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Analyst Who Nailed Bitcoin Crash Says One Altcoin Set to Erupt As Analysts Refresh Bitcoin ...
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Alt season in the coming weeks. Market sentiment analysis. Discussion welcome.

We have all been expectantly waiting for alt season. Reminiscing of the days where you could pick a random shitcoin and make 10x overnight. Many naysayers have said those days are over and that that kind of mania wont happen ever again. However, im calling it now. We will have an alt season in the coming month.
Bitcoin has now gone through its bear cycle and while some were predicting a 1.5k BTC, smart players were accumulating anywhere under 6k because they had a feeling that BTC had capitulated. I believe alts have capitulated.
After Bitcoin’s magnificent rally, which has overshot even the most bullish predictions in such a short time span, the market has become quite stagnant in the past few weeks. It is during this cool-off period that alt season occurs.
There have been 3 main observations i have made that lead me to write this post. I have already explained the first. The second goes in parallel after the aforementioned cool off period. That is market dominance.
BTC dominance reached a peak of ~71% while alts have been grinded to dust in Sat value. The alt market is ripe for profit. In the next weeks we will see a shift in market dominance from Bitcoin to alts.
The final observation is the most telling sign. In the past few days there have been several random alt coin pumps of +80%. I see this as little eruptions before big daddy Krakatoa blows.
In conclusion, if you expected me to draw some fancy lines on a chart, sorry to disappoint. This analysis is based purely of market sentiment and my previous experience being in the market since 2014.
Seeing as we are just beginning the larger Bitcoin 4 year cycle, there aren’t many new investors so this alt season will be short and sweet. Prepare your positions accordingly to make the most profit.
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Need help figuring out if a dom is trying to scam me

I apologize if this is super long winded.
I am completely new to the BDSM world. A few weeks ago I started talking to a Dom through a site called AdultFreindFinder(she contacted me) and i'm now pretty sure its a scam but I would like a few others opinions to see if my hunch is correct.
I am going to post the transcripts of our email exchange and hopefully someone with more experience can shed light on this for me.
on AFF chat:
I'm new here and the website sent me your profile and says you are my new match, I don't know if you got my profile as well. After checking your profile out and seeing our compatibility chart is very high, I guess we might be a match after all. So this what I am looking for, am looking for a submissive pussy licking sex slave who is interested in BDSM/Kinky play, the key word here being SUBMISSIVE and BDSM/KINKY play. I know this is not for everyone, but if this something you want or dream about we can fulfill your fantasies together do check out my profile and send me a message ASAP.
Mistress Ann.
P:S This is going to be a soft BDSM sex slave, very mild bondage, this will be exploring more of pleasure than pain. Disregard this message if you don't have any submissive tendencies at all.
This is intriguing and I am interested in learning more about you and the domain of submission. I will be honest and say that I have very little experience in the kinky play area but I consider myself very open to experience.
Perfect let's continue this conversation in a more private environment. What I seek is a smart, intelligent, obedient and eager to serve sub and I think that might be you. Reply this message with your email address so I can contact you and set in motion the process to make you my submissive slut just because I don't get on here as much as I would like and I wouldn't want to leave you in limbo about making you my sex slave...
Mistress Ann.
At this point I give her a throw away email address

