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SPOILERS [S3E10] The loop of Elliot "saving the company / stopping the hack" in S1E1, the logistics "mirage" of S3, and Hot Carla's take on Elliot in Red Wheelbarrow

SUMMARY - When Elliot is heralded as a hero for "saving" something, he is actually hacking and/or destroying it, and the pattern continues. This premise builds Elliot's loops, hacks, and undo/restarts, and he's not done. Here is what I think really happened in S3 and where things will go in S4. Like Tyrell said, "old habits, they die hard".
Remember the pilot where everyone on the show congratulated Elliot for "saving the company" (Allsafe) and "stopping the hack" (ecorp)? Elliot was heralded as being a savior for stopping the big hack, when in fact he was starting another hack that would later end Allsafe and severely damage ecorp. Elliot's trip to the Dulles server farm to stop the big ecorp hack was the cover he used, and that is where he actually planted the .dat file, right in front of us, under our noses, that would later be exploited.
Elliot's actions and patterns throughout the series mirror the rootkit that was the cause of that big ecorp hack of the pilot, with Elliot as the rootkit physically and digitally.
E: I think they got a rootkit sitting inside the servers.
A: What's a rootkit?
L: ...it's a malicious code that completely takes over their system. It could delete system files, install programs, - viruses, worms -
A: How do we stop it?
E: That's the thing, it's fundamentally invisible. You can't stop it.
L: All of their servers are timing out. None of them are coming back up. This means every time we restart a server the virus replicates itself during boot-up, then crashes the host.
L: How are we supposed to bring up the network if we can't restart the servers?
E: We can't, which is what they wanted. By defending ourselves, we ended up spreading the virus everywhere.
This kind of deceptive loop of Elliot taking action to "save" something, and TELLING US he is saving something, while he is doing something entirely different is a pattern for him, and is augmented by the fact that Elliot TELLS US he hacks everyone and lies to us, so we do know that is one truth of the show....Elliot HACKS and LIES. We see Elliot do this with Stage 2, where only he knows the whole plan and Tyrell/Darlene are left wondering what is happening, even though they are both working for Elliot. We see it with Elliot's Stage 3 fakeout to own the Dark Army.

To continue that pattern, we see Elliot take control of the ecorp logistics system under the guise of creating a "paper record mirage" to keep the paper records from being blown up by his own work (allegedly as Mr. Robot) in Stage 2, in which Elliot ended up "failing". But that isn't the ONLY result of that hack. Here is what I believe really happened.

Remember that at the fancy dinner attended by Zhang/WhiteRose and Price in S3E6-7, Zhang/WR assigned a task to Price: shipping her project to the Congo using ecorp's logistics system. The very same logistics system we saw Elliot own when he started working at ecorp.....and STILL OWNS in the S3E10 finale. Elliot needed to own ecorp's logistics system and make it seem like he had a purpose for it other than his goal later on, much like his trip to the Dulles server farm in the pilot, for a later move and payout. In the case of the logistics system, Elliot needed it as the first part of his plan to get to the side of WhiteRose, since he is the ONLY PERSON who can bust through the logistics issue of getting her project to the Congo. We don't know yet HOW Elliot knows WR will want to move her project to the Congo or how long he might have known of it (possibly since childhood if he got wind of it when visiting his dad at ecorp, which we were subtly told he did in S2E6's scene w/young Elliot and Edward in the car outside the Mr. Robot store), or if he knows because he is working fowith another high-level player (like Price) that hasn't been disclosed yet, so this will need to be addressed in S4, but Elliot knows WR has a project to move to the Congo before he hacks the DA. Back to the point, this logistics move only gets Elliot one-third the way there.

Unfortunately, this means Elliot has to produce another set of circumstances that will challenge the shipping of WR's project to the Congo. What is that block? MARTIAL LAW. Martial law circumvents a lot of current DA operatives and bribes because there are a new set of players/rules/circumstances put into effect that are too new and numerous for the DA to get control of quickly enough to overcome this obstacle.

