Bitcoin Magazine's Elizabeth Ploshay Takes Job at BitPay

For the people of the Ukraine, time is running out. Their banking system is collapsing. Their currency is crashing. People need food, medical aid and supplies. They may be under foreign invasion! The people of the Ukraine need us. They have been cut off from the world. Only Bitcoin can reach them.

This is fantastic. Thank you guys so much. This is what bitcoin is for. After I verify with Elizabeth I will tweet this and Facebook it as well. Thank you for your work and compassion.
Can you get one of you (preferably Elizabeth Ploshay) to tweet something? Also a signed message from one of the key holders and confirmation from Gary Kasparov/Human Rights Foundation? It doesn't have enough credibility until I see something like that. Thanks.
bitcoin in general has been anti-war. How does a post asking us to participate in a civil war make it to the top page?? Another piece of evidence that reddit and social media are controlled by click-farms and like-farms.
This is fucking idiotic. Either 1) you guys will take the Bitcoin, convert it to fiat, then give it to someone (who you have yet to specify), making it completely pointless; or 2) you will give someone Bitcoin which is completely worthless until they find an exchange to convert it into hryvnia, which make be difficult or impossible to do during an armed revolution. But hey, maybe some Ukrainian rebels wouldn't mind a trip on Virgin Galactic to leave their war-torn nation, or they can buy some alpaca socks to keep warm after their homes are destroyed.
What are people in Ukraine going to do with Bitcoin exactly? Your FAQ just says the funds will be disbursed. What are the people going to do after they receive Bitcoin?
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[[LIVE BRAINSTORM]] for an upcoming Bitcoin Magazine issue

Hi everybody. This is Ruben from Bitcoin Magazine. Our team wanted to try something new and brainstorm for our upcoming reddit themed issue right here.
I had this idea in my back pocket, but several folks have requested we make this happen right now. It is perfect timing, because June is Reddit's 9th anniversary month and this brainstorm will end on the anniversary day of Reddit's first post (June 23rd is reddit's 9th cake day).
We know the Bitcoin community has used reddit as a means to share info, tip new and old users, and have good discourse.
I'm going to make categories that our readers have enjoyed. Feel free to add your own new categories or ideas. Silly or serious is just fine with us.
Our main theme will be an introduction to reddit for those who don't currently use it. We will also talk about the Bitcoin's subreddit's influence on the Bitcoin community.
[Category] Story Idea Discussion
We'll gather everything on the 9th anniversary of reddit and do some design mojo to present the topics you are excited about in a beautiful way.
Our writers/editors/magicians will be popping in and out as well. Here are their user names:
If you are interested in writing for Bitcoin Magazine, shoot me an email at [email protected].
Just to make things slightly more interesting, there are prizes!
Mihai + co. helped us be the first to get a magazine dedicated to the Bitcoin space out to the world. We are truly grateful of their passion and are also thankful for your support.
Here are some of our latest issues. Grab a copy!
Use coupon code reddit_brains to get 10% off for the month of June.
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It is happening This Friday& Saturday the 1st crypto money virtual expo is going live

