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[PoSV] Release Candidate 2, Chess and Future

Dear fellow Reddheads:
In this post, I'm going to cover three topics: PoSV Release Candidate 2, a review of the current strategic position of Reddcoin and update on upcoming milestones.

PoSV Release Candidate 2

PoSV RC2 binaries are now available for download here . This is for testnet only. You shouldn't have to re-sync blockchain. Just replace existing RC1 wallet with RC2 and start it with testnet=1 addnode=
Please run full nodes for staking, post your testnet wallet addresses, send each other coins and report any problem and bug below.

Current Strategic Position

With official release of PoSV around the corner (in a few weeks), it's good time to review the strategic position Reddcoin is in today. If you are a good player of chess or Go, you'd understand that to win a game, one has to build up advantage incrementally through each move. So where are we today?
  1. PoSV was designed to address multiple technical and economic issues as described in the white paper. It'll provide better network security and better aligned economic incentives among participants. It renders mining and ASIC obsolete. It rewards active stakeholders and provides a solid foundation for our ecosystem.
  2. All the existing vanilla PoS coins, to my best knowledge, trace their source code to Peercoin which was a fork from Bitcoin in 2012. The code base of Bitcoin has been under active development since then and few, if any, new features in Bitcoin made it to the code base of vanilla PoS. By comparison, PoSV has been implemented based on Reddcoin release which already contained hundreds of commits from upstream Bitcoin. PoSV is uniquely positioned among all PoS coins to absorb any innovation in Bitcoin in the future. This gives us huge competitive advantage over time.
  3. Because PoSV has been written based on a different code base, I had to understand every single line of code in existing PoS and now have a very thorough understanding of the technical details. This allows us to gradually introduce more features to PoSV in the near future. This stands in stark contrast with coins which follow a fork-and-tweak-and-desert model.
  4. I've written PoSV in a way that deters copycats.
  5. Our next-generation social wallet is designed to work in synergy with PoSV to encourage user activities. It has a sleek GUI and built-in functionalities such as news feed and chat. It can also connect to remote daemons to provide better user experience for running full nodes.
  6. ReddAPI allows developers to create 3rd-party applications without having to deal with low-level blockchain details.
  7. The success of getting Reddcoin listed on Mintpal by mere voting demonstrates beyond any doubt the quality, will and power of our community. When we set our eyes on a goal, we work together and make it happen.
  8. Reddcoin is created for a niche market: to facilitate social interactions between people. It's a very ambitious project with a lofty goal. It's also like a giant jigsaw puzzle. As the dev team and the community continue to make progress on putting the major pieces in place, the entry barrier is increased on a daily basis.

Future Milestones

  1. I will officially release PoSV in coming weeks. New features for PoSV are already being planned for later releases.
  2. MathyV is spearheading the efforts to merge innovation from Bitcoin. Most notably we will see Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet and Multi-signature Wallet. Reddcoin will be one of the very first altcoins to provide these features.
  3. hoppipoppipolla is preparing the final release of the social wallet.
  4. lionzeye released the beta of Reddcoin plugin for Minecraft using ReddAPI and there is already a Minecraft server up and running. The project requires technical innovation and business acumen. If done right, the efforts will bear much fruit.
  5. I'm writing our next-generation social platform. Reddheads have shown us the most wanted social networks and they will be delivered. The social platform will also enjoy integration with our social wallet to provide the best social experience.
  6. devhen has been working on our social broadcast platform, which will be packaged and pitched to corporate clients for their online marketing campaigns.
  7. When it comes to marketing, the first priority is always to build the best possible products, to make products speak for themselves. We have commissioned a world-class video creator to work on our official video. Thanks to the extreme attention to details by Reddcoin, BTCillionaire and reddki, you won't be disappointed by the final results. We also have established and on-going dialogues with several PR firms.

Final Words

Great things take time to build. Patience and perseverance are valuable because they are rare. Less obsession with price. More productive usage of time. Together we can build a future that's worth living for.
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Decentralized blockchain marketplace needs beta-testers and merchants.

Download beta here for Mac and Win:
This is a beta only running on a test blockchain called cakenet.
You will need to add a config file with these nodes: addnode= addnode=
You can mine test coins or contact us for seed coin.
Features needing testing:
We're looking for feedback and/or merchant partners.
Feedback/more info/support is available on Slack (you may require an invite)
or through Twitter @syscoin
or here on Reddit
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KoreCoin v2.0 [KORE]New ERA - VOIP WALLET -100% ANON - 100% PoS - PoBAnon

