle & Flag) $18.50 (20 available)
Scottsdale Stackers $188 (5 available)
2019 Perth Homer Simpson Roll $685
2016 Kookaburra $24 (20 available)
2015 Canada Red Tailed Hawk (birds of prey) $20 (6 available)

2018 Perth Swan $42 (3 available)
2016 Australian Kangaroos $19 (4 available)
The Silver Mint – Flag Bars (assorted) $18 (30 available)
Mercury Dimes $5FV $68 (19 available)
Fractional skeletons (mini skulls) .22 ozt avg $7 (20 available)
2013 Kilo Perth Koala $620
American Silver Eagles BU Condition (Random Year) $20 (14 available)
Random Christmas Bar $21 (8 available)
MK Barz 10 oz Poured Skull #184/500 with CoA $245 <--**Buy and get FREE shipping for your order*\*

Walking Liberty Half Dollars $10FV $135 (13 available)
Roll of 20 Random 1 oz rounds, some vintage $365 (3 available)
*4 one ounce generics available at $17.70 (UNDER SPOT, one per customer) <----------
Engelhard Prospector rounds $20.50 (28+ available)
2014 1 ½ oz Canada Arctic Foxes $29 (14 available)
2015 Libertads (full roll) may split $23/ea or $560/roll (25 in a roll)
1985 Libertads $24 (12 available)
2017 Congo Buffalo 100gram in capsule $68.50 (9 available)
GA 25 oz vintage loaf bar $550

Random Lots or tubes won't be cherry picked. Feel free to shoot me an offer, but if you want it under spot the answer will be no.
I accept Zelle, FB Messenger, PayPal (FF preferred, but G&S is fine if you pay fees), BitCoin (+3%). Shipping via USPS tracked, signature available at your request.
Up to 8 ozt = $4 ship
9 ozt an up = $7 ship
References? Here's a LINK to a Reddit Post where I introduce myself and offer my... pedigree. Yes, I pour silver. I know silver pourers. I buy and sell poured silver. Again, the silver pourer's time is valuable. Don't expect someone to take a hunk of metal spend hours reforming it, then want nothing in return for their time, hard work, and creativity. If you don't like the fact that poured silver is art and not bullion then please refer to this list.
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Risks and advantages of fiat money over gold and cryptocurrencies

Why do people seem to trust fiat currencies so much, despite being nothing but pieces of paper? Because state authorities guarantee that his paper is real money that you can store, exchange, or use to pay for goods and services.
We believe that it's nothing but a force of habit. It's been too long since the last crisis that would really devalue the currency of a major country.
Of course, we remember that inflation in Germany reached millions of percent after the First World War — but this happened long ago. Of course, we know that the currency of Zimbabwe was recently devalued by a factor of millions – but it's a state that’s been ruled by a dictator until recently. And yes, we see that Venezuela – another authoritarian state – is going through hyperinflation right now. But all this happened or is happening in autocratic countries and can't possibly happen in a civilized state – this is the mantra that we repeat to ourselves.
A short historical overview
Fiat paper money has only emerged recently. For thousands of years, people used all kinds of items and goods as a means of payment – cowrie shells, gold, copper, bronze, spices, and so on. If at some point, a certain item became too plentiful, its price would fall, and you could therefore get fewer other goods in exchange for it – and vice versa.
With time, people realized that paying in cowrie shells, metal bars, or something that could go bad or moldy was too complicated and costly.
As with many other issues, it was the ancient Romans who decided to solve the problem once and for all. Every new emperor or dictator made sure to mint coins with their face on them. If there wasn't enough fresh metal available, he would just take coins minted by his predecessor, melt them and make new ones.
It's from that point onward that we can track the key problem of fiat money – its constant devaluation.
For instance, in early 1st century AD, Romans used denarius – a coin made of pure silver. Just 40 years later, during the reign of Nero, a denarius contained only 94% of silver – and by the end of the century, its silver content fell to 85%.
What was the reason? Nero and his successors used this trick to pay less to their creditors. In 2nd century AD, there was less than 50% of silver left in a denarius. In 243, Emperor Philip the Arab reduced the silver content to just 0.05%. After the fall of the Roman Empire in the West, a denarius contained only 0.02% of silver.
This way, over the course of roughly 200 years, the inflation of denarii reached several thousand percent. But if we study more recent examples – say, the real value of the US dollar or pound of sterling in the last 200 years – we'll see a similar picture.
A forecast for the future
Let's go back to the question we asked in the beginning of this article. Why do people trust fiat money?
In the past 70 years, we haven't seen any major wars involving developed countries that could radically devalue their currencies. There haven't been any major natural disasters that could seriously damage the economy, either. Sure, such things keep happening in third-world countries, where currencies lose their value due to military coups, uncontrolled printing of new money, and so on.
If you ask the population in those third-world countries that have been through hyperinflation how they feel about their fiat money, you'll find that their opinion is just the opposite of that shared by people in the West.
That's why gold and jewelry are so popular in the Middle East, and that's why US dollars are in such demand in Latin America. Nobody wants to keep their savings in the local fiat currency – because its long-term stability cannot be guaranteed.
Gold is a great way to store value, especially when fiat currency is devalued rapidly for no reason.
Here's a simple example. Let's take country Z with a stable economy and equally stable fiat currency. Bob keeps his savings in a deposit account and earns a 5% annual interest. Alice uses her fiat savings to buy physical gold and then either buries it in her garden or stores it in a bank vault.
A disaster strikes: a military coup, volcano eruption, flood – you name it. The fiat currency of Z loses most of its value in an instant. And if the government decides to print more money (to pay for disaster relief or as a populist measure), inflation can quickly reach astronomical heights.
Bob's savings will be worth nothing – but Alice won't lose anything. If local fiat money is devalued by a factor of 100 relative to the US dollar, its exchange rate relative to gold will fall by a similar amount.
Any educated person can understand this – but why are so few people actually buying gold to protect their savings? And why do the majority of people take their money to the bank, even though generations after generations have lost their bank deposits?
There is only one issue with storing value in gold: buying it is complicated, costly, and sometimes dangerous. Here we'll cite just a few examples, although we could provide many more:
- In many countries you have to pay a fixed tax or VAT when buying gold, ranging from 10% to 25%. This means you'll lose up to a quarter of your money at once. Not such a great investment, is it?
- The spread between the buying and selling price of gold often reaches 10%;
- Storing gold at home is risky; storing it in a bank vault means paying a fee and can still be dangerous;
- In case of a military coup of natural disaster, if you need to exchange your gold for money, you can easily get killed. Modern-day Caracas is a good example: people are attacked even when they are suspected of carrying around as little as $100.
Cryptocurrency to the rescue
In the context of the issues described above, cryptocurrencies are a god-send for people in third-world countries. Crypto helps preserve the value of money and hide it in case of a crisis.
The demand for Bitcoin among the middle class in Africa and Asia is several times higher than in Europe. Why do people prefer Bitcoin and show much less interest in other altcoins? Because the maximum number of Bitcoins is finite. Whatever happens in the world of fiat currencies, even if governments print dozens and hundreds of times more money, new Bitcoins will only enter the market through mining – and over 80% of the total have already been mined.
Bitcoin doesn't belong to anyone. There is no organization or country that can control it. In the 10 years that have passed since its launch, nobody has managed to hack the system – while even the leading IT corporations regularly fall victim to hacker attacks.
The only real problem is that most holders of fiat money and gold bars find it’s hard to accept Bitcoin's volatility. Indeed, if the BTC price has grown by a factor of 100 or 1000, it could theoretically fall by just as much, completely devaluing one's investment. Who would take such a risk?
If only one could invest in digital gold that can't lose its value relative to fiat currencies and free from the risks and complexities of purchasing, storing and selling it that are inherent to physical gold.
The future is already here
DIGITAL GOLD is a company that has found a solution to the challenge of money storage. In summer 2019, it launched a new stablecoin which serves the purpose of Digital Gold.
Now, investors seeking to protect their savings won't have to deal with the costs and dangers of buying physical gold. It's enough to purchase GOLD stablecoins, built on the popular ERC-20 standard. In less than a minute, any person anywhere on the globe can buy $10, $100, or $1000 worth of new digital gold.
The tokens will be instantly sent to the buyer's wallet, and the only transaction fee will be the cost of gas. The risk factor is also low, granted that the greatest loss would be losing one's wallet credentials. Exchanging the digital gold back into fiat or another cryptocurrency takes just a minute as well, alongside the gas cost (usually a few cents).
Why do we call GOLD stablecoins, digital gold? Because DIGITAL GOLD has pegged it directly to the price of gold at the ratio of 1 token = 1 gram of 99.99% gold.
The new stablecoin features several key differences from previous projects that claimed to have gold-pegged tokens:
GOLD stablecoins are a highly innovative instrument that is sure to attract different groups of investors. Those who have always wanted to buy gold but didn't because of the high costs and risks can now invest in gold within a few clicks.
Yet another factor that can prove crucial in developing markets is full anonymity. By contrast, it's impossible to maintain one's privacy when buying, transporting, and storing physical gold.
These and other advantages are bound to make GOLD a preferred investment asset of the future – and each of us can join this future right now.