Why is there martial law in effect? Because the 71 buildings blew up. Unpleasant as it is to think about, Elliot needed those 71 buildings to blow in order to create the martial law situation, so I believe that no matter what any form of Elliot told us, we were witnessing a loop similar to the pilot hack. I believe that Elliot was NOT trying to actually stop the buildings from blowing at all, but had another agenda that needed to be started under cover of the hoodie-clad rioter chaos (and I don't think those rioters in HOODIES were any coincidence, especially on the only ecorp workday where Elliot NEVER took his hoodie off....) in the main ecorp building, and completed in the 2nd ecorp building that he snuck into after the chaos of the bomb threat that he called in, after he was fired and his access to ecorp allegedly revoked (providing a cover story and plausible deniability for Elliot should anyone suspect or try to pin things on him). What Elliot did there has yet to be revealed, but I strongly suspect that he owned ECOIN and perhaps something else that we haven't yet seen...possibly the new technology prototype that Tyrell spoke of in his "prep for Price pitch" that we saw in S1E3", possibly WHITEROSE'S PROJECT. Whatever it is, I believe we are due for another big ecorp hack reveal in S4.

So while Elliot kept our confidence and sympathy, and earned the sympathy of Darlene and Angela in his apparently valiant attempts to stop his own Stage 2 plan, I believe that Elliot NEEDED Stage 2 to happen exactly as it did....with the full force of the Dark Army taking out the 71 buildings....because this series of events facilitated martial law being imposed and allowed Elliot to own one or more things that haven't yet been revealed. Without the martial law blockade, Elliot cannot get to the side of WhiteRose with his "miraculous save" that he offered - and apparently delivered - at the end of S3. And creating a plan that one DELIBERATELY SABOTAGES is an EXCELLENT way to trace response preparedness/power pathways/players and test loyalties along the way, which is exactly what Elliot did with Stage 2 and in S3. We got a small-scale sample of that when Elliot was released from prison in S2 and wanted Cisco to arrange a meet with Xun, where Elliot asked about Stage 2. I believe Elliot knew full well what Stage 2 was (despite what he told us), thus causing intended confusion among the players ("this will get them talking"). Sam Esmail and the cast mentioned over and over that loyalty was a key theme in S3, and indeed it was. In the end of S3, Elliot has much more information about players, pathways, and the bottom line of the desires/motivations/loyalties of people in his realm, including Angela and Darlene.

There was one more component to Elliot's solution to WhiteRose, which was the Stage 3 deception that he already admitted to us was a ruse to own the DA. Elliot still owns everything DA at the end of S3, they have no time/way to recover before the end of the season, and he impresses WR enough that she sacrifices Grant to keep Elliot around, which is exactly where Elliot wants to be.

Elliot's attempts to "save" something literally blow up....but I believe those were the intended consequences the whole time. We hear Elliot and Mr. Robot occasionally comment over the 3 seasons about casualties, persistence, the losses, and the cost to get to that point, especially in their last subway conversation of S3. And in that conversation, we HEAR Elliot literally say that he did all this "for ME...I'm doing this FOR ME." That line is classic Mr. Robot, because even though Elliot tells Mr. Robot/us DIRECTLY that he did all this for himself, the context used to frame up what he did and why he did it, and the brilliant acting of Rami Malek that imbues those words with such pained sincerity, leave us feeling like Elliot really wants to try to fix things by undoing the hack. So at the end of S3, we see Elliot send the encryption key to some general ecorp address. But, as many posters here have written, and the Parsons-educated prostitute notes in the post-credit scene of S3, undoing the hack will not be beneficial, and will make things worse. As smart and thorough as Elliot is, I believe he already knows this, I don't think he is in any way ignorant of that fact. Not sure exactly what he has in store, but I'm guessing it isn't what he told us in S3. If Elliot owns Ecoin, he could lock up all the wallets (like we saw with Ray's situation of S2) and then restore debt with the ecorp records, inciting outrage among the masses as they would have no access to money. Whatever it is, it will probably be the fuel to fire a full-scale revolution that Mr. Robot told us about in the pilot, especially since Elliot has even more ways to kill the public's confidence in ecorp, which is so deeply embedded in the world's economy that destroying it will rouse the whole world to revolution.