Chat moves to email:
I'm very pleased to be contacting you via regular email, the little exchanges we have had so far shows that our interest is aligned. This is the first step into making you all that you can become in serving and making me happy and in the process satisfying you as well and you need to be dominated by such a beautiful lady as myself in a real-life scenario.
This is not a trail for you to know and discover if you are submissive or not. For this, to work you have to know you are submissive and ready to stay submissive. If at this point you are unsure, I'll advise you to stop reading this email now, ignore it and not reply so no more time is wasted cause this is going nowhere if you are not truly submissive. If you have kept on reading and sure you are submissive then we can move forward and proceed.
I expect you to always be honest with me to be my slave, respecting me goes without saying slave you must always remember that you are the slave always in this relationship, therefore, I make all the decisions in this dynamic and you must always refer to me as MISTRESS. Like I previously pointed out and am sure by now you know that for this to work on any level you have to be submissive not playing at it. You will be dominated and toyed with by me for both our pleasures and the full spectrum of BDSM which may include, ass worship, anal penetration (mine), physical humiliation, psychical punishment (yours), forced masturbation, as long as its within your boundaries,you will be punished accordingly if you fail to attain my goals of you pleasing me. I will have variations of cute names that I will call you such as slut pie, sex slut you will answer to these names when I call you.
Anything public is of limits for me slave, I value my privacy very much, this means that all our plays will only be behind closed doors to assure maximum discretion, at no point will I send you any nude pictures of me via any medium even after our sessions have started. I hope you are insatiable as I am and ready to go on for long hours to please me, slave. During our plays protection will be paramount until such a time that you can show me that you are clean, safe and disease free as I am. For now, you are under a period of evaluation that will help me to determine if you are suitable to be my slave in the long term cause that's my ultimate goal. Since we have established that you are indeed submissive I don't envisage any problems with making you my slave and that process can start after you have replied this email.
Your Mistress Ann.
Yes Mistress.
Excellent my slave, I'll like to start with knowing your name.
Mistress Ann.
I give her my nickname
I am a mature and sexy 36-year-old woman, divorced and originally from Germany. I came over here 5 years ago back when I was still married to my husband. I was married for 4 years and divorced for 2.My whole life is here now a slave and am looking forward to making you a part of it. I don't know the caliber of women you have come across in your life but there is none in my class. I have been an active player in this lifestyle for a while and know what am doing, of course, you are welcomed to make your thoughts known if you think they are contrary to mine but with respect, remember you are the slave always. I am a bisexual domme with experience of unparalleled domination and alluring control. I want to make you my slave with my understanding of the Psychological and Physical aspects of this lifestyle. I am strict when the occasions call for it and sensual and provocative when I choose to be. I am quite generous and you have to be as well to be my slave.
Like I emphasized in my previous email we are moving ahead because I am sure by now you know for sure that you are submissive that this is definitely for you, so you won't have any problems relinquishing control to me slave? I can be free early in the day or late in the evening depending on my workload, I can work around your availability as well, let me know what times you think are best for you my slave. I want to start spending time with you ASAP slave, am ready to meet and start training you, you do however have to satisfy all of my criteria to be my acceptable slave slut and this you will know in due time my slut, its a short process that you must go through. At least we should be able to have at least a session together within a 2 week period, we will be able to manage this more effectively after a couple of sessions together. Training will be at my place for straight up sessions, we met on a sex site we both know that our aim is sexual gratification, so there will be no wining and dining just making our fantasies and desires a reality.
My fantasies and desires are more "BD" and very much less of "SM".So there will be no sadistic intentions towards you my slave. There will be more of role-playing and playing with sensual toys and accessories my slave, am familiar with almost every scenario of role-playing my slut, just keep in mind my slut whatever role we are playing Sexy professor and student, Sexy nurse, and patient whatever it is am always in control. I am a mistress with little limits, dominant very strict and caring, I have been a mistress for a pretty long time, as a lifestyle choice and I have experienced almost every fetish, either with slaves that I have owned myself or at fetish parties with my other dommes friends. However, I would love to know your limits so it can help me in molding you to be my perfect slave. I live in Oakland, so planning for our sessions with being easier and less stressful. We live in close proximity to each other we can have short sessions of about 2-3 hours at regular intervals.
I have further instructions for you.I'm dead serious about being the ONLY mistress you can have other filings(non-dominant girlfriend/wife) but I must be your only mistress, when you are with me, I want your full attention if you are going to be the slave for me I hope you are, if by now you still have others(dominant women), I want you to get rid of them and that is my first order to you and it requires your maximum obedience. Your second task is to send decent pictures of yourself to me in your next email no dick pics slave, I want to see what you look like and reply with more details about you using my email as a source of inspiration.
Your Mistress Ann.
(she sent me pictures of herself in lingerie as well at this point)
I am ready to submit and be your slave.
I am a 29 year old single man, never married and no significant women in my life currently. I am 5'8" tall and have a fit/athletic build. I have never had a mistress before and I look forward to being your slave. I trust you and only you to be my mistress. I think its admirable that you are so true to yourself and know who you are and what you want. I am happy to serve you and be a part of that vision.
My schedule shifts from week to week, there are times when I am very busy or out of town and other times when I am free. Later in the evening/night can work for me more consistently, however morning may also be open depending on the day. If I am in town weekends are generally open and available. This we can work out on a session to session basis and I will do my utmost best to conform to your preference. I would also like to start ASAP. I am okay with the frequency of at least 1 session every 2 weeks, however I am open to increasing this as you train me to be your slave. This can start as soon as tomorrow(Sunday 5/5). I will be unavailable from 5/8-5/13 as I will be out of town.
In terms of my limits, I am fairly open to most things on the "BD" side of things. I feel as you train me and our relationship as mistress and slave grows that my hard and soft limits will become more clear as I gain understanding of how I will be serving you and what types of things we will be doing. One hard limit I have currently is not overextending my right shoulder backwards as I recently injured it and it is in the later stages of healing. This should not be a problem after a few more weeks. In terms of the "SM" side of things, you have already mentioned that this will be limited given your desires for me as your slave. That being said I am not comfortable with severe physical abuse resulting in excessive bleeding and scarring especially on commonly exposed areas of the body such as the face. As I mentioned earlier these limits will evolve as we journey down this path.
I have attached pictures of myself for you. I recently decided to get rid of my hair and have included pictures of me both with and without. I don't take many pictures of myself. Please let me know if you would like more.
I am ready to relinquish control to you and give you my undivided attention.
Your slave
I Wore Up Thinking About Using You My Sex Slave
You arrived as instructed at your Goddess home for training to commence. You knock on the door and wait. I open the door and using my finger signal for you to enter. I point to the floor, you remove your clothing and fold it neatly and place them in the corner, you turn around and then get down onto your knees and lower your head, and place your hands behind your back.
I place a collar on your neck, then I secure your hands behind your back. I then instruct you to look at me, as you raise your head I start to remove my clothes. I notice you becoming extremely hard and excited from seeing your Goddess remove her clothes, standing there with only her bra and panties on, I instruct you to remove my already soaked panties being so wet expecting you since using your teeth. You come closer to me on your knees and gently get your teeth on the waistband of my panties and slowly work them down, moving around me and focusing on the waistband of my panties. As you finally remove my panties, I have already removed my leash and now I look down on you attaching the leash to your collar and say," slut, if you are very good in your training today you will be rewarded very generously" you reply, yes Mistress." I then lead you to the side of the bed with you leash like my little slut bitch that you are...
I take the bonds of your hands and tell you to get on the bed, no on the bed I tie your hands to the headboard and your legs to the foot of the bed and then I start smothering you with my pussy while I popped your cock and balls with my crop (gently). I'm grinding my pussy in your face wiping my nectar all over you, and the sweet smell of juicy wet pussy and the stinging from my crop made your sissy cock so hard. Soon I'll cum in your face and force you to eat all of it. Then I take some clamps and placed them on each of your nipples. You grit your teeth as the sharp pinching sensations running through your body. Your mistress pops your cock and balls again with her crop turning your throbbing cock harder and harder. She pauses and then gently strokes it with her hand and spits on it. Mistress leans down and takes your cock in her mouth. She strokes up and down giving you firm bites along with your cock head and shaft as she goes. Then your mistress climbs on top of you and allows you to feel her pussy slide down on your cock while she tugs on the chain attached to the nipple clamps. You grimace in the sweet pain that makes you thrust up deep inside her. You so want to grab her and grind inside her, but she has you tied, and you are at my mercy as I tease you by pulling my pussy off of you and pulling on your nipples again. She uses her crop to spank your cock once again. I continue this cycle repeatedly training your cock to be obedient to my pussy until finally your Mistress mounts you for the final time and bounces up and down and back and forth on your grinding her clit down on you till you can hold it no longer. At that moment, Mistress gives a gentle yank on the nipple clamps and I cum so hard and intense feeling the sweet pain run down your body and through your cock as you erupt inside me.