Website :
Follow us on social media:
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[WTS] GOLD AND SILVER UNDER SPOT. 100 oz bars to tiny fractionals, Generics to Premium. L-O-O-K!!!

Check out my current offerings. Feel free to negotiate, but I'm not going under spot unless already marked under spot.Proof Pic(s). PM me to make a purchase, not to chat for hours. I do get busy, so please be considerate of the time of others.
100 oz Engelhard in mint plastic $1825
Hand Poured Kilo #2 in Series $585
Aztec CalendaCuauhtemoc 1 oz rounds $20 (6 Available)
100 oz JM Bullion Poured Bar $1825
100 oz SilverTowne Poured Bar $1830
100 oz Sunshing Mining Vintage in Plastic $1845
OPM 10 oz Bar (no longer being made) $192 (2 available)
Gold Sovereigns 2015, '16, & '17 and many others $354 (UNDER SPOT) (multiple available) <-------

10 oz Britannia Bar in Plastic $191 (3 available)
2016 1 ¼ oz Canada Buffalo $29 (6 available)
SilverBackStacker Channel Bar (BU) $23 (3 available)
SilverBackStacker Channel Bar (toned) $25 (2 available)
2018 End of World War I 2 oz $42 (11 available)
2013 Perth Koala in mint roll $22.50 (10 available)
2016 Britannia $19.50 (14 available)
2015 Pegasus Round $18.50 (5 available)
Peace Dollars Random $17 (20+ available)
Silver Trade Units (High Relief Eagle & Flag) $18.50 (20 available)
Scottsdale Stackers $188 (5 available)
2019 Perth Homer Simpson Roll $685
2016 Kookaburra $24 (20 available)
2015 Canada Red Tailed Hawk (birds of prey) $20 (6 available)

2018 Perth Swan $42 (3 available)
2016 Australian Kangaroos $19 (4 available)
The Silver Mint – Flag Bars (assorted) $18 (30 available)
Mercury Dimes $5FV $68 (19 available)
Fractional skeletons (mini skulls) .22 ozt avg $7 (20 available)
2013 Kilo Perth Koala $620
American Silver Eagles BU Condition (Random Year) $20 (14 available)
Random Christmas Bar $21 (8 available)
MK Barz 10 oz Poured Skull #184/500 with CoA $245 <--**Buy and get FREE shipping for your order*\*

Walking Liberty Half Dollars $10FV $135 (13 available)
Roll of 20 Random 1 oz rounds, some vintage $365 (3 available)
*4 one ounce generics available at $17.70 (UNDER SPOT, one per customer) <----------
Engelhard Prospector rounds $20.50 (28+ available)
2014 1 ½ oz Canada Arctic Foxes $29 (14 available)
2015 Libertads (full roll) may split $23/ea or $560/roll (25 in a roll)
1985 Libertads $24 (12 available)
2017 Congo Buffalo 100gram in capsule $68.50 (9 available)
GA 25 oz vintage loaf bar $550

Random Lots or tubes won't be cherry picked. Feel free to shoot me an offer, but if you want it under spot the answer will be no.
I accept Zelle, FB Messenger, PayPal (FF preferred, but G&S is fine if you pay fees), BitCoin (+3%). Shipping via USPS tracked, signature available at your request.
Up to 8 ozt = $4 ship
9 ozt an up = $7 ship
References? Here's a LINK to a Reddit Post where I introduce myself and offer my... pedigree. Yes, I pour silver. I know silver pourers. I buy and sell poured silver. Again, the silver pourer's time is valuable. Don't expect someone to take a hunk of metal spend hours reforming it, then want nothing in return for their time, hard work, and creativity. If you don't like the fact that poured silver is art and not bullion then please refer to this list.
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Bits Of Gold History
So as to thoroughly comprehend the purpose of gold, an individual needs to return to the beginning of the gold business. While gold's experience started in 3000 B.C, when the old-fashioned Egyptians began forming jewels, it was unmistakably in 560 B.C. that splendid began to fill in as a cash. At that moment, retailers expected to make a standardized and quickly transferable kind of cash that would improve exchange.
The commencement of a gold coin ventured with a seal appeared, apparently, to be the response, as gold decorations has been extensively recognized and fathomed all through various bits of the planet.
After the start of gold as a money, its criticalness continued climbing all through Europe and the U.K., together with relics in the Roman and Greek domains unquestionably appeared in show corridors over the world, and Incredible England building up its metals-based money in 1066.
The English pound (addressing a pound of sterling silver), shillings and pence relied upon the total entirety of gold (or silver) is addressed. Finally, gold addressed wealth all through Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.
Gold In The Advanced Economy
Despite the way that gold no more backs the U.S. dollar (or elective overall monies so far as that is concerned), it passes on importance in current society. It's as yet basic to the worldwide market.
To attest this stage, there isn't any need to look more removed than the benefit reports of national banks and other cash related affiliations, like the Universal Fiscal Store.
Starting at now, these affiliations are accountable for holding roughly one-fifth of the planet's wellspring of over the ground gold. In addition, various national banks have added to their own one of a kind present gold stores, addressing worries as for the long stretch by and large market.

Gold Jam Riches
The clarifications behind gold's centrality in the present economy bases in transit that it has secured wealth all through an enormous number of ages. The proportionate, nevertheless, can't be said about paper-assigned money related structures. In the mid 1970s, one ounce of gold drew nearer $35. Assume that around at that point, you had an option of holding an ounce of gold or fundamentally keeping the $35.
They'd both get you the amazingly same things, like an unblemished autonomous organization suit or unrestrained bicycle. In any case, if you had an ounce of gold now and changed over it to the expenses, by then it would regardless be sufficient to buy a sparkly new guarantee, yet the proportional can't be said for the $35.
Basically, you would have lost an extensive proportion of your wealth in case you chose a decision to hold the $35 diverged from the one ounce of gold in light of the fact that the estimation of gold has extended, while the estimation of a dollar was broken down by development.
Gold as an Expanding Speculation
All things considered, gold is viewed as an upgrading theory. Clearly gold has filled in as a theory which may incorporate a widening part for your portfolio, paying little respect to whether you're stressed over expanding, a reducing U.S. buck, or perhaps verifying your wealth. In case your thought is simply improvement, gold isn't related with offers, bonds, and property.

The New Path Interest In Gold
At this moment, with blockchain development set up as a verified accounting procedure, similarly as Bitcoin, improving known to the general populace, a fresh time of gold-maintained cryptographic cash is as of now rising.
There's a well known (and severe) run for unfathomable riches happening today in the crypto world, similarly as nations are expecting to give their particular gold-based advanced money.
Computerized GOLD Undertaking
Likewise, by and by, I am showing The GOLD token is a stablecoin supported by real gold bars set away in ensured and auditable vault stockpiling in BullionStar. 1 GOLD token counterparts to 1 gram of gold.
The token relies upon Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20 benchmark ) and is right now gave and gave by Computerized GOLD LTD business.
A base, the cost of the coin will remain comparable to the present gold expense. In case the GOLD Token gets acclaimed then the sticker price of the coin can raise in worth, higher than the estimation of gold. In case the GOLD Token doesn't remove than the value stays as the estimation of this gram of gold. It looks like an inborn stop-adversity.