Side note - I also think that between Elliot's "metadata" hack of the FBI of S3E4 and the access to FBI's Sentinel that Elliot was literally given (by Dom, under protest) as a way to get the encryption keys (which he had the whole time...and I believe he knew it), Elliot probably owns SENTINEL. Sentinel is a key database not just for the FBI, but NSA and the CIA as well, so if Elliot owns that, he is much closer to god access than he ever was before. I believe that Elliot had his "key" plan in motion and spotlighted Romero as the pathway to get into Sentinel under the guise of trying to find the encryption keys, which would also support the idea that many folks have had on the sub, that Elliot is ultimately responsible for Romero's death. And let's not forget that last we knew, Elliot still owned Vera's whole operation, we never saw him actually turn anything over to the authorities...that was just dropped. Vera also showed back up in the post-credit scene of S3, so will be very interesting to see where that leads in S4.

So by the end of S3, Elliot STILL owns ecorp, as he has since S1, and has increased his access there, and he likely owned Ecoin before S3 ever ended right under our noses. Elliot still owns the DA. Elliot likely owns Sentinel. Elliot may well still own Vera's operation, maybe he has also procured funds/resources from other criminals he turned in before he turned them in (I think he was creating the problems for Ray's site/hot-cold wallet system that caused Ray to seek out Elliot's help in prison, and I'm betting Elliot might still have some of that bitcoin). Elliot might even own WR's project, or be positioning himself to do that (even if WR suspects that is what Elliot will do, which she has to at this point). And Elliot managed to own ALL OF THIS while telling and/or showing us he was doing something different, or for a different purpose than he said he was doing it, just like he did in the pilot. So Elliot is repeating his loops and starting new ones, going back to the beginning. As the S3 finale title command told us...."shutdown -r"....shutdown and restart...just like the rootkit from the pilot, spreading the virus everywhere.

On to HOT CARLA. In the companion book RED WHEELBARROW, Hot Carla heralds and admires Elliot, writing about how he changed the world for the better, essentially "saving" it (in the past tense). We don't know yet exactly what Hot Carla defines as changing the world "for better" or why she regards Elliot as a savior, and it might actually line up with something Elliot did. It is possible that Hot Carla might want to see the world burn since she is a pyro who has apparently led a life filled with challenges and "saves" books by burning them. But if the pattern Elliot has demonstrated time and time again holds true, then it is likely that Elliot's "changing the world for the better" or "saving the world" is similar to Elliot "saving Allsafe", which resulted in Allsafe's total destruction, and "stopping the ecorp hack", in which Elliot was hobbling ecorp and just getting started....

Another point to consider is why Elliot is using complicated, convoluted routes to get to his end goals, and thanks to u/bwandering for bringing up some specific questions on this here. If we follow the patterns of the show so far, we see people going to great lengths to avoid being spied on and followed. Angela zig-zags her way across town to meet with Darlene in the smart house in S2. We watch Darlene get on/off the same subway train or go to a different car to avoid followers. The DA drives Darlene and Trenton by limo to Cisco in S1 even though Darlene knows full well where he lives. Tasks are also separated and delegated, with no one having the full picture of what is going on except Elliot (even if he tells us he doesn't know), and introducing middlemen where it doesn't even seem they are really necessary, like Cisco. The convoluted route as cover for a plan so complex would be necessary so that no one could track or anticipate where Elliot or his project are going and keep him separated from evidence and interference. The show has even followed that route, giving us scenes out of order, leaving things ambiguous and not sure where things are going while Elliot is moving forward with his plans, even while in jail, while we try to keep up. This is why I believe the indirect, complex routes are chosen, as cover.

I have written before about things related to these ideas in other posts and comments, but I wanted to update and pull it together here heading toward S4. I know thinking of Elliot doing these kinds of things can be unpleasant (going to apologize in advance to u/The_Firmament and u/yeswithanh) because they are NOT attractive prospects. This character who is so near and dear to us, whose pain and loneliness we see - and which I do think is real, BTW, because you can't be that calculating of a person and take all those actions and be mentally healthy - seems to still be hacking the world and hacking us, and, as Elliot told us, "even if it's him (Mr. Robot), it's ME".