Your Very Horny Mistress Ann.
I want nothing more than to please you mistress. Your desires are one with my desires. Please use me.
My Sex Slave,
I am very happy getting to know you better and glad I choose you to be my fucktoy bitch slave. Your words portray respect, readiness, and willingness to serve as my worthy sub. I am going to do everything to make you my perfect slave, through light and erotic assignments, teasing and other activities that will bring your true submissive nature out to the surface my fucktoy slut.
Been a lifestyle domme my slut, am not in a mistress mode all the time, when our relationship takes off there will be some flirting, kissing and touching that might be considered vanilla a scenario where we just enjoy each other and not necessarily in a Mistress/slave setting. However, keep in mind that our relation stems from a Mistress and slave dynamic and you must remember you are the slave always. I do a little volunteer work when I can and am a registered member of the red cross. I work as an interior designer and decorator, it can be quite a tasking job with deadlines and perfectionist clients but I like to push myself as much as I can and I enjoy it. I am excited and looking forward to the memorable times we'll share together as Mistress and slave.
This is my evaluation so far my fucktoy bitch slave ***, through our communication, you have opened up to me my slave and with a little training, you can become my perfect male slut. Your response to my erotic email very enthusiastic my slave and it showed me that indeed you are ready to become a fucktoy bitch slave. We'll proceed with starting our session. I'll get back to you on the dates and times we can begin. Reply ASAP.
Love Your Mistress Ann.
The more I learn about you, the more I feel like I have to learn from you. I am ready to begin this new relationship with you as your slave. I hold volunteer service in a high respect and am turned on by the fact that you do work for the greater good. I am eager to begin training with you. Nothing would make me happier than to be the slave you want me to be even in those times where you are not in mistress mode, I am your slave.
I have actually recently become interested in interior design of small intentional spaces for the purpose of creating the most ideal environments to support mind, body and soul. I would love to learn from you in that way as well.
My anticipation to serve you grows by the minute, I look forward to hearing back from you.
Your humble slave
My pussy licking cum slavetoy
I want you to grab my ass in ecstasy while I ride your face with my juicy wet pussy. I want our bodies to connect on a spiritual level with our hands, fingers, breathe and everything else sensually entwined. I have a very wild imagination and I would love to help you reach your highest point of pleasure as you serve me, I want to take you on a journey (long term) if you prove worthy of my SUPREMACY. Your cock is mine to do with as I please my fucktoy bitch slave, this means you can only cum with my permission slave, from now on, no jerking off with my permission slave. I will teach you to make me squirt uncontrollably, I'll convert you into a fully automated pussy licking, ass worshiping slave puppy.
My panties are soaked thinking about using you my fucktoy slut love ***, we can have our sessions on the 15th and 17th and we can start in the morning around 11 am or evening around 5 pm on these dates. Let me know my fucktoy bitch slave if this timeline works for you. If we proceed from this point my slave there will be some financial commitments for both of us.
I have different approaches I used in training my slaves in the past my slave, I will study you my slave and determine what specific technique to use in teaching you all the different ways to please me. I have had 3 long term subs in the past my slave, one before I was married, another briefly about a year ago and I currently own a female slave that I play with from time to time,she is an air hostess so don't get to play with her as much as I would like which prompted my search for a male slave,I've been looking for a male slut for a little time now and I think I have found the perfect slave in you my slut. Looking forward to putting my collar of possession on you my slave and attach your leash and walk you around in your true submissive nature, you must not disobey my direct orders and wish slave, to please me you must always follow my instructions when it pertains to our mistress slave relationship. Respond ASAP
Your Mistress Ann.
(she sent me regular clothes pictures in this email(same woman from previous as per pictures)
The way you convey your desire through words is unparalleled. You paint a picture in my imagination that only makes me want to serve you more mistress. My primary purpose is to serve you and fulfill your deepest desires, anything above that is a mere bonus. My pleasure is secondary to your will and I will do anything to please you. I cant wait to be trained to be everything you want me to be. I can already feel the tension and its growing. You are now in control of my sexual impulses. The journey has already begun. I will worship you as the goddess you are. Lead and I will follow.
The 15th and the 17th works for me, I am not entirely sure of my work schedule yet. Lets tentatively meet in the morning on the Wednesday the 15th and in the evening on Friday the 17th.
I am open to the financial commitments. I'm curious about what this will entail?
I know that from the moment I lay eyes on you, I will be lost in your ocean. Unable to do anything but surrender.
Your humble slave
My fucktoy bitch slave, we'll begin our session on the evening of the 15th my fucktoy bitch slave ***. I am sure you know any form of relationship at some point will involve some financial decisions (dinner, the occasional gift and such).In a relationship like this, the financial decisions come early on in bondage clothing, bondage tools, and toys my fucktoy bitch slave to augment our experience. I enjoy been dominant so am Mistress, not a Dominatrix so I don't do this for money and I don't expect you to pay for sessions or anything like that my slave, however for our fantasies to become a reality and sessions reach its sexual satisfying peak there are tools needed to augment that experience my slave.
Your Mistress Ann.
Yea I expected all of that.
Is there anything you would like me to get prior to our first session mistress? I want to be as ready as possible so that I may be able to serve you to the best of my ability. Your slave
My Fucktoy Bitch Slave,
Your darkest passions still lie dormant inside you my fucktoy slut, I haven't even begun to tap in your full total submissiveness, my slave. These desires are waiting, sweltering and pulsing with every breath waiting for your Goddess to awaken them with just a single touch and mold and stimulate you into perfection. I will be hosting our training session at my home in Oakland my fucktoy bitch slave. I will like to spend at least spend up to 3 hours with you my fucktoy bitch during our first session, our first time together is going to be quite exciting, you and I are going to discuss at length what's about to happen in our session together and both decide on a safe word if one as to be chosen.
Like I mentioned my slave we at the point where a financial commitment is required. There are a few tools and equipment that have to be available before our sessions begin my slave. I don't use bondage tools that have shared with the previous slave, these are going to be new and exclusive for you and me my fucktoy bitch slave. I have discreet supplier my fucktoy bitch slave and a list of which includes but not limited to Deluxe SS/Leather Collar,Locking Men‘s Chrome Collar w/ Ring,KinkLab Double-Lock Police-Style Handcuffs,Nylon Rope, 25-ft,Adjustable Wrist,Corinthian Corset Dress,leather chastity Briefs With Penis Hole,Nipple Clamps and Cock Ring Set,Pjur Back Door Glide,Envy Five Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator. So am ready and willing to make a commitment to making you my slave by paying at least half of this cost of the toys right now, I presume that you are willing, ready and able to do the same before our training begins my fucktoy bitch slave. If you are unable to make this commitment at least 2 days before the date your training starts now my slave, we will have to reschedule for another time.
This is a one time only payment and these are the tools we will continue to use as long as you are my fucktoy bitch ***. Your quota my slave will be $800 and you will make payment to the toys' supplier my fucktoy bitch in readiness for our session to begin. This will show me that you are indeed ready and willing to be committed to being my sissy fucktoy bitch. I will be waiting for your response
Love Your Forever Mistress Ann.
Yes mistress, I am out of town. I apologize for the delayed responsiveness, I am away from my computer and phone most of the time while I am here. I will be back in town on Monday night or Tuesday morning. Please advise me of further details about the next steps and I will do my best to proceed within the given time frames that you provided.
My fire to serve you grows every day.
Your slave
My fucktoy bitch slave ***, I hope you are having a great time at the festival, my slave. I'm super excited as well my fucktoy bitch slave, can't stop thinking of using you my slut. Planning on getting a collar with maybe your name on it my fucktoy bitch slave what do you think. Like I alluded to my slave you'll be making payment for your share of the bondage gear directly to my supplier. She is a mistress as well very versed in the lifestyle, reliable and I always get my bondage tools from her. The method of payment will be bitcoin, my slave. Are you familiar with bitcoin?
Love Your Mistress Ann.
Forgive me for my lack of responsiveness, I did not get back from my trip until yesterday and had work straight away until 8pm.
I am not too familiar with bitcoin. That being said, I dont quite understand why all this discretion needs to take place in the acquisition of simple items for our sessions. It seems a bit much given that we haven't met yet.
Ok, slave ***, first you don't reply to my emails on time and now you are the expert on what as to happen before we begin our sessions?