GOLD TOKEN Highlights
The GOLD token parades various conspicuous features that mean to encourage the usage of blockchain for digitizing assets. By acquiring gold through the token, Customers get to:
A straightforwardness token that requires no exchange costs: Customers can choose to send the GOLD Token wherever on the planet, without holding up be stressed over flighty exchange Charges, because of all exchanges is free. Customers are moreover allowed to make unfathomable Installments since the organization doesn't execute account confinements. Customers must note that Moves still solicitation the gas cost charged by the Ethereum organize.
Along these lines, It's fundamental to consider that the assistance cost is Made to be commensurate, or lower than the accuses distinguished of taking care of Gold in a store or credit authority. Customers may plan to cover a 0.99% yearly storage charge.
Widen portfolios, and keep wealth in a position of shelter: The Present cryptographic cash business focus conditions generally incorporate shaky cost Swings, from now on giving all purchases a high-chance segment. Most of the starting at now available coins Aren't trusted to keep up their incentive from the since a long time ago run, since the Commercial center.
Regardless, gold suggests a money related piece of elbowroom that has held its incentive for incalculable years. Upheld by balance. Obviously, gold is among the world's most secure advantages for Have For limit. Its digitization through the GOLD token empowers customers to Purchase Inclusion in gold, which may consequently be utilized to rehearse assurance from Insufficient monetary circumstances, managerial and eccentrics changes.
The GOLD token could be immediately and immediately obtained, sold, and exchanged In this way displaying why it reflects a strong extension to show customer computerized cash portfolios.
Secure gold ownership: The troubles related with obtaining and saving gold are immediately spread out as of now. The procedure commonly incorporates a lot of issue. To buy gold, individuals that are interested need to discover a trusted in provider, supervise authoritative work, by then keep on attaching the as of late purchased metal. Encouraging it at a bank is a secured other option, nevertheless, it incorporates fundamentally progressively regulatory work, together with limit charges.
The natural threats related with keeping gold in a house are outstanding, due right up until now, theft remains an issue that society must guarantee against. These challenges could be rejected using Advanced Gold. Together with the GOLD token, customers buy consideration in real gold, saved by the business is guaranteed vaults. The assurance consideration is eventually given by a lone of the world's most noteworthy security agents, the Chubb Insurance agency.
The guaranteed gold is saved in Singapore, and it is a brilliantly reasonable spot in view of its earth shattering property rights. It's similarly pertinent to express that blockchain advancement offers protection against computerized perils also. Up until this point, blockchain remains resistant, given that no people blockchain record was hacked during the present day.
Security on the customer side could be guaranteed given that token customers shield themselves from key-loggers and various sorts of malware. In any case, no pariah may obtain access to an individual record without finding the wallet identifier close by the related private key. In addition, blockchain constancy ensures that all exchanges are enduring, as such apparent customers face no chargeback danger.
Finally, 100 percent of acquired tokens are secured with gold. The aggregate is equivalent to the estimation of physical gold that is gotten on the benefit of customers and kept in a BullionStarbased guaranteed vault. Purchasers are permitted to play out their due resourcefulness by watching that the BullionStar live survey accounts.

  • High liquidity Advanced Gold: The GOLD token guarantees high liquidity considering the token underwriter firm, computerized gold ltd moreover fills in as a liquidity provider. Customers are allowed to in a brief moment buy and sell noteworthy measures of tokens, through the Computerized Gold Commercial center, or life accomplice buys. Liquidity is so accessible on-demand, and besides the rates dependably immovably fit current gold market rates.

  • Private gold ownership experience: As fast Referenced Beforehand, adjusting to physical gold incorporates that customers Divulge private information to stay in consistence with government managerial frameworks. The general nonappearance of organization grasped from the sheer measure Of information gathering, has caused the presence of an overall population which is more protection cognizant. The GOLD token licenses for physical gold having a place while staying Person.

  • Guaranteed long stretch eventual fate of got GOLD: Most budgetary specialists concur that the fate of gold massively surpasses Our own. This end is maintained by the Lindy Effect, a thought that depicts The manner in which the fate of an advantage is really comparative with the present Age.
Gold's transcendence for a colossal number of years ensures the significant metal Will remain pertinent for quite a while to come.
The possibility of a gold computerized money has reliably had an interest for those scanning for an elective portion structure.

Official Website: https://gold.Storage/
White paper: https://gold.Storage/wp.Pdf
Telegram: https://t.Me/digitalgoldcoin
Twitter: https://twitter.Com/golderc20
Medium: https://medium.Com/@digitalgoldcoin

Author: Wayrey2020;u=2395392
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Buying Bullion with every payday?

I was curious if any of you buy bullion with your pay day's i planned to buy scratch off tickets but then i realized i am losing money when i should be investing, so i think i will start stacking silver bullion, i had about $500 in bullion a few years ago but sold it to a bullion shop. But i want to invest some of my money into other things, i figure silver is the best way to go. No one back in the day possibly thought gold would get where it is, i didn't think bitcoin would get anywhere either. Silver on the other hand could one day skyrocket, like both bitcoin and gold did.
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Bitcoin at $136,000: Can it become the new gold standard?

Over the past year, Bitcoin’s been on a wild ride from a low of $1,183 to a peak of $19,401.
With Bitcoin’s skyrocketing prices, detractors from J.P. Morgan chief Jamie Dimon (“[Bitcoin] is a fraud”) to Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett (“I can say almost with certainty that [cryptocurrencies] will come to a bad ending”) have been quick to decry the digital currency as a bubble.
Predicting a crypto bubble has become the latest trend as Bitcoin and other currencies have risen meteorically. In spite of this, Bitcoin has shown that it is still a new asset with room to grow.
Bitcoin’s current market cap of $134 billion, is massive compared to most companies, and even some countries. But this pales in significance compared to traditional assets like gold. If Bitcoin becomes a widely accepted store of value, it may one day replace some of the functions of gold in the market.
Today, there is an estimated 190,040 tonnes of gold above ground in the world, with 54,000 known reserves below ground that can be mined. At today’s rate of $1,335 per ounce, that means there’s around $11.5 trillion worth of gold in the world that we know about.
Imagine that Bitcoin replaces 25% of today’s gold market. Bitcoin would leapfrog another 17x above today’s current prices.
Here’s some (very rough) back-of-the-paper-wallet math:
25% of $11.5 trillion gold reserves = $2.86 trillion $1.975 trillion market cap of bitcoin / 21 million bitcoin = 136,190 price per bitcoin While this scenario may seem extremely far-fetched, it’s not completely out of the realm of reality. In this article, we’ll look at some of the key characteristics that Bitcoin shares with gold that make it useful as a store of value and speculate around how Bitcoin might eat into the dominance of gold.
What is a Store of Value? Skeptics like to point out that Bitcoin isn’t that useful as a currency. It can have high fees, long transaction times, and comes with numerous security risks. It’s still much easier to pay for goods and services with a credit card than sending bitcoin to someone’s public address.
Yet all these things actually make Bitcoin similar to something people have valued for thousands of years: gold.
Gold has certain properties that make it useful. It conducts electricity well, and it looks pretty. But if you compare gold to more common metals such as copper or nickel, it’s actually a lot less useful for making things — it bends too easily.
The main utility of gold is that it functions as a store of value. Because gold is extremely scarce and expensive to produce it tends to retain value over time. If you buy gold today, you’ll likely be able to exchange it for a similar amount in the future.
To understand how gold functions as a store of value and how Bitcoin might replace it, we have to dig deeper into the history of gold.
A Brief Primer on Gold Gold has been valued and used as a store of value for millennia. The first known use of gold as currency began several thousand years ago in Asia.
Even with the widespread adoption of paper currency in the form of bank notes in the 19th century, the gold standard remained the most popular financial system in the world. Nations would set a fixed price that they would trade gold for paper money. For centuries, gold was an acceptable form of currency. That’s a big part of why gold is still valuable today — we believe that gold is valuable, and this belief has been culturally ingrained.
Gold has a number of properties that make it useful for this purpose. For starters, it lasts a really long time.The chemical half-life of gold is 168 days, compared to 130 days for silver, and a mere 61 hours for copper.
Gold is also easy to split up into smaller parts and transport. You can remelt a gold ingot into smaller gold coins, or even smaller pieces of jewelry. It’s also portable: an ounce of gold is worth $1,335 and weighs the same as a slice of bread. It’s estimated that the 190,040 tonnes of gold above ground would fit into a cube with 67 foot sides.
Today, we use gold for many different things. Jewelry is the most common use-case representing roughly 48% of all above-ground gold. 21% is used for private investment, whether in the physical form of gold bullion or in financial instruments like exchange-traded funds. Another 17% is used by the official sector by central banks as a reserve currency. The other 14% is used for other purposes, from industrial applications like electronics to dentistry.
source: World Gold Council
While the gold standard has largely been abandoned, gold remains a useful hedge against currency instability.
That’s because gold is inherently scarce, with a limited supply. On average, 1,500–3,000 tonnes of gold is mined each year, adding a mere 1–2% annual increase to the supply of gold. It’s also highly liquid and can be exchanged for money anywhere in the world.
Central banks buy gold to avoid currency risks and hedge against inflation. Gold is held in reserve and can be liquidated quickly in times of crises. In 2016, Russia’s central bank purchased 201 tonnes of gold in response to a weakening rouble and international sanctions, making it the largest acquirer of gold.
Today, gold continues to retain its significance because it operates as a store of value that’s removed from the financial system.
The Bull Case for Bitcoin: Why Bitcoin may replace Gold On the surface, Bitcoin and gold couldn’t be more different. Bitcoin is a digital, peer-to-peer currency created in 2008, and distributed across nodes around the world. Gold is a natural element that is mined from the ground, and which has been used as a store of value for millennia.
Despite these differences, Bitcoin and gold both share characteristics that make them useful as a store of value:
Just like the supply of gold is constrained to the amount that can be mined, the supply of Bitcoin is written into the code and maxes out at 21 million coins. While gold is relatively portable, can be verified, and divided into smaller units, Bitcoin is cryptographically secured, controlled via private key, and can be divided infinitely. That gives it distinct advantages over gold as a store of value.
While gold is useful as a store of value because it’s valuable relative to physical size, this still adds up when you’re operating at scale. For example, when the German central bank wanted to bring home 374 metric tons of gold back to Frankfurt, the gold had to be assessed for purity, be remolded from bullion into bars, then secured and transported. The whole operation cost $ 9 million. There’s a clear argument that a digital currency like Bitcoin would be much better suited to maintain reserves than gold bars.
Central banks are already beginning to look at the benefits of digital currencies. The Swedish central bank is investigating the possibility of launching a digital supplement to cash, called the e-krona. Singapore is experimenting with use-cases for cryptocurrency from cross-border payments to creating a digital Singapore dollar.
Similar to gold, Bitcoin sees high usage as a store of value in countries with currency controls or instability. In Argentina, for example, people use Bitcoin to circumvent government currency controls mean, saving nearly 40% on foreign currency exchanges. In Venezuela, Bitcoin usage has become widespread to buy everything from food to movie tickets in the face of 2,616% inflation. The Venezuelan government even launched its own contentious cryptocurrency, called the Petro, in an effort to circumvent international sanctions.
Like gold, Bitcoin provides a store of value that’s separated from the official financial system. Unlike gold, Bitcoin is far easier to hold onto and exchange. If 25% of the gold that’s used as a store of value in jewelry, private investment, and the official sector moves to Bitcoin, we may see Bitcoin at $136,190.
The New Gold Standard Bitcoin rose from the 2008 financial crash, promising a digital currency free from central bank intervention. This is something that we’ve always needed — just look at gold. Gold is useful because it provides a store of value outside of currency and stock markets. Bitcoin, if it’s able to address key technical and scalability challenges, has the potential to do the same.
What’s important to remember is that despite the boom-and-bust hype cycle, we’re still in the early innings.
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Best Cryptos to Invest in the Year 2019