In fact, Elliot is SO GOOD at hacking people, that despite him telling and showing us what he is doing over and over, telling us that he lies and hacks everyone, we still root for him. We still feel for him. We still care for him. We still BELIEVE him. We want him to succeed in his battle with himself and take down the top 1% if 1%, even when he IS the one playing god without permission. It mirrors Elliot's hack of Krista where he literally tells her he hacks her and everyone else, yet because of how he related to her in his "just like me" expressions of loneliness, and how expertly he hacked and pivoted the Lenny Shannon situation to his advantage so that Krista would process that information/hack as Elliot being protective of her, she gives Elliot a pass AND continues to be his therapist. By the time we get to the end of S3 where we see the Mr. Robot persona literally confess Elliot's involvement in the 5/9 hack and the 71 buildings blowing, KRISTA DOES NOT BELIEVE THE CONFESSION. Says it sounds like delusions of grandeur. Granted, the show could still go this route and have none of this stuff be happening, but for now, I'm working with the premise it is less likely. So Krista continues to root for Elliot and so do we, because we relate to him. When Irving told his car salesman how to relate using simple phrases and objects like the "world's best dad" mug to "make the sale", he noted EXACTLY how to do it, and underscored the hacking method Elliot has been using with everyone since the pilot. If I am near the mark, then how safe and secure can we be in our own world if we can't tell the good guys from the bad ones on TV?

I have grappled with the thought of Elliot as VILLAIN (which is literally spelled out on the movie poster Elliot shows up undenext to 3 times in the pilot - https://imgur.com/a/diGFpNv) with respect to things I recently read about how closely Sam Esmail relates to the character of Elliot, while still following this particular path of clues from the show. While I am only guessing, I do suspect that Sam was/is trying to tell a bigger cautionary tale, especially with his comments about how technology opens the world up to more vulnerabilities than we are prepared to recognize/combat, and how that kind of hacking could affect the world (which ended up being utterly prophetic by the time the show was released). And since Sam was also inspired by the events of Arab Spring, in which a sense of hope for so many people and nations tragically didn't work across the board, leaving many with worse circumstances in the end than they started with, I think this could line up. After all, in this world of virtual reality, one often has to experience things personally to truly be able to relate and metabolize them. I don't know if this is what Sam is trying to say with this beautiful show, but I think at least part of his message must want us to come away as more aware, more decent, and better prepared humans. Maybe Mr. Robot is OUR empathy, or gullibility, test.

So whatever Elliot's definitions of "undo", "restart", or "save" actually are, they will be complicated and create more chaos and undesireable results that only Elliot might understand or want. Elliot is certainly sitting with a lot more power going into S4, and even if he takes down WR and the other 1%, which I think he will, he has become the monster he told us that he allegedly sought to destroy in the process. In the end, Elliot might have to "save" us from himself.
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[Spoilers S2E10] I Think I Know What The Washington Township Plant Is…..

I think I know What The Washington Township Plant Is…..
Its a bitcoin mine.
Well, it was. Now its probably an E-Coin mine.
This is a continuation of a post i put up last month titled I think I figured out the Main Plot
Looks like it was correct. The Phillip Price VS WhiteRose game is one of financial warfare. Let’s see if I can go 2 for 2.
Mr Robot is very much grounded in reality. Few things in Sam Esmail’s world are “unreal.” There have been theories that WTP is some kind of experimentation site or a lab or something related to Elliot’s past. It is less likely that WTP is some Sci-fi lab and more likely to be related to the Price VS WhiteRose game.
If you’re not familiar with bitcoin mining, here’s a look at one of China’s largest: http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20160504-we-looked-inside-a-secret-chinese-bitcoin-mine
My theory is that WTP is a bitcoin mine. Or it was. WhiteRose was working with Phil price to crash the economy and restart with a controlled cryptocurrency. The switch to e-Coin was abrupt and threw off WhiteRose - this but she’s OK with it because phase 2 involves Elliot backdooring the mine.
Here are some quick bullets to support this theory:
Throwaway acct because I’m an exec at a Cyber Security firm.
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Slow, but steady wins the race?