Thats where we've left off so far and im not sure if I should continue conversing with her or if I should just call it quits. It seems sketch that the acquisition of these toys/items will be done through her friend and that its paid for using bitcoin. This feels like a textbook toys scam to me but a very well played one. That being said if it isn't I can only imagine the things that will ensue....
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Bitcoin price has a four year algorithm that corresponds with the halvening.

Unless Bitcoin's price algorithm breaks trend, we won't see another huge wave until after the halvening. Looking at the price data in two year increments suggests Bitcoin simmers for 2 year intervals showing signs of the next big move and then erupts right around the Halvening. Here are for Bitcoin price charts, starting with the first half of the first halvening. 7/10 - 9/12 showing the price is simmering, it really hasn't made it's first huge move.
Next take a look at the second half of the first halvening (11/28/12). The price erupts sometime around the first halvening.

Next take a look at the first half of the second halvening 07/14 - 9/16, again the price simmers not really showing it's next move completely.

Finally the last half of the second halvening 07/16 - 09/18, the price erupts for the second time sometime just after the second halvening ( July 9, 2016 ) .

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Block size limit debate history lesson

Pre 2013
Bitcoin users and developers have near universal agreement that the block size limit is a temporary feature must be raised and/or removed. Preparing for this hard fork is one of lead developer Gavin's top priorities.
MAX_BLOCK_SIZE has always been planned to increase as needed. That limitation should be ignored. theymos 17:15, 4 March 2011 (GMT)
What Theymos said. Increasing MAX_BLOCK_SIZE will be done when "lightweight, header-only" client mode is done. Until then, block size has to be kept under control.--Gavin Andresen 00:19, 5 March 2011 (GMT)
However development priorities are not very unified, as noted by one observer:
When I joined this forum I was completely wrong calling the Bitcoin core development team "Bitcoin bunker". Now that I understand the situation better I know that there's no single bunker. There are numerous one-or-two-person cubbyholes that may occasionally form the aliances to shoot at the occupant of another cubbyhole. The situation conforms better to the distributed paradigm inherent in the design of Bitcoin.
For the first time in Bitcoin's history, arguments begin to erupt regarding the desirability of increasing the block size limit.
Many of the proponents in favor of making the block size limit permanent are investors in competing currencies/payment systems and this fact was not lost on observers of the era and can easily be confirmed by viewing the profiles of the participants:;all;all;all
In May of 2013, Peter Todd funds the production of a propaganda video:
None of the claims in this video are true, but it is effective in creating drama. Tensions rise and development work grinds nearly to a halt due to infighting.
BTC market share is 95%.
In December, Gregory Maxwell begins to revive the idea of sidechains along with Adam Back, TheBlueMatt, and other individuals who will go on to form Blockstream.
They begin promoting sidechains as an alternative to Bitcoin scaling.
April 7: Unwilling to deal with the drama any further, Gavin steps down as lead developer. At the time the BTC market share is 90%.
Sidechain discussion is well underway, yet a few people still manage to speak up to point out that sidechains should not be treated as an alternative to scaling Bitcoin. You may notice some familiar posters in these threads:;all;all
In October, publishes their sidechain whitepaper:;all
The response is underwhelming.
On November 17, Blockstream announces the securing of $21 million in seed funding.
BTC market share is 91%.
On June 22, Gavin Andresen proposes BIP101 to increase the block size limit as the conclusion of his work performed since stepping down as lead developer.
On August 6, Mike Hearn announces BitcoinXT, a full node implementation that includes BIP101.
Many Blockstream employees, including Adam Back, call this effort a "coup", a claim that can not be made without admitting they believe themselves to be the legitimate rulers of Bitcoin.
In October, Blockstream employee Pieter Wuille proposes "Segregated Witness":
This is the time period most Bitcoin users are familiar with, which really only represents the tail end of a five year long fight to prevent the planned block size limit increase.
The BTC market share has been steadily dropping since the anti-scaling propaganda began in late 2012/early 2013.
It currently stands at 66%.
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Nov 2017 Contest: The Tower - Submissions and Voting!

Alright, guys! Thanks so much for your entries! In this thread I'll post the submissions we got so you can read them, enjoy them, and vote on your favorite. Voting will be open until Tuesday the 28th. Cast your vote by posting it in this thread.
Here's the short list of entries, in the order I read them:

* LegionnaireAlpha (with props to TolianTiger) : Ancient Villager

* Hilimod : Levias - The Devious Crafter

* zerard2 : Aliya, the Rift Warden

* Boboria3 : Molterra, the Core-Born

* kerubal : The Warhive Swarm

But I'd really like to introduce each one more personally! Here's some thoughts and introductions:
LegionnaireAlpha with help from TolianTiger with the super intelligent Ancient Villager! With 3.7 Int gain a level, only Pugna and Invoker are smarter than him. But he doesn't have any nukes! He uses all that mana to summon structures that do the damage for him with their arrows or by summoning creeps. This dude builds a base! None of his structures go away after time - the Ancient Villager has a limit to how many he can build, but otherwise they'll just last until destroyed by damage.
That means that Ol' Vil gets to saunter wherever he wants and just plop down his own towers and castle (complete with walled fortifications and engineers, naturally) and say, "THIS IS MY (LANE/JUNGLE/RIVEYOUR BASE)!" This is the kind of pressure and bullying that makes Broodmothers salivate (more than usual) and Techies' cancer look like a sniffle.
But it takes him a while to set up, of course, and a stiff breeze will knock him down. Seriously, only two Intelligence heroes have less Strength than him: Enchantress (who has the best defensive passive in the game) and, well, Pugna again. Pugna so Urkel. Pugna is the kid-who-got-shoved-into-the-lockers-in-high-school-and-then-went-on-to-create-Bitcoin of dota. And the Ancient Villager gives him a run for his nerdly cryptocurrency!
But building permanent structures is real cool thing that we haven't seen before. I think not even Heroes of the Storm has that yet. Given that these player-made obstacles rarely last more than 3 seconds in any other moba, but ES's Fissure lasts 8, I think dota is a ripe and ready format for something that daring. In particular I like the vector-targetted wall. I don't think you should have to channel for that one, it would be such a cool ability to have in combat! And finally, I have to ask: if he's really that smart, why is he melee?
Hilimod has created Levias - The Devious Crafter. He seems like a tricksy character but he actually beats face with his giant hands of stone. He is well-known for being an inspired sculptor, but he kills anyone who sees his work. But if they're all dead, how does he get to be well-known? Who spreads word about his stuff without ever seeing it? I guess that's his most powerful trick. Social media.
But this dude is a brawler. He's got great Agility gain because he's a dragon (with giant stone fists). (Is that mixing two strong tropes? Dragon and artificial golem-y arms, I mean. It's hard for me to see them congeal together. I think he'll need some solid art direction.) So he's got good armor, and he's also got an incredible steroid that gives him up to 85% status resistance when activated! That's only 15% away from half a BKB! This guy will want to build a Pipe every game, not just because it will completely round out his defenses, but because he'll absolutely need it. His Strength gain is, again-again, comparable to Pugna's. Meaning he has a Medic-Alert bracelet for when he falls down when walking to the low ground. This is one fragile dragon. One fragile, artistic, stone-handed dragon. And kind of smug, too, judging by his picture.
That steroid that gives him status resistance also gives his autoattacks and his nukes a mini-stun. I think that's to make the steroid, called Boulder Fist, have a more flashy, splashy, active component, rather than being purely defensive. I don't know the numbers, but I know this character will build attack speed items and, on top of his agility, he'll attack so fast that it might make this ability a 4.5 second stun that he could theoretically split between enemies. That sounds aggravating AF. Then again, they let Faceless Void get away with that sometimes. (Also, there is a talent that let's you cast this on towers. Giving your towers a mini-stun is such an awesome "Fuck you!" to anyone trying to high-ground you. I mean, they probably BKBed while charging up to your base anyway, but it's the SENTIMENT that gets me.)
One of his nukes is an amazingly cool vector-targeted ability that manifests as two hands clapping. I think what happens is that you click a point where you want the hands to clap then draw a line away from it, which will have a mirroring line on the other side of the clicked point. Then clicking again will make the hands travel down both lines and meet at the first clicked point. I think. That's the kind of thing that's impossible to explain but makes sense literally the first time you see it. Anyway, it's a really cool concept! It's a crazy skill shot and should have a mini-stun on the clap point every time, not just when Boulder Fist is activated. This ability so wants that!
His last regular ability makes him drum the earth and send out a few waves in a radius around. They each give a mild, stacking buff to allies and the final wave sent out bounces enemies. That last part is awesome! It's a real rattlesnake ability, threatening enemies who approach him with damage. The bounce is an interesting mechanic. It doesn't bounce bad guys away from you, it only slows them down to 30% of their movement speed while forcing them to move in whatever direction they were facing and disarming them. Bounced enemies also stay aloft for up to a second, which gives me such a strong "DOING!" sound effect in my head, I love it. I really appreciate how only the last wave has the super dramatic bounce, so enemies can see it coming. I don't know if the earlier waves should give allies these little buffs; I'm trying to think of the perfect situation where you want both halves of this ability. The bounce is so distinctive maybe making the ability less complicated, like having the earlier waves damage or slow enemies (so then both halves of the ability effects enemies), would make more sense. Unless you wanted each of the earlier waves to mini-stun with Boulder Fist activated. That'd be cool!
The ultimates: whoa! There's a lot going on in these two ultimate abilities. I like how the creator added in to the game the mechanic of permanent choice (you permanently change how this ultimate functions whenever you level it up), then they doubled down on the mechanic by making it TWO separate spells that each have an individual permanent choice at level up. That just smells like good game design and warm cinnamon buns. Very involved ability for dota, but ends up feeling like "what if Invoker had to just stop the shenanigans and pick a spell already?" The all look like very, very broken spells, but hey! Let the numbers guys take care of that!
Very creative!
zerard2 brings us Aliya, the Rift Warden, the Alice who fell down the rabbit hole of the darkest timeline. There, she found the nexus of all realities and learned to master it's dimensional magic. She's got whips and heels and mangoes like oh my god, so she's kinda stepping on Queen of Pain's niche, but her abilities are all her own.
Aliya is a disable BEAST. Each of her abilities have CC and each of them could be iconic. She has a mini-Black Hole that slows instead of stuns. She has a stun that goes in some kind of AOE in front of her. She can banish folks like Shadow Demon, who receive a buff or debuff when coming back to reality, depending on if they were friend or foe. And her ultimate is a variant of LC's, where both she and her targeted enemy can only see or interact with each other and no one else for a given time. That is a terrifying amount of battlefield control!
Her stats say she is an Agility hero, but the text says she's Strength. If she's Strength, wow! I imagine she would build tanky and storm around the battlefield, just ruining one person's day at a time, whenever her abilities come off cooldown. As Agility, I understand her to be a little more of a traditional disabling support who doesn't want to be exposed. Her stats are for an Agility hero as squishy as a Sniper, which makes sense. She is to disables what Sniper is to autoattacks.
Her stun has a little bit of wonky mechanics where stunned enemies snap out of it if they take damage, but they are invulnerable for the first .8 seconds of the stun. ? Her abilities are so, so tactically deep that this little mechanical awkwardness does her no favors. Think of Omniknight's kit. Q: Heal, does damage in AOE around target; W: Magic immunity, one target; E: Slow aura; R: Be a big jerkwad with all his friends. Simple, strong abilities. Very tactically deep. That feels like a great analogue for Rift Warden.
Super bonus points to Flicker, the banishing spell. I love that you can banish your own towers to deny enemies their last hit. Way to integrate the theme into your submission! Very unique. And the talent that makes folks reappear in the Rift after being banished is awesome. It looks like it would lead to many wodota plays and whoadota plays.
And I'm still trying to wrap my head around her ultimate! Very powerful and unique ability. I'm trying to understand when you'd want to cast it. You can stop an enemy carry from rampaging on your team but then OMG HE'S COMING RIGHT AT YOU! You can save yourself but you still have to target an enemy to do it. It's, again, very tactically deep, but it's so close to a taunt and I'm not sure a taunt is an ability this character wants.
I'll say it once more: Tactically deep! So much so I think you could get away with making her a cheeky Intelligence hero. Her regular kit is such good, crunchy, impactful abilities that I could see multiple different ways to play this character depending on her stats, and they'd all work well.
From Boboria3 we have Molterra, the Core-Born. Finally, a burly Strength hero! No more nerdy Pugna shit. So what's Molterra about? The earth sciences?! Oh. Oh.
Molterra is themed around earthquakes and lava, which my middle school education and wikipedia tell me are linked somehow. Molterra's abilities are themed around being a pain in the butt. His signature ability is clearly his activatable mine ability. It's called Fault Line and it makes an invisible Fault on the ground. Like TA's traps, it's just an invisible decal, basically, until Molterra activates it. When she does, it damages enemies and has an effect, like TA's traps always should have done. They erupt out of the earth when used and knock all units on top of them in the direction Molterra was facing when she made the Fault. This is the rad play-making skill! The traps and trickery you could get up to with this is awesome! And the trolls...the trolls...
His second ability makes a destructible cage like Clockwerk's cogs. You can see how this is kind of a non-bo with the Faults that you make. The cage appears around you, with you at the center of it. If you want to pile on the damage, you'd think you'd want to use your Fault Line, your nuke. But if you do, you'll knock the bad guys out of the cage, and actually quite a ways away from it. However, the cage has some pretty cool synergy with his ult - pulling lava right up from the earth! He just pokes a hole in the ground, I guess, and lava starts slowly seeping up from it, making an ever larger puddle. This is such a fantastic idea for an ult - a slowly increasing zone that your enemies don't want to fight in, and if they press their luck and flirt with the edge, wham! Slam your cage around them and make them stand there and watch as lava slowly rolls under them and burns them alive. The lava also has cool physics where it goes downhill faster and won't pass impassable terrain. Molterra's Aghs upgrade makes the lava do pure damage because Jakiro's lava can deal pure damage and it just makes sense. Just so.
And Molterra has a passive that triggers dispels and move speed buffs on her when she takes certain amounts of damage, like Kraken Shell. So if you weren't done being a jerk and knocking people around with invisible mines, being a jerk and locking them in cages for your allies to kill, OR being a jerk and creating huge areas of nasty, damaging lava to chagrin and dismay your enemies, you can stand around and let your enemies stun you and think they're finally gonna get revenge. Then, this passive triggers, sluffs off the stun and gives you a bunch of move speed, blasting through the move speed cap even, and you scoot away, dropping a cage and blinking out of it, just to make more obnoxious terrain for your opponents to get through if they'd even dream of chasing.
Finally, star points to this submission for the excellent bio. It's short, sweet and gets the job done. I think if it had just one more reference to a new weird place or funky NPC it could pass for real dota lore. Interestingly, the gender pronoun in the bio doesn't match the one used in the ability descriptions. Otherwise solid. Solid entry.
For our last entry, kerubal brings us The Warhive Swarm, the character who finally completes the circle and recreates Warcraft 3 in dota. Maybe not with orcs and rasta trolls, but by turning into a structure and morphing creeps into versatile bug warriors. And maybe even what amounts to a tech tree?
The formatting is difficult to read, but there are certainly some interesting abilities in there. Firstly, the Architect of the Warhive Swarm, the character you play, can gain stacks of Biomatter when characters around him/heit take a lot of damage. With the harvested blood, bone and body parts, the Architect can transmogrify creeps into Warhive Troopers at the cost of Biomatter stack and max health. So, you hang around lanes or battles, soak up some stacks, and if the bad guys go after you, you can jump into a den, turning into an invisible building basically. This drains health too, but you can use items and abilities, only becoming visible for a second after you do.
Get enough stacks and you can start building super wards or turn your Warhive Troopers into nests of their own. Troopers and nests have abilities that are unlocked when the Architect learns certain skills (I think). There is a lot going on here! It's a rough and dizzying take on how to make a heavily RTS-themed character like Abathur from Heroes of the Storm. But there is a whole ton of potential here too! To understand it all I might need a flow chart (or build order?).
There you go, team! A bunch of amazing submissions. Discuss here what you think and how you'd like to vote. You have until Tuesday the 28th, when I'll count the votes and post a winner. I really appreciated your submissions, and I sincerely hope you enjoyed making them and reading them as much as I liked writing about them (and writing, and writing, and writing...). Vote and discuss in this thread!
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A few thoughts - Thursday, June 5, 2014