Looking back in recent history, it seems as though big investors and financial organizations are changing their attitudes towards Bitcoin and altcoins. The media coverage worldwide illuminated the vast returns being had in the cryptocurrency markets, with many coins up over 100x since their conception. This certainly has garnered the attention from both legacy and newcomer investors. Currently, everyone is waiting to see if cryptocurrencies can continue on their path to new all time highs.
2017 turned out to be a whirlwind year, with most cryptocurrencies soaring to new all time highs at the end of 2017 and early 2018. The media coverage of cryptocurrencies was nonstop, with news reports on financial programs almost daily. In addition, many movies and tv shows mentioned cryptocurrency, including the technology oriented show “Silicon Valley.” So far, 2018 has seen a vast pullback in the cryptocurrency markets. Many of the smaller altcoins are down over 90% with Bitcoin, the crypto leader, still being down over 60% from all time highs.
Even with the overall market pullback, many investors are still very bullish on cryptocurrencies going into 2019. Many big name institutions are jumping head first into crypto, with NYSE announcing a new crypto exchange, BAAKT. Also Fidelity has announced a crypto support platform for their customers. Even legendary Ivy league university Yale has announced a new 400 million dollar investment fund geared towards cryptocurrency.
With so much bullish news adding up rapidly, almost everyone seems to expect a very profitable year for crypto leading into 2019. While Bitcoin is still currently the market leader there are also some big name altcoins that expect 2019 to be a huge year for them.
The Altcoin Hierarchy
Before investing in the crypto market, let us go through the basic classes of cryptocurrencies that exist in the market. While every class has the potential to have impressive returns, some coins have more impressive use cases and concepts, In addition to more qualified and funded development teams. Simply put, not all altcoins were created the same.
The Penny Stocks of Crypto
These are the bottom tier altcoins that could possibly become worthless in the near future. They operate much like penny stocks, advertising big promises of ‘guaranteed gains’. Eventually, many fail to offer a fraction of their promised returns. One of the ways to identify these is to look at their team members, their past experiences, objectives of the project, probability of mass adoption, actual use of the coins and many more.
The reasons for their failure is usually because of unwillingness to work for the vision they once promised in the first place, bad wealth management, inclusion of scammers in their team, unrealistic expectation from the project and also making money via pump and dump schemes.
Some of these coins are Trumpcoin, Russia Coin and Verge.
Average Coins
According to the ‘coinmarketcap’ website, there are currently more than 2000 cryptocurrencies listed on their website. Among those, there are around 500 of them that can be considered in this ‘average’ category.
These are the coins that do have a purpose/objective to work on but fail to maintain a good development team. They and their coins don’t really have any kind of purpose in the crypto market and fail to finalize any kind of legitimate deals and partnerships with good investors. This makes their performance very limited as compared to other altcoins in the market.
Some of these coins are Deep Brain Chain, Funfair, Decred, Navcoin, Populous, Cryptonex.
Good Coins
There are around 500 of such good coins in the market that do offer a good objective for the project, a solid team with good experience to execute such tasks, a good marketing strategy to reach out to masses to share their ideas and quality contacts to make some good partnerships in the market.
The only reason why they are only classified as ‘good coins’ is due to the lack of uniqueness that the other ‘very good coins’ offer. They don’t really have that ‘point of parity’ in their project/product that separates them from their counterparts.
Some of these coins are NEM, Stratis, Monero, and BAT.
Very Good Coins
There are around 100 such ‘very good coins’ in the market. Their objectives are well defined with a solid team to execute their tasks perfectly. Along with that, their marketing teams are also well-qualified to make their ideas reach to the masses. Because of such a wonderful blend, they are able to make better and strong partnerships with a number of good companies.
What separates them from the ‘Good Coins’ category is their USPs (Unique Selling Points). They are unique in what they do and that’s what makes the difference.
Such coins are NEO, Stellar, Cardano, Ripple
Top Tier Cryptocurrencies
These are the top tier coins that provide the best functionalities. They have real-world usage, objectives to solve a real-world problem, strong fundamental teams to execute the mission of the project, marketing teams to spread the ‘idea’ and collaboration with a number of media channels to gain early investors.
Also, due to a good PR team, they are able to make a very strong partnership with a lot of Fortune 500 companies that give them an extra edge over rest of the projects in the market.
Some of these coins are VeChain, Ethereum, Bitcoin, IOTA, Icon, EOS, Kinesis.
Promising Projects Going Into the New Year
With more than 2000 cryptocurrencies out there in the crypto market, only a couple 100 of them qualify to be a top tier investment. It can be quite the challenge to find a worthy project among the thousands of choices. These next projects are some that show a lot of promise heading into 2019.
Always remember the 3’S’ of the investment – Sane, Smart and Sensible. An investor who is sane, smart and sensible will always look into the facts before he invests in any business or project.
This is one of the most promising upcoming projects in crypto. The broad overview of the coin is to offer an alternate and better evolutionary step beyond the basic monetary and banking system available today.
In short, it is a cryptocurrency that is backed by precious metals like gold and silver. According to the CEO of the company, Thomas Coughlin, the Kinesis coin is basically divisible units of allocated gold and silver which you can use as a currency.
There will be two stable Kinesis coins in the market backed by Gold and Silver. The stable Kinesis coins backed by Gold will be tagged as KAU and the stable Kinesis coins backed by Silver will be tagged as KAG.
These stablecoins backed by the precious metals like Gold and Silver are real game changers as these 2 precious metals are definable stores of value for use in trade and investment in the real-world economies.
The Kinesis coin is based on the Bespoke Blockchain Technology, a blockchain network forked off from the Stellar Blockchain Technology in order to suit the requirements of the Kinesis coin.
The cryptocurrency project is headed by Thomas Coughlin who is also the CEO of the Kinesis company. He has 15 years experience in the investment, funds management and capital markets. Before being the CEO of the Kinesis company, he held similar positions for the Bullion Capital and TRAC Financial Group as well.
Apart from Thomas Coughlin, there are other great members in the team as well. Their team consists of people like:
Michael Coughlin, Chief Financial Officer, having 41 years experience as a CPA in the accountancy and financial services professions.
Eric Maine, Chief Strategy Officer, having more than 30 years experience in Senior Management in the exchange and financial markets.
Ryan Case, Head of Sales & Trading in Kinesis, having extensive experience as Head of sales trading & partnership and also valuable experience in commodity, cryptocurrency, forex and derivative markets.
Jai Bifulco, Chief Marketing Officer, having a full-fledged 12 years of experience in award-winning full-stack marketer in Finance. He previously held roles of directors in multiple brokerages, consulting and Fintech sectors.
There are more than 30 different team members in this project spanning their roles from The Executive Committee to the Advisory Board to the Operations and Development team.
The coins are very limited in number as compared to other cryptocurrencies where the softcap is limited to just 15,000 KVT coins and HardCap is limited to 300,000 KVT coins. Minimum token that one can buy is set to 1 KVT which is equal to $1000.
So far, more than 57,000 KVT tokens have been sold which roughly equals to a whopping sum of $57 Million. With such a huge investment already deployed for the development of the project, there are still 30 more days left for the ICO sale period to end.
Also, apart from the investments gained, the Kinesis cryptocurrency is also focusing much on the partnerships with the top companies in the industry. These include companies like ABX (Allocated Bullion Exchange), MLG (Blockchain Consulting), Sigma Prime, Etherlabs and Fine Metal Asia Limited.
This cryptocurrency is certainly the one to watch out for in 2019.
Broad Overview – In simple layman terminology, Vechain is a supply chain protocol to track logistics inventory. It has successfully implemented blockchain technology in various sectors like agriculture and industries like luxury goods and liquor.
They basically strive to solve real-life problems by providing solutions in various industries like:
Logistics: In this sector, VeChain implements the blockchain technology to improve the flow of information from one department to another by breaking silos yet maintaining the data privacy of every department. Government: There are more than 111 VeChain nodes deployed worldwide. The municipal governments participate in the VeChain blockchain network as nodes. The VeChain blockchain network offers decentralization and immunity against the data hacking that allows room for transparent information exchange. This indeed improves the efficiency of the municipal governments. The technologies used to track the logistics are:
Assigning digital identities to physical stocks that can be stored on the VeChain blockchain network Usage of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) NFC (Near Field Communication) Proof Of Authority Consensus In-House Temperature Controlled Tracking Quick Response Codes (QR Codes) The future potential of the VeChain cryptocurrency looks quite promising as the coin is signing new partnerships every month or so. Some of its partners are PricewaterhouseCoopers, DNV GL, Renault Group, KUEHNE + NAGEL, D.I.G, China Unicom and the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration of China.
Every single company with whom VeChain partnered has millions of customers that will use the VeChain technology embedded in their system. This makes the coin solve real-life problems and have mass adoption.
VeChain indeed makes a big difference in the logistics business. However, given the kind of turmoil that the entire cryptomarket is facing where the total market capitalization has fallen from $800 Billion to just around $200 Billion, no one can give any kind of assurance on the returns in your investment in the crypto assets. However, stablecoins like Kinesis has a reward yield system that incentivizes its investors for holding, depositing and also referring new users. Hence, the investors always stay on the benefit side even if the market collapses for a short duration.
In simple terms, IOTA is a cryptocurrency which is designed for the Internet of Things. The cryptocurrency was developed to root a new direction to IoT by establishing a standardization called, ‘Ledger of Everything’ which means that the data exchange between sensor-equipped machines would be enabled to populate IoT.
IOTA has the potential to make transactions easy. A basic use case of IOTA can be seen in IOTA enabled vending machines. These machines can dispense the items without involving the associated transaction costs. Some other use cases of IOTA are Reddit Chains etc.
Technology Behind IOTA Surprisingly, IOTA does not use the traditional Blockchain technology for its design and development. In fact, a new platform called ‘Tangle Technology’ is being used for IOTA to operate on. The Tangle Technology deploys a mathematical concept called Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG) which resolves both the scalability and transaction fees issues which we face in blockchain based cryptocurrencies.
In IOTA, for a transaction to be valid, each node present in DAG Tangle must approve the previous two transactions occurring at the other node. And adding to a note, this process removes the chances of mining and makes the system fully decentralized.
Future Potential Keeping in mind the remarkable result of IOTA, there exists a promising scope for it in the near future in various applications and platforms. IOTA would be standing tall and different in the future world full of cryptocurrencies vulnerable to quantum computers. IOTA has a lot of companies that it is working with. Some of them include Bosch, Volkswagen,Fujitsu, Accenture, Poyry and many more.
When viewed from a macro perspective, so far IOTA looks to be fee-less, scalable and fast which makes it next to perfect. However, if you own IOTA, the chances of you liquidating it into fiat currency via a ‘debit card’ and buying something from a grocery store is quite low. In order to fill this gap of actually buying something from the street market and becoming the global currency, Kinesis has introduced its Kinesis Debit Cards that enables the Kinesis token holders to exchange their tokens against FIAT currency and simultaneously buy products from a grocery shop, something which IOTA fails to offer.
Broad Overview: ICON is a South Korean based company that develops blockchain technology and accompanies the cryptocurrency called ‘ICX’. ICON is a network framework which has been designed to allow independent blockchains to interact with each other. It allows interconnected blockchain networks to participate in a decentralized system which converges at a central point.