I’m sure most would agree that nothing great comes easy and without a consistent effort. And just like in the old children’s story of the tortoise and the hare, if you “take a nap” at a critical time during the strive to success then you run the risk of losing out on an easy win. Hard work will get you results and most good things take time.
“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”— Confucius However, let’s be honest. If the hare wouldn’t have fallen asleep from being overly confident in its speed then the tortoise would have never won the race no matter how slow or steady it moved. In fact, if the hare would have showed humility then the race may have never even happened. This I feel is an equally important lesson from the story — remain humble.
But why shouldn’t the hare brag about its speed? The hare takes pride in letting others know how fast it is, and this is where the problem lies. When one does things for the approval of others then it can genuinely take away from the great act itself. Humility shows self-respect and in return helps gain the respect from others around us knowing that our actions were performed for the right reason.
When Satoshi successfully created Bitcoin he was humble. He did not brag. And he did it for the right reasons. This exact thing is what the crypto space needs more of and what #WWSS and ECC are aiming to convey.
Click “Start” to begin survey. What’s new and what’s news! Just like #WWSS, the Declaration of Currency Independence was created in order to establish a basis on how blockchain and cryptocurrency can, and I believe will, benefit all of us. This is why it is important that projects and cryptocurrencies within this space work together to achieve the overall goal of currency independence.
These exact ideologies can be heard within each interview I (@MrCryptoCarlton) conducted with the three members of Team McAfee (@GemCrypto and @bmiles84) including John McAfee himself (@officialmcafee). Listening to these interviews, you will be able to tell that Team McAfee is tremendously well-versed when it comes to blockchain and cryptocurrency, and very much enthusiastic about its future.
Along with Team McAfee, I had the pleasure of interviewing two other heavy hitters in the investment, social media and cryptocurrency world as well — Sam Ball (@thesamball) and Warren Whitlock (@WarrenWhitlock). Both of these gentlemen are extremely knowledgeable in their respective fields of expertise and the dialog was nothing short of intriguing.
When Podcast? The audio for these interviews will be released via my new podcast show called The Bull Pen Podcast presented by me, The Crypto Bully, and ECC in the near future so be on the lookout via ECC’s social communities.
Oh, and I may or may not be looking into pairing up with a very well known podcast network to launch my podcast show and these awesome interviews for maximum exposure. wink wink
Bridging the gap Shortly after the posting of our last ECC Stand-up Medium article two weeks ago, our Marketing Lead, Wim Sijberts (@wim), had a meet up with Bithumb Exchange’s General Manager, Ted Kim, and from the looks of things (see image below) it was a highly productive one.
ECC’s Core Values We also conducted a poll to vote for the top 7 core values that our community felt represented ECC the best. Well, those results are now in and are as follows (by percentage in descending order):
Simplicity : It’s not enough to have a great idea or an innovative product. If it can’t be easily understood and usable by the masses, it won’t be adopted. At ECC we strive to keep it simple! Positive Impact : As our community grows and our blockchain products become more widely adopted, so does our power. And with great power, comes even greater responsibility. ECC community members and product users seek to leave the world a better place than we found it. Security : Embedded in the DNA of our community is our desire for personal security and privacy. You reveal what you’d like about yourself. We’re just as happy to know you by your real name or an anonymous avatar. Patience : The best products take time and precision to get right. The cliche is true. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will ECC be. Respect: Compassion and understanding is the bedrock of the ECC community. We debate and we disagree from time to time, but we always strive to be respectful and have understanding for our fellow members. Equals : There are no heroes or superstars here. ECC is community-driven and community-powered. We are all in this together fighting for our decentralized freedom and security. Challengers : The world isn’t changed by yes men and yes women. Progress takes open-minded discussion and respectful debate. We welcome it at ECC. The community selected core values will be added to the website as a new page over the next two weeks so be on the lookout for that.
Hot off the press! The official WWSS press release, written up by our very own Kevin Bailey (@ECC Buddha), was successfully pushed out to over 650 premium television outlets, newspapers, major news sites, industry news sites, financial feeds, regional and local new sites and social media. The marketing team is continuing to promote the WWSS and are expected to do so throughout the month of June.