Today's thoughts:


Welcome! Yesterday, there was quite a discussion in /bitcoinmarkets. As I told Kibubik, after the discussion erupted it became untenable for me to continue posting these thoughts there, because no matter what was said, someone would say it was off-topic and another huge discussion would follow.
But that's fine. People who want to visit /bitcoinmarkets can continue to do so, and those who want to read these posts can come here (or do both). I'll still read all the bitcoin forums.
If you want to post your thoughts, then feel free to create a new topic. Feel free to talk about anything about cryptocurrencies; it doesn't have to do with markets. Make sure your post has some content and isn't just a link with a direction to "discuss." As long as most of your post is about cryptocurrencies, you can also add comments on other stuff, too. Consider this a multi-person blog; we'll see if anyone is interested in posting.

It is unbelievably difficult to retain data (and wallets)

Retaining data for a long time is unbelievably difficult. Over the past four years, I have had two instances where costly catastrophes have ensued. In the first case, I was restoring a large amount of data from a backup when the backup array also failed, so I had to pay $1500 for data recovery (but all the data was restored). In the second case, despite using a RAID-6 with every piece of data backed to six external drives, the array got corrupted and one of the external drives had unrecoverable read errors on it. I was again able to restore all the data because the only corrupted files were one CD I had ripped, which was easily replaceable. But it took almost 2 months each time before the system was back.
If you are trying to come up with a system to store a bitcoin wallet, security is important, but actually retaining the wallet is even more important. People may not know that the average hard drive lasts only a little longer than three years, but we'll round down to 3 for easy math. If you make three copies onto three independent disks made by different manufacturers at the same time, and you don't constantly verify that the disks work, then the odds of losing all your money is as high as 1/8!
To make things worse, there are things called unrecoverable read errors, which can occur when a disk still spins but only the sector where your wallet is stored can't be read. These errors are so common that they occur every 10 terabytes of writes or so, which means that a 2TB disk only needs to be overwritten five times before you are more likely than not to have these errors in them.
Making one backup is not enough. If you are trying to secure a wallet for cold storage, encrypt it with a long password, and then store it on five disks.
By the way, as I said in a post yesterday, evoorhees, the guy recently fined by the SEC, had three backups of his wallet at one point, but he still lost 10,000 bitcoins ($6.5m) because none of the backups were working.

Trading is possible, but not the most profitable

greenearplugs has been very vocal lately about how he believes that it is impossible to beat the averages. I agree with him when he says that daytrading is not a better strategy than buy-and-hold. But that is not the same as saying that you can't make money if you sit in front of your computer all day.
This Sunday was a perfect example of a time when you could have made easy money. Bitcoins are so volatile that a good plan is to buy every time there is a huge crash, and to sell immediately thereafter, because there is almost always a recovery within a few hours. You can make money this way - I tried this on paper.
But when you look at the results, you notice that there are a lot of trades that look like: huge crash at $339, buy, then sell at $450. Huge crash at $630, buy, sell at $660, and so on. It's easy to make money this way, but you can make a lot more money if you didn't sell at all, and you don't get killed by fees that way.

Trading on the bubble cycle is the only more profitable strategy than buy and hold

I propose that trading on the bubble cycle is the only strategy more profitable than simple buy and hold. Bubbles are so predictable and so dramatic that you don't have to sell at the top and buy at the bottom to make money. You don't have to sit in front of a screen all day; just buy and sell at 6 and 2 month intervals.
As I discussed with moral_agent yesterday, people should be looking at what the next bottom is, 7 months out from now, not what the next top is going to be. Everyone knows that if bitcoins rise to $5k this summer it will be a bubble, not a "new paradigm." If you are conservative and sell at $2.5k, and then put all that money back in whenever the news looks to be the absolute worst the next time around, you'll probably still be ahead.
If you look at the charts, you'll notice that you could even have made money by panic selling during the initial bubble crash, and then coming back six months later - so you don't even have to be worried whether this actually is the "new paradigm" or not. The biggest concernto be worried about is not buying in much above the all-time high of the previous cycle.

The 1MB transaction limit is about freedom

There are some users who take the position that not only does nothing need to be done about the 1MB transaction limit, but that even if something could be done, no action should be taken. They are wrong.
This limit is important because it restricts the ability of people to send bitcoins without dependence on others. It is possible that services like Coinbase will provide free transactions. But in jurisdictions like China, where bitcoin services are likely to be permanently banned, people will need to be able to install the bitcoin-qt client directly and sign their own transactions. If fees rise too high, then it will become impossible for people in dictatorships like China to work around their governments' regulations.
Centralization is one solution to this problem, but centralization significantly degrades one of the core promises of bitcoins - to allow anyone to send money to anyone without relying on the government.

Bubbles aren't that complicated

People are now starting to talk about bubbles as if they have five or seven phases. To me, it seems that this is just curve-fitting taken to the extreme. If one looks hard enough, (s)he can find patterns in just about any data.
The three-phase bubble cycle (down, steady, up) is a much more simple and accurate model than trying to separate bubbles into seven phases. Not only that, but the first few bubbles don't fit the seven-phase cycle, making this model have little support.


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10/19: Jeff Berwick outlines in the Dollar Vigilante the New Crypto Order including: XBT, ETH, EOS and the US$ debt transfer.