Technology: ICX token is built on the Ethereum blockchain network. ICON has developed a loop-chain platform that connects different blockchain communities through the ICON Republic which serves as the governing head for the Federation of other independent blockchain bodies.
All the communities are linked to Republic through C-Reps (Community Representatives) which then connects to Nexus. C-Reps functions as the portals to the communities to establish a connection with Nexus. And this way the entire procedure is carried out.
Future Scope: It is believed that ICON has plans to provide platforms to financial, security, insurance, healthcare, educational industries which can help them to carry transactions on a single network. Thus, ICON (ICX) can be seen having a good time in the coming days.
Also, it has been successful in signing a partnership deal with the tech-giant Samsung where it will be using ICON’s own Chain ID for a new Samsung project called ‘Samsung Pass’. Apart from Samsung, ICON has also signed deals with PORTAL NETWORK & W Foundation.
However, it is notable that ICON is built on the Ethereum network and is an ERC20 token. Hence, the transaction speed greatly depends on the Ethereum network. Currently, Ethereum can execute 15 transactions per second which is quite low in terms of what ICON (ICX) is currently aiming for. However, to fill this gap, we have Kinesis Bespoke Technology that offers a whopping speed of 3000 transactions per second. This lightning fast speed keeps the Kinesis token way ahead than ICX token.
Broad Overview The native cryptocurrency of the Enjin Network, the Enjin Coin (popularly known as only ENJ) follows the ERC20 token standard and is used with a smart contract-based blockchain platform. Its typical users include content creators, game developers, and other members of the gaming community, who need to use virtual tokens to manage and trade virtual goods in the gaming world.
Technology behind Enjin As an ERC20-compliant token, the ENJ functions in accordance with the rules an Ethereum contract has to implement. It is used on a dedicated platform that is designed to support open-source software development kits (SDKs), applications, plug-ins, and payment gateways. As for its users, they will be able to efficiently participate in developing, launching, managing, and trade content and game-related products on the Enjin Network, without having to deal with the technical complexities.
Summary of Potential The ENJ is expected to solve some performance issues in using similar cryptocurrencies on the market today, including payment frauds where goods are not actually delivered, slow transaction processes, lack of ownership of virtual goods, lack of transaction standards, and centralization problems.
According to its creators, the ENJ coin, which is based on a blockchain, will create a distributed, trustworthy, and secure framework where transactions can be executed smoothly and quickly with minimal transaction fees. Its autonomous and decentralized system will ensure that all offers and deals will be honored.
Conclusion Generally speaking, the Enjin Coin is good. It helps bring the benefits of blockchain to millions of people participating in the virtual goods market. Its creators are working hard to prevent fraud in the gaming world.
However, it is still a relatively new project. As such, it is still volatile. This means that you still have to take utmost care and be wise when using it.
Broad Overview EOS is considered by many people who are participating in the virtual goods market as one of the best cryptocurrencies to use, supported by a powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications. Basically, the EOS blockchain is used for the development, execution, and hosting of decentralized applications (dApps) that are traded virtually.
Technology behind EOS The EOS system is composed of two key components, which are the EOS.IO and the EOS token. As for the former, it functions like a computer’s operating system in managing and controlling the EOS blockchain, with the use of an architecture that enables horizontal and vertical dApps. As for the latter, it is held (instead of spent) by the users to be able to become eligible of building, running, and trading apps, as well as using EOS network resources.
While EOS still does not have an official full form, it supports all core functionalities to allow individuals and businesses to create and trade blockchain-based apps.
It also runs on a web toolkit for interface development, just like Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store.
Summary of Potential While there are already a lot of cryptocurrencies based on Ethereum similar to it, the EOS system focuses on the critical and problematic points of the blockchain. Specifically, it attempts to solve the problems of scalability, speed, and flexibility that often cause transaction processes to slow down, which is a common issue in blockchain-based systems.
According to its creators, EOS.IO could also address other problems that come with the ever-increasing size of the dApps ecosystem, such as limited availability of resources, constrained networks, spamming, false transactions, and limited computing power.
It is said to be able to support thousands of commercial-scale dApps without hitting performance bottlenecks by using asynchronous communication methodologies and parallel execution across its network.
Conclusion The EOS system is very advanced. It is designed to address common problems with standard blockchain-based networks. But like other new cryptocurrency platforms on the virtual market today, it still has some weak points to improve. Also, there is again the exposure to volatility, as users hold the tokens to be eligible to trade virtually.
Broad overview Nebulas (NAS) is a new generation blockchain and is open for public collaborations for decentralized application (dApp) development. Its adaptability and scalability are the two characteristics that could propel NAS to be one of the top cryptocurrencies, thus giving it enough leverage to compete in the market.
Technology behind Nebulas Nebulas is the first crypto running on a 3rd generation blockchain, thus making it the dominant player of the new platform. This makes Nebulas highly flexible and scalable, even giving a good leverage in future-proofing their code. That could help avoid hard forking whenever some issues come up during scaling processes.
Summary of potential Adaptability, scalability and search-ability are three of the biggest potential NAS has to offer. With the 3rd generation blockchain it uses, it can allow the adaption of other codes based from Nebulas. This means that other cryptos can adapt to its platform soon enough.
Moreover, it can also act as a blockchain search engine. This can let users search particular blockchains based on efficiency and community strength.
Finally, its goal to provide fair incentives to Decentralized Application (dApp) developers is something that collaborators could expect. This means that more developers are expected to come, thus strengthening NAS even further.
Conclusion Nebulas (NAS) is a promising crypto especially with its adaptability, scalability and search-ability potentials. It can help with the fluidity of crypto into this new generation platform. However, it still lacks the value stability that Kinesis or stablecoins hold. NAS is still unpredictable, unlike Kinesis that backs it value with real gold.
Broad overview SkyCoin is a full environment system of blockchain technology, and has the goal of endorsing the actual usage of cryptocurrency.
Technology behind Sky Sky has its own algorithm, the Obelisk, which uses the web of trust dynamics to spread influence all throughout the network to come up with a consensus decision. The consensus decision depends on each node, by valuing its influence score. The influence score of each node is determined by the number of network nodes connected to it. This depicts the importance of the node to the network.
Aside from the Obelisk, Sky also operates its own cryptocurrency which is SkyCoin, its own ICO platform Fiber, a decentralized social media platform called BBS, and a decentralized messenger called Sky-Messenger.
Summary of potential Sky focuses its potential on being a full ecosystem of blockchain technology that encourages actual usage of crypto. Through its unique algorithm which is the Obelisk and some other dApps associated with it, Sky is a promising crypto technology and could be considered as the most complete one as of today.
Conclusion Sky, SkyCoin and the Obelisk is definitely a massive platform that could be considered as a full ecosystem of crypto and its related technology. Nonetheless, the SkyCoin depends its value on node influence scores, which could change from time to time as well. This makes Kinesis and Stablecoins still a better choice, especially for investors who want clear investments without hassle.
Crypto Predictions for 2019
While 2017 had the masses captivated and investing large amounts of capital, 2018 has seen price drops and sagging hopes. While the returns in 2017 exceeded anyone’s expectations, a strong pullback was predicted by many. Whether or not this bear market continues from here is the real question many investors face today.
Bitcoin’s rapid rise and fall exposed many problems, and the developers of the top cryptocurrencies in 2019 took note. When considering your crypto investments for 2019, factor in the following trends we predict will influence investments:
More Pullbacks According to the CEO of Vellum Capital, Eric Kovalak, the price of cryptos will reach new lows before they will rebound to new heights. This includes the biggest cryptocurrencies in the market, including Bitcoin. Kovalak believes that it will be priced below $3,500 before it will find its way back up. However, there are many mixed opinions on the current price of BTC, with some arguing the bottom for the crypto markets have already been seen.
Due to Bitcoin-based remittances, uncertainty in global economies like Asia, Turkey and Venezuela, and mobile penetration, there will be a surge in interest and the price of the digital currency.
A Flood of Institutional Investors
Institutional investors have been waiting on the sideline for the ETF to rule in favor of Bitcoin. According to Mike Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Capital, once the ETF arrives, “institutional fomo’ will start flooding the market.”
Another factor is Kinesis, the investment blockchain that provides investors with a safe and reliable alternative. Pegged against precious metals, it provides protection against volatility that may be caused by political instability.
The Kinesis Monetary System lets you own real gold or silver when you purchase the digital currency. Your ownership is then digitized and then made available for spending, trading, and transfer. What is even better, the monetary system can be used internationally, ensuring reliability of money around the world.
With the recent crisis around the Turkish Lira, the price of gold has significantly increased.
Mass adoption of crypto by consumers In January 2019, blockchain technology will be 10 years old. It remains a speculative investment to this day but 2019 could be the year of mass adoption for digital currencies.
For this to happen, however, there has to be some triggers.
Speculation should become a real utility. People must use blockchain projects in everyday life so they will gain widespread use. Decentralized applications (DApps) must gain mainstream status to promote widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies. Improved payment processing, addressing the issue on the current situation of slow transaction times and high transaction fees. Scalability of blockchain technology with little to no impact on its efficiency. To date, slow transaction times are due to the growing number of users and transaction sizes. This calls for blockchain to grow and have the ability to compete with Mastercard, PayPal, or Visa. Introduction of off-chain solutions that allow users to complete a transaction through peer-to-peer payment channel instead of within the blockchain. This will address slow transaction times. Security will be provided by the parent blockchain. Gold Is Still The Standard Despite the promises and unique functions of many cryptocurrencies, there is still uncertainty in these new markets.
Gold has remained the best form of investment throughout history, and the best store of value, especially through times of crisis in politics and economies.
Kinesis pegs its value to gold which has proven to be the safest investment in history. Therefore Kinesis stands to gain from the stability gold offers while simultaneously fusing it with the unique features of this cutting edge crypto technology.
With the Kinesis Monetary System, investing in gold is no longer the slow process that many older investors are used to. This cryptocurrency is backed by gold and silver and supports precious metals trade.
It has three essential assets.
Tokens that represent an investors ownership of gold and silver. The inherited system where performance is done. Complete blockchain security that supports investments and paves the way for the creation of new assets protected in a banking system. Most importantly, the Kinesis Monetary System allows thousands of transactions to be completed per second in a completely secure channel.
The Near Future
Even a decade later, cryptocurrencies are still very much in their infancy. At this time, no one is sure what shape this growing sector will take in the future. Many cryptocurrencies will come and go but the ones that show the most promise, that fulfill their use cases, will stick around for the long term. With any emerging technology, we have to watch how it evolves and how it merges with our everyday life, changing the way we interact with everything around us.
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[WTS / WTT] Assorted Vintage silver - Bars, pours, rounds, art bars