Tip: Google “Hundreds of Crypto Influencers, Developers, and Holders Speak for Satoshi” to see Google indexed pages.
It’s finally live! Be sure to check ECC’s new, robust FAQ page which has a lot of useful info.
The home page for ECC, a multi-chain cryptocurrency focusing on a solution to currency transfer, name resolution, file… ecc.network Until further notice After several attempts of communication with Octaex we have not received any answer regarding the status of their exchange, so for the moment we would advise the community not to use this exchange until further notice.
Welcome the new team members! The ECC team seems to be becoming more well-rounded when looking at the skill sets that come with each new member. Over the past two weeks we have added an additional 7 team members:
Marketing Tom van Els (@tomve), Strategic Development and Partnerships Colin Eason (@Khaleesi), Community Outreach Lucas Moran (@Skywalker), Community Outreach Michael Ventura (@Ziggy ECC), Marketing Logistics
Project Consulting Brent DesRoches (@Mr. Plow), Consultant Yoseff Diaz (@yoseff), Consultant
Each of these individuals have put some serious time and effort into ECC, helping with everything from pushing #WWSS to setting up the most recent interviews mentioned above, and I for one am highly appreciative. They will all officially be added to the Our Team page of the ECC website over the next few days.
Let’s give them all a warm welcome!
Dev Update The versioning system for ECC has been changed, and the daemon versions will go from (current version of daemon) to (next version of daemon). Since ECC references the BCH code base, the versioning system will now reflect the BCH code that we more closely relate to.
Note: the reference code is in terms of networking and mempool improvements; ECC does not plan to add colored coins.
With that being said, version is under development. A few bug fixes have already been implemented, most notably the staking bug where coins wouldn’t return will be fixed. Some of the other planned upgrades/features for are as follows:
The network manager and service systems were reworked a bit in preparation for the messaging and file storage code, which means you will be able to change networks without restarting Sapphire (very useful for the services). Expect to see a huge increase in performance and reduction of syncing and loading times. Some of the ways files are stored on disk will have changed so the folder structure will look a little different. Messaging test net will launch. A change in algorithm from scrypt to SHA256. PoS reward calculation will change, and it will now be a max of a flat 10 coins per block staked. The fee and coin system within ECC is being reworked and with that comes a few more useful functions for figuring out fees before sending a transaction. The update to also indicates that ECC’s second chain is coming soon. It will not launch right when is released, but should happen either shortly after it or with the release of
ANS There has been a lot of progress made with ANS. These are the bugs that have been squashed:
Change address issue — when a new address is generated if exactly 50 ECC was sent then nothing would happen. Improvement on ANS relay (better message propagation). Incorrect display of a message that reads “insufficient balance” when the balance is indeed sufficient. With that being said, we are happy to announce that the code for ANS is now complete and functioning properly. The only thing left to do is to finish coding the interface so that everyone can use it within Sapphire. The dev team is currently working on this, so it won’t be long now until ANS is available for everyone.
Marketing Update In case any hodlers are wondering, the types of marketing we’re doing right now are very light community and brand building things. It may look like a lot since these types of things haven’t been done much within ECC before now, but it’s light. Major marketing initiatives launch when we’re actively seeking new users for working products.
Looking forward to ramping users up when everything is ready. By that time we’ll have a sizable group of marketers fully trained up via the efforts we’re making now.
There will also be an official update coming soon on exchanges and supporters/partnerships, as the team has been working these sectors quite vigorously over the past few weeks.
ECC on Wall Street Ever wonder what someone on Wall Street might think about blockchain and cryptocurrency? Well so did Lucas Moran (@Skywalker), so he took to the streets — the Wall streets!
All captured on video, Lucas went to Wall Street located in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan in New York City, New York and asked multiple individuals questions from the WWSS survey in search of their responses and he received plenty. He is currently preparing this footage for release so expect to see his findings in the not-so-distant future.
And be ready because I have a feeling this video is going to be interesting!
I hope everyone enjoyed reading this week’s ECC stand-up as much as I enjoyed writing it. See everyone in another 2 weeks!
Cheers, Lyndon (@MrCryptoCarlton)
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