I’ve said it before and I have to say it again. I am shocked at how fast everything is moving.
When we started The Dollar Vigilante in 2010 we only wrote one issue per month and each month I’d have to think quite hard about the important issues to cover. There just wasn’t that much happening on a month to month basis.
Now, I have to literally filter through dozens of important things that have just occurred and try to select a few of them to focus on or this newsletter would be 100+ pages long.
The crypto space has become an entire topic on its own with so much happening that we are looking to bring on even more people onto the TDV team with a focus on cryptos, ICOs and trading. This will likely result in an add-on newsletter to TDV because just covering this space alone is worth 50 pages per month in research and analysis (I’ll briefly mention a number of interesting developments further below though). Stay tuned for more on that.
In the bitcoin space alone, ignoring all the other cryptos & ICOs, so much has occurred in just the last month.
The criminal Chinese government shut down three of the world’s largest exchanges and banned ICOs. JPMorgan has been attacking bitcoin as a fraud - which is laughable coming from that bunch. And the New York Agreement signatories proceeded further with the scheduled SegWit2x hard fork (which Juan Galt will cover in depth in this issue).
You’d think with all that happening and the uncertainty surrounding yet another bitcoin fork it would have seriously hurt the price of bitcoin.
Nope, bitcoin nearly doubled in the last month. Bitcoin just don’t care.
As I write, bitcoin is trading at $5600 after hitting a new all-time high of $5,844.18 on Sunday.
For the last three months I mentioned numerous times that I liked the short term prospects of bitcoin over the entire cryptocurrency space as a whole. And that has turned out to be correct as bitcoin has risen from a low of 37.82% dominance in the sector in June to 54.45% now.
The total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies excluding bitcoin has fallen from $97 billion at the beginning of September to $79 billion today.
Meanwhile, bitcoin itself currently sits near $94 billion in market cap. It was only one year ago today that bitcoin had a market cap of just over $10 billion meaning it has increased nearly 1,000% in the last year in both market cap and price.
Not a bad year!
I recall many TDV subscribers lamenting how they had missed out on bitcoin after it had skyrocketed to $150 in 2013 after starting the year near $15. I said then that it was definitely not too late to get in.
The same happened after bitcoin surged through $1,000. And, I said the same, “it’s not too late.” When bitcoin hit $3,000 I said the same.
With it now near $6,000 I am telling you it is not too late. Here’s the main reason:
This is a chart of the money supply or value of gold, bitcoin, Chinese yuan, Japanese yen, euro and the US dollar.
You’ll notice one stands out as being miniscule. Bitcoin.
Gold is the next closest to bitcoin with a total value of approximately $7 trillion.
If bitcoin, which many including myself consider to be the digital version of gold were to one day be valued the same as gold it would have to rise 80x to a value, in today’s dollars, of over $450,000.
If bitcoin were ever to supplant the US dollar as a currency it’d have to rise nearly two-fold above that, for nearly $1 million per bitcoin.
Will it ever get there? Well, there is absolutely no way to know. And, if it does, it will take a long while.
Does it have the potential? Yes, absolutely. If we continue to live in a digital world and the fiat currencies of the world’s most indebted and bankrupt companies return to their intrinsic value of $0, then bitcoin would be the frontrunner to become the new world currency even more than gold due to all of its ease of use benefits.
It’s not going to get there without a fight though. And I expect nothing but volatility, crisis and chaos in the years ahead.
But consider the fact that there are only a total of 21 million bitcoins that will ever be available.
Some data shows that there are over 15 million millionaires in the world today. What if each one of them wanted to own just two bitcoins. There wouldn’t be enough.
And what if many of those millionaires begin to realize the entire fiat currency system was on the verge of collapse? The panic buying that would ensue would rise bitcoin, and to a lesser extent gold, to levels so high that sellers would eventually stop accepting fiat currencies whatsoever in exchange for bitcoin.
That’s where we could be headed.
In the meantime, though, with a rise of 1,000% in the last year a sizeable pullback is clearly possible.
Will it happen anytime soon? Truthfully, everything I am seeing says no.
Bitcoin, which once was just known by a few of us crazy people here around The Dollar Vigilante is now talked about at every level of business, banking and politics across the world… and a lot of the conversation is, “How do we get some?”
And, did I mention, the entire cryptocurrency space is moving forward at light speed.
Considering I was one of the only people talking about blockchain about three years ago it is incredible to see the speed in which this technology is accelerating.
Russia has flip flopped on bitcoin countless times now and has just announced it will be r eleasing its own CryptoRuble (CR). Of course, it will be nothing like bitcoin as it cannot be mined and will be issued and controlled by the Russian mafia (government). CR can be exchanged for regular Rubles at any time — however, if the holder is unable to explain the origin of the CR then a 13% extortion tax will be levied.
China may be following in Russia’s footsteps as the Director of the Digital Currency Research Institute under the People’s Bank of China hinted towards the creation of a state-backed cryptocurrency.
I expect most fiat currencies to become digital over time which will make most people accustomed to using digital currencies… from there it is only a click away to trade in or out of bitcoin and the myriad of other decentralized cryptocurrencies.
Coinshares, the issuer behind the world’s first Bitcoin Exchange Traded Note (ETN), has announced that they will be launching the world’s first Ether ETN on the Nasdaq Stockholm.
The Dubai Land Department — the government arm responsible for the registration and organization of real estate in the emirate — is now processing and implementing all real estate transactions on a blockchain, with the ultimate goal to have all Dubai properties recorded on a blockchain within the next 2-3 years.
This is one area in which I have no trouble with the government using blockchain technology: in the recording of property rights and activities. It will, over time, make government unnecessary in such activities and will enable the economy to transact with more trust and less expense in the form of lawyers.
Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, has confirmed that 63% of central banks are working with Ethereum. Moreover, 44% of public institutions and 50,000 developers are building applications on the platform.
IBM has announced a partnership with Stellar Lumens , a blockchain-based payment processing company, to move money across borders throughout the South Pacific. Merchants and consumers will be able to send money to another country in near real-time, accelerating a payments process that typically takes days.
IBM hopes to use the blockchain network to process up to 60% of all cross-border payments in the South Pacific’s retail foreign exchange corridors by early 2018. The Stellar Lumens coin appreciated 150% after the announcement.
Basecoin, a form of stable coin, has attracted investment from some of Silicon Valley’s largest funds including 1confirmation, Andreessen Horowitz, Bain Capital Ventures, Digital Currency Group, MetaStable Capital, Pantera Capital and PolyChain Capital.
Basecoin is lauded by investors for its unique approach to what's been called the "holy grail" of cryptocurrency – a digital asset able to keep its value free from volatility. The basecoin protocol can be pegged to the value of any asset or basket of assets, dynamically adjusting its market price through the creative use of a combination of tokens.
Grid+, the blockchain-based company aiming to provide consumers with direct access to wholesale energy markets, has partnered with Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), Japan’s largest energy utility.
TEPCO aims to leverage its partnership to learn about the potential benefits of Ethereum for decentralizing the exchange of energy, while Grid+ hopes to learn how to refine its algorithms to purchase cheaper energy.
Winding Tree, a decentralized market for travel booking, has announced a partnership with Lufthansa, the largest German airline. The Winding Tree ICO starts on November 1.
And, Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne has confirmed that his security token exchange, tZERO, will be pursuing an ICO sometime before Thanksgiving. Byrne suggested that the ICO could raise as much as $500m, which would be double the record for an ICO raise.
I interviewed Patrick Byrne on Anarchast last month. You can see that here.
And, Vanuatu this month announced that it will accept bitcoin in exchange for citizenship— 44 bitcoin to be exact .
And we barely mentioned any of the ICO news. That’s a whole other area on its own.
I wanted to post this chart, though, of the main ICO’s return to date.