Proof & Gallery (25 pics)
Purchase/Trade with confidence. I’ve done many transactions on pmsforsale, Facebook, Instagram, and eBay and have excellent feedback everywhere. I ship quickly, securely and discreetly. Feel free to make me an offer if you think I'm a little high on a price. Let me know if you have any questions or want a closeup of anything. Happy stacking!
For trade, I am looking for A-mark stackers/USVI ingots, 1-12 oz vintage poured/extruded/pressed bars, Bitcoin, or Ethereum. Send me a picture along with a value you have in mind.
I’ll respond to PMs in order received. Thanks for looking!
1 oz and under Silver For Sale / Trade
QTY Description Price (ea) Comments
12 1 ozt My choice bar or round $Spot* My choice of Silvertowne bar, Pyromet round, Scratched Bowie knife bar, or milk spotted Kangaroo. Price will be spot, but can only be packaged with another purchase. *For every $100 in other purchases, you may buy 2 oz's at spot
5 1 ozt Random Date American Silver Eagles (ASE) $17.50 ea In flips. Dates are random.
4 1 ozt US Assay Office - by Continental Coin $18 ea
2 1 ozt National Refiners Assayers (Canadian) $18 ea Serialized and Sealed in mint packaging.
3 1 ozt Vintage Engelhard Bars $old Two Big E's and one Emc. bars are toned and circulated
2 1 ozt Vintage Engelhard Prospector Rounds $19 ea Eagle backs Random Date.
2 1 ozt Deak Perera Bars $19 ea The company behind these bars has an amazing story. After you buy them, give this article a read! One of the bars has tape on it. I'm leaving it on there so the buyer can decide to keep it or clean it.
1 1 ozt Sharps Pixley & Co Bullion Brokers London $20
1 1 ozt 2014 Chinese Panda 1 oz .999 $20 In original Mint Capsule, but displays reddish brown toning consistent with handling.
10 1 ozt Sealed 1982 Engelhard Prospector (Big E Back) $22 ea* Buy all 10 for $200 (*will split up if not purchased within 24 hours)
2 1 ozt Patrick Mint Art bars from San Francisco $23 ea Specify the "Jenny" or the "Cable Car".
4 1 ozt Monex International Ltd (Minted by USVI in 1982) $24 ea
2 1 ozt California Crown Mint (CCM) vintage rounds $25 ea
1 1 ozt 2016 Australia Year of the Monkey in Mint Capsule $27 capsule has fine marks, but coin is uncirculated
1 1 ozt 200 years of independence / Majestic Eagle art bar $30 Rainbow toner, from Hamilton Mint MAD-13V1 in Kidd 5th Ed. (Serial # is left of foot)
1 1 ozt 1989 Happy Holidays Art Bar (YCI-8) $30
2 1 ozt 1981 Hoffman & Hoffman Eagle vintage rounds $30 ea Very hard to find Hoffman and Hoffman rounds
Over 1 oz Silver For Sale / Trade
QTY Description Price (ea) Comments
1 10 ozt Prospector's Gold & Silver pour $old
1 10 ozt Idaho Silver / Great Seal of the State of Idaho $old Cool Vintage bar. Lots of character. Still in taped and tattered plastic bag
1 10 ozt Gold Way Silver bar $190 Harder to find vintage 10 oz bar produced by GW Gold Way.
2 10 ozt Vintage Johnson Matthey Ltd (blank back) $195 $185 ea Smooth back, sill in original factory plastic
2 1 10 ozt Vintage Oxford Assaying & Refining (kit kat) from Anchorage, Alaska $200 ea Awesome toning. Bar shows signs of bumps and dings consistent with its age. Sweet kit-kat bar.
1 10 ozt Vintage Oxford Assaying & Refining (Landscape) from Anchorage, Alaska $250 Rare bar with awesome toning. Bar shows signs of bumps and dings consistent with its age.
1 50 ozt Vintage Oxford Assaying & Refining from Anchorage, Alaska $old According to Oxford this was poured in the 80's. Beautiful cooling lines. Awesome piece for the stack!
Payment Methods PPFF (no comments), Zelle, BTC, ETH
$3 First Class Padded envelope (up to 6 oz), $7 USPS Priority Mail otherwise. All shipments include tracking.
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[WTS] EVERYTHING ON SALE - All gold and platinum is UNDER spot. Premium silver coins and rounds for the best prices on the internet (with spot silver deals!).

FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OVER $149. Message me with any questions or if youd like more pictures!


Gold and Platinum:
2016 1 oz platinum philharmonic – spot minus $10.50
(2) 1949 Gold $20 Swiss Franc (helevetia) - spot minus $1
1984 South African Gold Krugerrand – spot minus $10.50
1989 1/10 oz gold Chinese Panda - $135.95

10 maria thalers - $16.65 each, $16.45 each if you buy all 10
5 2017 zi sin gallus - $21.99 each
2017 mexican Libertad (2) - 18.10 each
Royal Canadian mint 2016 lunar series year of the monkey - $17.25
2014 chinese panda (2) - $23.15
2015 chinese panda - $21.50
2017 chinese panda - 21.95
2013 kookaburra - $29.99
2016 kookaburra - $21.95
doge coin such currency much bullion 1 oz round - $25
bitcoin round - sold
scottsdale 2 oz stacker - $33.50
ben franklin liberty half - spot with purchase over $150
1 oz austrian philharmonic - - spot with purchase over $165
CML Superman $5 2016 coin - $17
Republic de Chad African Lion - $16
2018 Niue Lion - spot with purchase over 175
Tokelau Leopard Shark - $15.95
Canada 30 year anniversary coin - spot with purchase over $250
1 and 1/4 oz canadian buffalo coin - spot with purchase over 175
1 and 1/2 oz canadian falcon coin - spot with purchase over 175
Armenian noahs ark - spot with purchase over 175
2015, 2016, 2017 Somalia (3 coins) - $51.51
2018 kookaburra - $17.50
Holy Land Mint 5 oz Bar - $87.50
1 oz silver lego - $16.95 with purchase over $100
2 oz queens beast lion of england - $49.50
2018 liberty 100 year ww1 anniversary coin -$50

proof ->
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WTB Silver In Exchange for Bitcoin

DEAL MADE - Thanks

I've got .023934 worth of bitcoin in my wallet, I'm not really interested in bitcoin at all. worth about 144 bucks. Anyone want to sell some generic silver in exchange for it? I'd prefer bullion. Not a huge fan of ASEs (I know, blasphemy) but if it seems like fair trade for value to weight I'm interested.
Not a large buy I know, but I'd rather empty my wallet in total than play around with trying to find just the right way to spend it on a site that accepts it.
I figure about 7 bucks of it goes towards shipping, couple bucks for whatever interchange fees occur on bitcoin. so say 134 bucks of value seeking to be converted to silver.

pm me
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If You're going to cash out , be smart about it.

Don't cash out for Fiat, cash out for Silver Bullion.
APMEX, One of the largest online retailers for Gold, Silver , and Platinum Bullion accepts BitCoin as payment.

We believe BitCoin is a fair trade for our bullion

Silver is at a low point right now. It's always worth something and it will probably never drop below $11 per oz.
So unless you are in an emergency , be smart about cashing out and don't cash out for Fiat.
Cash out for physical tangible silver instead.
That way in 1 or 2 years from now you don't have to feel totally shity about not staying in Bitcoin in case it moons. At least you can say
at least I bought silver, and that went up also!
Fiat won't give you that will give you negative!
If silver just wasn't so dam heavy I would be using it in everyday transactions.
Being heavy does have its benefits. You can always fill up a sock full of silver, then approach roger ver with a few questions.
Smarten up
EDIT: 50 years ago 1oz of silver was worth enough to buy eggs, bread, cheese, and milk. Today you can still buy eggs, bread, and cheese. Unlike fiat. It maintened its basic value in goods and services. 1dollar 50 years could of got you and a friend tickets to a movie.
Not today. lol
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[CONTEST] Super Bowl Squares (Ver. 2)