A Kore Twitter Campaign has been activated at! Take 30 seconds, earn some free coin, and support Kore in the process! Check it out at:
New block explorer:
Important Mandatory Update: Please bear with us while we await the new OP page/wallet release.
IF you don't have these latest wallets installed we are requesting you update them ASAP. There are some old wallets out there causing issues with the staking.
1-Windows Wallet standard: Windows Wallet with updated Peers.dat file so the wallet will sync easier.!lBlGmL7R!UW-lzmtfHa1OeC0dn_D18jq4KXejST32oyeNApQVqOE Current peers.dat file to get the wallet to connect/sync.
Use the link below to go to the "Kore Support" thread and replace your peers.dat file with the most current one uploaded.
Peers & Nodes: Current Peers: 43ddpe3mgqu6im72.onion rdglputx5w4hsahq.onion dqdwqq6siopitcnx.onion imtxip6b3epoydq7.onion c7golffjz4qcomts.onion mtxip6b3epoydq7.onion nvye5tclv4gsp4qz.onion bqr3uvoqn7afaftn.onion oxk3k46qpyewkuha.onion xjmdb3rrlp5mjsor.onion nelcm3y2yuwkubww.onion pgtp5zcbhzivkdhy.onion eldldqcauon5fjye.onion ygjegzdh56fuielv.onion fy225sytea4x2d5d.onion bo5whi6igdfujywm.onion 7qmaqqvbcgkz46wy.onion dv6eypxco54m2yil.onion dxtf2khtvtrlt5x3.onion 3qtpdtcoeajm2u6u.onion 56ozxvu5gcljant6.onion 5svpy4wrwtjdoqb6.onion 7kerj4xmvc7pgvf4.onion gfnmkcixbz7nekgr.onion xsuhp3s4nwciyopc.onion ua3np4ut2zxubqow.onion ap2u6b77yi5esd72.onion rnwgen4v5vvgyrui.onion suifi73rcv6xptco.onion 5lxnox7rk77qemdo.onion uuvjof5votogzak.onion
OLD: addnode=xjmdb3rrlp5mjsor.onion:28556 addnode=dxtf2khtvtrlt5x3.onion:28556 addnode=oxk3k46qpyewkuha.onion:28556 addnode=266polqfpc22sn4b.onion:28556 addnode=tvmhij7hyrqir5y2.onion:28556 addnode=culqahwoixao4zgp.onion:28556 addnode=copqf7fhnf4ve2pz.onion:28556 addnode=xx37ikzbjib5wdhm.onion:28556 addnode=ua3np4ut2zxubqow.onion:28556 addnode=iqtgfnjunu4ixdqq.onion:28556 addnode=gpy2co2ik7jn7woy.onion:28556 addnode=c7golffjz4qcomts.onion:28556 addnode=5rpb5tuybqdfmtbk.onion:28556 addnode=urc3dssckhvsbswb.onion:28556 addnode=gfnmkcixbz7nekgr.onion:28556
Up to date Bootstrap and instructions Here: NOTE: Use at your own risk...
KoreCoin_OSX_2.2.1.dmg - no VoIP:!LN9UTIiB!keSf4dFGeF0qlMQ5xmXNIAZIpdEl8mwTvtJLmYbLRoI
2-For a custom Linux Version go to end of post: Version: 64 bit Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS Trusty
3-KoreCoin Website:
4-Source Code - GitHub Link:
5-KORE Block Explorer:
6-Please stake some coins to support the Kore Network. If you are new to Kore PM me for some free coins to stake.
Thanks to: "bearishtrader" "Here is my Ubuntu Linux build of KoreCoin 2.0 staking wallet (no VoIP): Version: 64 bit Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS Trusty"!Nk110QaT!yuf_cVCyKtXoJufgi3kJk6VcvsC4r92WP4ZMtnBrbeY
Prerequisites (Needs boost 1.55, Berkeley db4.8++): sudo apt-get update sudo apt-add-repository ppa:bitcoin/bitcoin sudo apt-add-repository ppa:boost-latest/ppa sudo apt-get install unzip qt4-qmake libqt4-dev build-essential libboost1.55-all-dev libssl-dev libdb4.8++-dev libminiupnpc-dev libminiupnpc8 sudo apt-get upgrade
unzip chmod u+x korecoin-qt korecoin-qt
Then exit and replace the .KoreCoin/peers.dat with the one above
Re-launch wallet
NOTE: If you get a virus warning we have researched it as a false positive. You can put it to your antivirus/antimalware exclude list so its not checked. Not one person ever had an issue with malware or a virus using the KORE wallets.
With this unexpected price rise, many are curious what KORE has to offer and what the coin is about.
KORE is a project centered around security in Communications, Computer, Smart Phone and Marketplace interaction and use. There are a few other KORE Projects we cant yet announce. Lets talk a bit on the ones we're able to disclose...
1-Integrated Tor for secure transactions and staking 2-Integrated Tor browser for secure web surfing 3-KOREPBX for secure wallet to wallet and Telecom number calling and video. 4-KOREbay A unique Tor hosted Marketplace 5-Aether Krypton OS - A new Operating System based on Security and Privacy 6-KOREPhone - Our KORE branded phone to debut the AEOS also centered on security and privacy with some unique features. 7-KORE PoBA - Our end goal of the holy grail of anonymous currencies.
KORE is the first coin to integrate Tor into the wallet transactions and staking meaning your IP is not seen. KORE had also been the first coin to integrate a PBX based wallet to wallet calling service. We are presently working on the end goals of including Video Calling, messaging and making it a bit more decentralized and secure with the end goal of having it run through the Tor network. We also want to include the ability to dial regular telecom numbers. This work is in progress and some is undergoing testing.
KORE also is the first coin to work on a multi year project of an Operating system centered around privacy and security called the Aether Krypton OS.
The Operating System is planned to debut on the KOREPhone, another first.
KORE with another first integrated a Tor Browser into the Linux wallet some time ago to debut in the new release. This allows you to surf the web in privacy and security.
KORE was also first to announce the unique KOREbay marketplace which is in development. This service will be unlike many other crypto related marketplaces and have additional hosting on the Tor Network.
Our goal is to take what we have and upgrade anonymous currencies to the next level.
For now these are the projects in various stages of development and testing that we can talk a little bit about. We will not give out any road maps. The releases could start in 2-5 months or 2-5 weeks. This is about giving the growing KORE community and Investors an idea of the perceived value of what we are bringing to the crypto/public as a means of providing alternatives to choose from. There are plenty more KORE Team projects and we could possibly post a few of those once the new wallet is released in the new OP page where dissemination of information will be a little more open. Join the KORE Revolution!
Yours Truly, MikeMike
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BitBay Community Update - 7/9/17