As can be seen, buying a small amount of certain ICOs, which have had returns of 10x, 100x and even 1,000x can be very profitable but you do need to be careful.
We’ll continue to cover them here and are increasing our research and analysis resources dramatically to do so.
Speaking of ICOs we have had a rough start with EOS which unfortunately, at the moment, is on the right side (loss side) of the above chart.
Many subscribers asked me to interview Dan Larimer again and, as I always try to do, I obliged.
This interview is exclusive to subscribers for the next 48 hours and then we will put it live to the public.
Here is the video .
*This video was also livestreamed on the TDV subscribers only Facebook Group here . Due to many things happening so quickly we don’t have time to even email out alerts like this but try to post if we can in the FB group. I realize some people don’t like FBIbook for obvious reasons but even just having a sock (fake) account set-up to access the group gets you access to a lot of valuable realtime info.
To summarize, Dan believes the drop in the price of EOS isn’t due to their long ICO period but mostly attributable to the Chinese ban on ICOs. According to Dan, 50% of buying was coming from China.
I’ve seen a number of people on the internet and even amongst subscribers questioning EOS. That is fairly normal.
I was one of the only people in the world lauding bitcoin at $3 in 2011 and still to this day people say it is a scam, a ponzi scheme or a fraud. I obviously stopped listening to them a long time ago.
When I first featured Ethereum in January 2016 near $2 there was a lot of criticism… and while it did rise to the $10 level fairly quickly afterwards it plateaued there for nearly a year bringing out a lot of catcalls about how it was dead.
It wasn’t.
So, with EOS, it has gotten off to a rocky start but it is also very early stage… and I have said that. However, by the time it is launched in June the price will likely be dramatically higher. So, you can wait and pay more later when the world realizes what a huge advance it is or you can get in early and take a few lumps waiting for the market to realize its value.
Dan Larimer outlined a lot of good information on EOS in our interview but afterwards, off the record, he went into detail on many of the projects they are working on… and I can tell you, they have ‘world changing” written all over them.
The market doesn’t know or realize a lot of it. And EOS has an absolutely massive bankroll, in the hundreds of millions of dollars, to bring all their projects (which are all related to or linked with EOS) to market.
And Dan has an amazing vision. He understands what the market needs and wants - which is often a downfall of most techies - and knows how to get there.
He announced this week in the official Telegram channel that EOS will be the first blockchain with unprecedented sub-second block times of 500 milliseconds and sub-second last irreversible block (LIB) providing finality. In other words, the time between a user sending a transaction or a command and being included in the blockchain could be consistently under a second compared to 10 minutes on Bitcoin.
So, with a market capitalization of $400 million currently - and a bankroll of almost the same amount - to me this is a no brainer lottery ticket.
Sure, like any new product it may fail. But, it may also succeed… and has a good chance of doing so in my opinion. And, if it does, we’ll laugh at how cheap it currently is for the opportunity.
In other words, stick with it and if you bought earlier at higher levels look to average down.
Like I said, A LOT is going on in the crypto space. It isn’t going to go away overnight no matter how many times Peter Schiff says it will.
Make sure to stick with us here at The Dollar Vigilante, the only financial newsletter in the world that has covered bitcoin and cryptos since 2011. Still to this day most financial newsletters don’t even cover this space… or even avoid it.
Their, and their subscribers, loss. Keep this in mind with bitcoin, too. Since bitcoin was launched in 2009 it has actually been in a near-state of hyperinflation… a type of hyperinflation that was necessary in order to widely distribute the coins. That time of high inflation is nearly over just as quite a large part of the world is just waking up to bitcoin.
What happens when increased demand meets decreasing supply? I think we all know the answer to that basic economics question.
So many other things have happened in the last two weeks but we only have so much time and mindspace to cover it all.
I didn’t even touch on what was quite obviously a false flag in Las Vegas. All the typical 9/11 type scenarios have occurred along with a storyline from the LameStream Media and the government that make zero sense.
Insiders sold stock of MGM prior to the event? Check .
A surge in buying in ammunition starting on 9/11 leading up to the event? Check.
Eyewitness to multiple shooters dead? Check .
Predictive programming? Check… as I’ll outline here.
It is well known by many that Hollywood and the music industry are largely controlled by elites. In fact it also well known that many popular stars are used for predictive programming purposes to influence the opinions of the masses.
It appears as if country singer Jason Aldean is one of these celebrities that is being used to convey subliminal messages along with others.
As we have come to learn, many of the nefarious plots that are planned by elites are planned decades in advance if not scores of years. With that in mind, there exists an Illuminati card game that contains a “Las Vegas” card. On this card are depicted a jack and ace, something you might see in a game of black jack, along with a picture of a sun.
The game created in 1996 has predicted multiple false flags and operations carried out by the elite including the Pentagon blowing up and 9/11.
In blackjack, the jack has the value “10” the ace has the value 1 or 11. In this case, it appears the symbology used on this card is conveying that the value of this ace is “1” - A is the first letter of the alphabet and in numerology - which the elites strongly believe in - it has the value “1”.
So when you put the two values together you end up with 10/1 - the same day the Las Vegas shooting occurred. Coincidence?
Well, if that was all coincidence, which it very likely wasn’t, what’s more, is that Jason Aldean has a nearly identical tattoo that depicts a jack and ace plus his initials are also “JA” the same exact letters. Also, Aldean has a picture of a black sun in the same tattoo. Likewise, sun symbology is heavily used on Jason’s website and album cover artwork.
As many of our enlightened readers probably know, the sun is worshiped by many secret societies, perhaps most famously, the freemasons.
Remember, this game has existed for more than 20 years. So, the Las Vegas shooting has probably been years in the making.
Just take a look at what went on with MK Ultra and the history of such government operations such as Project Mockingbird. This kind of manipulation has been going on for a long time.
Another one of Jason’s tattoos is a black cross depicting a red star - a pentagram - in the center of it.
And as many people know, many of the Illuminati elites worship satan or have Luciferian beliefs of some kind.
And, I didn’t even mention the location of the event, right in front of the giant black pyramid and numerous occult symbology… I get into this in a soon to be released Anarchast episode with Mark Passio.
Just remember nothing happens by accident.
Same ol’, same ol’.
If there is one heartening thing I’ve noticed is that a lot more people are questioning these events. Ten years ago when I was adamant that 9/11 was an inside job false flag death ritual most people thought I was crazy. Now, many agree.
And now, many are questioning these events… a positive in my opinion.
What will occur in the next two weeks prior to our next issue? I think it’s a safe bet to say “lots”.
So far we have made it through September and halfway through October with no market crash. As I write the Dow we just crossed 23,000.
The number 23 is quite an occult number . Could the powers behind the scene be targeting 23,000 before a planned crash?
We’ll have to wait and see. As you’ll see below, though, Ed Bugos is not giving up on “the big short.”
I’ll be in Austin for the Texas Bitcoin Conference on October 28th and 29th. You can get a discount to the conference by using the code “Anarchast”. And then I’ll be going to Lisbon, Portugal for Steemfest from November 1st to 5th.
And, of course, don’t forget about Anarchapulco from February 15-17th, then Cryptopulco on February 18th and the TDV Internationalization & Investment Summit on February 19th!
For those mostly interested in cryptocurrency, finance and investment, Cryptopulco and the TDV Summit the next day are the events to go to.
You can check out the websites to see all the amazing speakers lined up including Trace Mayer, Roger Ver, Bruce Fenton, Dan Larimer and many, many others.
And, unlike many other conferences most of the speakers will be around the entire week, and often poolside, where you can casually chat. That also includes myself, Ed Bugos, Juan Galt, Luis Fernando Mises and the rest of the team from TDV.
Phew. So much going on… but we are happy to be one of your trusted sources to help you survive and prosper through it all.
Thank you for that! And thank you for subscribing!
Jeff Berwick
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