Crazy game tonight! Congratulations to our winners: null_input, butteredfatkid, PigeonPiss, and jharlson. We are all very envious!
All winners have been contacted with instructions. MFRB is the most economical option, but Registered Mail is probably the most secure.
Thank you to all of you for playing, I had a blast working with everyone!
THE PRIZES are here! Is it game day yet?
9:20am: The coin flip was tails! Numbers to be added shortly...
10:00am: ATL 9143065287 (Block height 450438)
10:13am: NE 8459761032 (Block height 450439)
Numbers are drawn, here is the grid:
Good luck everyone!!
1:00pm: All shipped silver has been received! Provident order is expected to arrive in the middle of next week. Once it is all here I'll split up into 4 lots and post pics. Trust me, the wait is excruciating for me too!
The lists below are up-to-date, and I have tracking numbers for all of the remaining packages. All are processed past the "Acceptance" stage, and the latest is scheduled to arrive on Monday. Based on that, I feel confident enough to draw spots on Saturday as originally planned.
Here is how it will work:
The sides will be assigned by coin flip. Yes the coin will be silver. No I'm not going to post a video of this part. I'm going to flip for the vertical (letters) side. Heads for the home team (Atlanta), tails for the away team (New England). I will do this in the morning, and post the results before the numbers are selected.
For number selection I am going to go to and click more. At 10:00am, I will refresh the page. Starting with the 19th number of the hash, and working from top to bottom/left to right, I will assign numbers to the home team (still Atlanta) on it's respective side of the board. I will discard any letters or duplicate numbers. If not all numbers are used, I will move down the line and follow the same procedure on the preceding hash until the home team's board is filled.
The away team's numbers will be assigned in an identical fashion using the hash (or hashes) immediately following the home team's.
Tl;dr: I'm using bitcoin hashes to ensure that number selection is indeed random
Also, I placed the order from Provident...but they were out (what?!) of "Our Choice" round and bars! I made an executive decision on what to get, and in my opinion it is some pretty sweet stuff :) I'll post a picture of the giant prize stack once it is all here next week.
For those of you who missed zuizide's Super Bowl Squares contest (or anyone just feeling lucky) I'm hosting one as well. Lower stakes and slightly different rules...
2 ozt per square, limit 4 squares (8 ozt) per person until 1/23. The winner is determined by looking at the last number in each teams' score, and then matching those numbers on the grid and seeing which square intersects those two numbers.
200 ozt payouts:
End of 1st quarter pays 40 ozt
End of 2nd quarter pays 40 ozt
End of 3rd quarter pays 40 ozt
End of game pays 80 ozt. If at the end of the 4th quarter the game is tied, the prize will be awarded to the person who has the final score square at the conclusion of the game (after overtime).
I have already chosen 4 squares. If you would like to choose, please use coordinates A-J vertically and 1-10 horizontally. If you don't specify I will pick your squares at random. If all spots are not sold by 1/23 I will open it up to anyone who wants to buy more. If there are still open spots on 1/30, I will sell the remainder locally to friends.
You will need to ship your ounces as soon as you can. If it's not received by 1/27, I will release those squares to someone else and request they ship Priority or purchase through me. Please don't be a straggler and ship ASAP so we can get the numbers drawn with plenty of time before the game!
I will post a pic of the squares when they are filled for everyone to print. Once everyones ounces have arrived, we will assign teams to each side and at HitMePat's suggestion we will use the bitcoin blockchain to randomly assign numbers.
I will purchase silver so you don't have to ship, but it will be at a slight profit and tied to spot. If spot skyrockets before I place the final order, it may be more than I'm stating here as I can't "freeze spot." As of right now, I'll do it for $42 a square and the only form of payment I will accept is Google Wallet (no Paypal on this). I will not raise it if I don't have to, even if the profits evaporate. I will be paying with a CC and ordering random secondary bars and rounds from Provident Metals. If you will not be shipping, I will expect payment at the time you reserve your squares. If you feel that it's too expensive, mail in your silver :) I'll provide my address once you have confirmed how many and which squares you want.
Winners will be expected to cover shipping of the loot, OR they can pay me with part of their winnings to ship how they want or provide a prepaid shipping label if they prefer. I package securely, but won't be responsible if you don't use registered mail and your shipment gets lost, stolen, etc...
Good luck everyone :)
PAID (24 spots)
ccualumni (2)
SwellingItchingBrain (4)
pstansel (2)
mistertyme5 (1)
Backdooreddy (2)
hawkswin1 (1)
peppermg (2)
tintalent (2)
ao_88 (1)
RECEIVED (76 spots)
threeblindmoose (4)
klocke520 (2)
SilverCoffeeCup (1)
hawkswin1 (3)
MonoRedFaeries (1)
TheSilverCollector (4)
irons4404 (3)
jharlson (2)
RudyFelsh (1)
butteredfatkid (3)
ritrackforsale (3)
PigeonPiss (4)
Silversaving (2)
whynotminot (4)
dudearino78 (4)
fixxitor (4)
BullionStacker (4)
null_input (2)
Aierughh (1)
TheDonkeyDominator (2)
Observant_Lion (1)
stonemender (4)
JC3FL (4)
Detroitideas (3)
dgalvan (1)
padge73 (4)
deathsythe (1)
workday1 (1)
bigtedrx (2)
lifesabatch (1)
Please let me know if your squares are not right so that I can look into it ASAP. Also, if I have not contacted you with shipping info/GW address please PM me for it again as I have forgotten. I tried to stay on top of everything, but I was fielding a lot of messages, so I apologize if you slipped through the cracks! The PAID and RECEIVED lists are current, and I will update them daily. PENDING means that I have not received a GW payment or a package from you yet.
Once all ounces and payments are received, we will select teams for the sides and numbers for the rows and columns. If everyone is on the ball, we will do this on Saturday 1/28 :)
Thank you to all for playing!
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JM Bullion Review, Shopping With Bitcoin stacking silver with bitcoin ! Why I'm Buying Silver Instead of Bitcoin. How To Buy Gold/Sliver With Bitcoin!!! JMBullion!!(2018) Stack Silver. Get Gold. Buy Bitcoin. - YouTube

Of course you can also buy silver bullion with bitcoin at SD Bullion online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Or with the assistance of one of our experienced bullion trading staff members during our regular business hours. To begin, we suggest some basic Do’s and Don'ts when selling silver bullion covered here. Here at SD Bullion we not only sell silver bullion physically to our customer base ... Now you can buy silver and gold for Bitcoins. BTC to Gold made easy for you. Visit 79Element and place your order. 0. was successfully added to your cart. Silver Coins; Gold Coins; Gold Bars; Platinum Coins; Accessories; FAQ; My account; Silver Coins; Gold Coins; Gold Bars; Platinum Coins; Accessories; FAQ; My account; Buy gold with bitcoin. No personal tax [click for details] We are in ... All you need is a Bitcoin wallet and the type of silver you want to buy. There are bullion silver coins. These includes the American Silver Eagle, The Canadian Maple Leaf, Austrian Philharmonic, the Mexican Libertad, Australian Kookaburra, and more. Higher-end buyers might consider buying the silver Morgan Dollars and Peace Dollars with Bitcoin. These come in graded versions by grading ... Buy Gold & Silver with Bitcoin UK. SilverGoldBull sells physical bullion in the UK and accepts Bitcoin payments. Bitcoin payments receive a 4% discount. Buy Gold with Bitcoin in India. Using a virtual gold exchange like Vaultoro seems to be the best way to buy gold with bitcoin in India. How to buy silver with Bitcoin As bitcoin rapidly becomes the most talked about subject of the year and is being bought up by brand new and experienced investors alike, it raises some questions. Beyond those of the current price or how much further will it rise, there is that of what can investors use this form of cryptocurrency for?

[index] [16994] [8832] [33284] [26456] [35039] [46582] [25389] [6527] [25961] [27519]

JM Bullion Review, Shopping With Bitcoin

Welcome to the official Youtube page of the Amazon #1 bestselling book on how to buy gold and silver bullion Stack Silver Get Gold by Hunter Riley III. This ... Had a stellar week trading bitcoin and altcoins last week and decided to hedge with a little silver. Found this company JM Bullion and ordered some silver bars with my bitcoin earnings and paid ... More: Can you buy gold with Bitcoin? What about other cryptocurrencies? The answer to both questions is a resounding “Yes!” Since B... Bitcoin Documentary Crypto Currencies ... Some important reasons you SHOULD BUY silver in 2018! - Duration: 12:51. Backyard Bullion 15,378 views. 12:51. Commit to Your Goals - Latin Monetary ... Today I am showing you the site that you can use to buy gold and sliver!! DISCLAMER **There is always a potential to lose any money you put into a site. It is your money your choice.** If you are ...