The Core team has come to the conclusion that it is in the best interest to revise the current website first, and then begin building a brand new website. This will give us more time to conceptualize our new branding guidelines.
The development team is finalizing the builds for the new release of Client. You can expect this release any day now. If you missed last week’s community update, this new version will update the following:
Main update: The new built-in price tracking Custom Contract Template and soon to be released Buy/Sell Anything Template. This price tracking is vital for merchants to keep their merchandise as accurate as possible in real time.
Minor fixes: Will provide a superficial fix to Mac synchronization issue Updated addnode list to the bitbay.conf file allowing your Client to find network connections faster.
Blocknet has successfully tested an atomic trade transaction pairing a trade between BitBay and Digibyte! Their decentralized exchange (Dex) will allow BIP 65 compatible coins to trade with each other through direct exchange pairings (no need to transition to Bitcoin first). When they complete their design, cryptocurrencies will be able to trade coins without the need for traders to deposit their capital into the hands of a middleman and therefore provide a reduced commission fee per trade!
We are still organizing our preliminary budget before we release an official update to our community on our marketing fund - will update community as soon as it's finalized.
The development of our two secret summer projects continues. We will hopefully have more information on their progress by next week.
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How to parse Bitcoin price from Coinbase API - iOS tutorial. Rick Reacts: The Nonsense about Bitcoin Nodes 15. Bitcoin over Tor ADDING NODES TO DEV WALLET FOR FASTER SYNCING BitconnectX addnode (BCCX node)

Hero Node Token price today is $0.00005948 with a 24-hour trading volume of $128.43. HER price is down -1.9% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 1 Billion coins and a max supply of 2 Billion coins. Bibox is the current most active market trading it. Last price $ 0.000185 % 0 %. 24 high $ 0.000185 . 24 low $ 0.000185 ... Twitter Hackers Seek Bitcoin Donations By Hacking Accounts of Famous Personalities, Businesses and Politicians: 15. Jul 2020 Akolkar B: 14. Jul 2020 Akolkar B : Bank of England Reportedly Working on Its Central Bank Digital Currency: Altcoins Are Currently Surging Very Fast: Chainlink, Tezos and VeChain: 13. Jul 2020 ... Click the large blue Download Bitcoin Core button to download the Bitcoin Core installer to your Downloads folder. Optional: Verify the release signatures. If you know how to use PGP, you should also click the Verify Release Signatures link on the download page to download a signed list of SHA256 file hashes. The 0.11 and later releases are signed by Wladimir J. van der Laan’s releases key w Bitcoin Diamond stock price is down by (-0.55%) today. $1,876,621 USD worth of Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) has been traded in the past 24 hours. You can follow Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)'s progress by adding it to your favourites and creating a free portfolio if you wish. You can view live price chart, candelstick chart and historical price chart. # The username and password MUST NOT be the same. # How many seconds bitcoin will wait for a complete RPC HTTP request # after the HTTP connection is established. # By default, only RPC connections from. trending; Bitcoin.conf Addnode Bitcoin . Bitcoin.conf Addnode . Apr 16, 2018 DTN Staff. twitter. pinterest. google plus. facebook . 20160106-bitcoin.conf Github ...

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How to parse Bitcoin price from Coinbase API - iOS tutorial.

create file bitconnectx.conf in C:\Users\your_compuer_name\AppData\Roaming\bitconnectx and add nodes: addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= Bitcoin NodeJS Tutorial. Intro to NodeJS including installation, creating a basic http server, and fetching the current bitcoin price. Join Coinbase - Make a $100 Transaction and get $10 FREE! Follow this link: Parse JSON data from Coinb... Before tackling the Blocksize debate, it's important to understand the false narrative surrounding nodes in the BTC fork of Bitcoin. Rick looks at - and dispels - the three most common node myths ...