Connecting to the global crypto economy with one click. The crypto money virtual expo is the new meetup place for bitcoiners wherever they are.
It is happening this Friday & Saturday 5-6 of Dec. The 1st virtual crypto money virtual expo will go live at 11am
Bitcoin and the blockchain technology is a global phenomenon that is happening all over the world and will be affecting many industries.
Keeping track on so many changes, new trends, companies,technologies and news can be overwhelming. The 1st crypto money virtual expo aims to provide the crypto community an online meetup platform that will help them learn, meet, network and generate new business opportunities right from their own computer with no cost.
"The opportunity represented by this virtual expo for bitcoiners is huge and unprecedented, said Eyal Abramovitch , founder of Crypto money expo ."
By bringing together speakers and companies from all over the world that will cover the crypto economy from different angels and share their knowledge with the expo attendees the 1st crypto money virtual expo is an event that you can not miss.
At the expo you will be able to watch and participate, via live chat, in live presentations that will cover many aspects of the crypto industry.
Visit our exhibition halls and discover and connect to dozens of new companies and service providers that will be waiting for you at their virtual booth.
Mingle and network with other attendees at the event, it is easy and friendly so don’t be shy you just need to find the person or company you are interested in and start chatting with them via regular chat or video or just exchange business cards.
Please see below some of the speakers and topics that will be presented at the expo
why bitcoin can be better than AppelPay by Steven Sprague CEO of Rivetz The evolution of Crowd Sales - Crypto By David Johnston- DApps fund Beyond eCommerce: Why you and your family should buy with Bitcoin. By Charles A. Kiser, Jr Chief Marketing Officer BitcoinShop.US Practical legal guide for digital currency startups - which jurisdiction? Licence or no licence? Compliance with AML, securities laws By Adam Vaziri Director Diacle Beyond money: Bitcoin the technology By Peter Todd Bitcoin core developer Darkcoin, building the perfect eCash By Evan Duffield-Creator of Darkcoin The Future of the MerchantCoin Ecosystem By KIRK ST. JOHNS - MerchantCoin Bitcoin: A Catalyst for Change By Elizabeth Ploshay: Board Member Bitcoin Foundation & Account manager at bitpay Adoption of crypto currencies and technology in the Asian region By Pawan Kumar-Director and Co-founder of the Global Crypto Order book exchange and a Merchant payment gateway.
For the full list please visit our agenda page
Also at the expo you will be able to listen to pitches and presentations from leading and exciting startups such as
BITSWIFT DECENTRALIZED PRODUCTIVITY PLATFORM Bitshares - Transparent. Secure. Sound BitXatm- In bit we trust zennet - public supper computer CRYPTO NEXT - Launching Bitcoin Exchanges In Hours; A Global Reality Nxt Inside CXC - The Cash-Register for Crypto-Currency The Internet of Coins Veridu -We bring trust to the internet and more
So if you are involved in the crypto world do nt forget to sign in the the 1st crypto money expo
Special announcement
The Bitcoin blockchain 6th birthday online party on the 3rd of January 2015 Save the date!
Crypto money expo is inviting you to the 1st online birthday party for the bitcoin blockchain.. So don’t forget to save the date and join us at our virtual pub. Free virtual drinks for everyone!
If you are interested in taking part at this event (big or samll) contact us at [email protected]
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Bitcorati, Inc. - YouTube Bitcorati Interview Series : Elizabeth T. Ploshay - Bitcoin Magazine & The Bitcoin Foundation Juan Llanos And Elizabeth Ploshay Analyze The NY Bitcoin Hearings Does Bitcoin Make Sense for Your Organization? Naation - YouTube

Elizabeth serves on the Bitcoin Foundation Board of Directors and as Secretary of the Board. She also serves Account Manager for BitPay, Bitcoin’s lead payment processor where she focuses on bringing charities, political candidates and non profits into the Bitcoin ecosystem. Elizabeth previously served as Director of Operations and Outreach for Bitcoin Magazine and as the Scheduler and ... Elizabeth Ploshay. Elizabeth serves on the Bitcoin Foundation Board of Directors and as Secretary of the Board. She also serves Account Manager for BitPay, Bitcoin’s lead payment processor where she focuses on bringing charities, political candidates and non profits into the Bitcoin ecosystem. Elizabeth Ploshay, Kommunikationsdirektorin für Bitcoin Magazine und ein gewähltes Vorstandsmitglied der Bitcoin Foundation, verlässt die Publikation dem Account Management Team bei BitPay. Ploshays neue Position bei BitPay wurde auf dem offiziellen Blog des Unternehmens angekündigt. In ihrer Eigenschaft als Account Manager wird Ploshay ... Elizabeth Ploshay, Bitcoin Foundation board member, is leaving Bitcoin Magazine and joining BitPay as an account manager. Elizabeth Ploshay Account Manager. 6 posts Merchants Advance Autism Awareness with Bitcoin . Our new nonprofit partner Autism Speaks is embracing bitcoin as a funding method for its work in autism awareness, advocacy, and scientific research. Autism Speaks is at the forefront of efforts to improve. Elizabeth Ploshay 1 min read. Merchants Support Global Impact With Bitcoin. Bitcoin is ...

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Bitcorati, Inc. - YouTube

Listen to Elizabeth T. Ploshay, manager at Bitcoin Magazine and board member of The Bitcoin Foundation share with us her background and insights as one of the few prominent voices for women ... Elizabeth Ploshay is an account manager at BitPay, a web platform on which merchants manage Bitcoin transactions. She is in charge of outreach to nonprofits and political organizations. Ms ... Elizabeth Ploshay Of The Bitcoin Foundation: We Cannot And Should Not Compromise - Duration: ... About Their Bitcoin Wallet, Exchange, And Merchant Solution - Duration: 23 minutes. Naation. 5 ... Panel Talk: Bitcoin the Key to Global Financial Inclusion & What bitcoin needs to get to the next level of adoption Elizabeth T. Ploshay, Jesse Heaslip & Alexis Roussel, Sergij Foški Category This past week the New York Department of Financial Services conducted very important hearings about Bitcoin and digital currencies in general to decide the future of regulation in their district ...